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  1. It's best to assume you will be required to get medical insurance
  2. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/espn-reporter-suspended-for-calling-woman-fat-toothless-and-uneducated-2015-04-16?siteid=YAHOOB You would "assume" that this highly educated person, would know where to park her car legally...?????
  3. If you feel good with the current version of "Thai-ocracy" and truly believe that ASEAN is going to revitalize the economic woes of Thailand...Invest and don't look back http://www.bangkokpost.com/business/news/518291/pattaya-condo-market-braces-for-downturn But in light of the above concerns, it's hard to believe that the ASEAN will be anything other than an economic blunder that serves as a grave reminder that the international market is an unforgiving landscape
  4. Parkwahn I'm not the only one who thinks it's a bad idea... http://www.stickmanweekly.com/StickMarkII/WhyIWillNeverBuyACondoInBangkok.htm http://www.propertyguru.com.sg/property-management-news/2013/5/35848/buy-pattaya-or-bye-bye-pattaya- http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/587350-to-invest-a-condo-in-pattaya-will-it-be-a-good-investment/
  5. Speculating on the Thailand real estate market can be a disaster. You are not going to find a cheap condo or condo room and turn it into a monthly income. Sorry, but there are about 1000 rooms being built in the Jontiem area right now and add that to the surplus of rooms already here. Save yourself a major headache and don't listen to the dreams of others. Unless you are moving here on a permanent basis, their is no use of buying a condo. Things can change here at a moments notice and being an absent owner could be major problems for you. I had "friends" from my contracting days who jumpe
  6. I'd rent for at least 6 months before even thinking of buying in Pattaya. It is a buyers market and has been and will be for years to come. Way too many places being built and owning one is fine if you plan an extended stay of 5+ years But, then imagine yourself in that sell or rent it out mode...? I see ads everyday on the board where I live and most have been there for at least 1 year. Even with lower prices, things aren't what they use to be Rent and have a plan "B", so if you need to go back or if you decide PI is better. Pack a suitcase and leave
  7. MM.... Jim does a majority of the cooking there (sorry to say he is a cheese head). Just ask for him before you order and I'm sure he will accommodate any request (or send a note along with the order) I had the biscuits and gravy this AM and they were fantastic
  8. I have seen it on the menu at Lone Star... http://www.lonestarpattaya.com/menu.html
  9. This website may be of help to you on that question.... http://www.boomboomme.com/resources/holidays/thailand/
  10. Agoda is a good one, I try to use the link on this webpage, as it helps pay for the site
  11. http://www.siamproperties.net/ I do like Porn from Siam properties , as her husband is German and they both work there. Seems very honest and has taken great care of any issues . I rent from them, but they also sell property
  12. Seems to be legit, but I'm a little confused on it..? http://extranet.immigration.go.th/pibics/online/tm47/TM47Action.do http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/509342/online-90-day-reporting-for-foreigners-takes-effect
  13. Frasers had a sign on the door, that they are showing the fight... http://www.fraserspattaya.com/
  14. Many a farang will hitch his wagon to that star, in the belief that they will become someone in Thailand
  15. http://www.pastramionryethailand.com/home.html I stopped in here on the advice of Shilo and I was very happy he told me about this place It has deli quality meats on a very soft bread. I had the Roast Beef/Cheddar and it was about 3 inches high, packed with beef..! They also have pizza and I'll be trying one later, as it looks very good and I want to try a Chicago Deep Dish I chatted with one of the owners (farang) and they do deliver out and about Pattaya, please call to make sure they can get the food to you I do hope Evil makes it out there, as he could show some outstan
  16. I went by Mike's (thanks gs joe) and I found a place after looking at a majority of them Very nice area and the prices was 3100 with a frame (40x50)
  17. Dicey Reilly's Pub & Eatery @ 218 M.10 2nd Road (Between Royal Garden & Central Festival Mall) http://www.diceyspub.com/ I was near here on a Monday, I was craving a burger (tired of McDonald's and fast food) and I noticed a special.. Cheeseburger, fries and a glass of beer or soda for 199 Baht Gave it a try, it was very tasty and the best one I have had in a long time The beef was excellent and I didn't get that "fizzle" as I do from other burgers at certain places Good choice on a Monday or any other day, if you get a craving
  18. I did notice some across from the RG (Hotel) the other day. I have not done this in 10 years myself, but I have a group wanting a copy of an 1878 drawing to be done. I'll explore both areas, as I need perfection on this attempt
  19. Used to be many a place on WS, but of course that has changed Does anyone know of a good gallery that can do a drawing/painting from a picture... Also a location..?
  20. Many machines right in front of 7-11 to use and they are in English I think it is a 5 Baht commission. Some you can use currency and others are coin only, but they are easy to use Avoid a MyPay machine, as it will give you a "Baht back receipt", if you put in over the amount But.....not many keep paper in the machine..
  21. Queen Victoria Inn @ Soi Yodsak (6) and 2nd Road http://www.queenvictoria-inn.com/index2.htm Starting at noon - ? PM Cost : 370 Baht Huge selection of food at this one, with 10 side dishes and the unlimited shrimp cocktail Meats : Beef, chicken, ham and pork Breads and 2 kinds of soup offered Ice Cream for dessert Drink price was reasonable @ 40 baht for water The food was fantastic, meats were tender and delicious Worth a visit..!
  22. http://usa.siam-legal.com/property-thailand/transfer-taxes.php Corporate property owners that are registered for the Value Added Tax (VAT) will have to pay a 7% tax on the furniture and service income.
  23. Well, I had seen the sign, so on the way back from the beach, I was willing to give it a try Place was slightly busy, but the nothing a good crew can't handle. I did order the AYCE ribs @ 360 and water to drink (400 Baht total) They brought a hot and big dinner roll to start it out, it was very tasty Now the ribs, well for AYCE, bringing a 4 slab piece of ribs is a good start, but it should be more. Fries and a piece of corn and we are ready to begin. I try the sauce , as they bring extra and OMG was it bad... It tasted like pizza sauce and it was all over my ribs, holy shit
  24. If you know where View Talay 1 & 2 are, it is very near that entrance , just buzz off at that marker and walk 100 feet or so back I will add, that I noticed the burgers when I was there on Sunday. They mix in something (onion mix) into the patties and I find that takes away from the quality. I passed on getting the burger, as it just didn't look appetizing at all
  25. I tried the Sunday BBQ and had the Wagyu steak (150g), a salad and potato with a drink for 390 baht One of the best steaks I have had in a long time. On Sunday they BBQ on the patio with a gas grill and the food is very reasonable and outside for all to choose from. Prices are marked and most are discounted off the menu I'll do it again on any Sunday, when I am in the steak mood..
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