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  1. I agree with Greg from Billabong 100%. One customer not showing up, can throw off an entire day/week/months worth of bookings. During holiday season especially more so, as you turn away guaranteed customers, and have to shift around your customers taking their place. Many people will make multiple reservations with several places, and not bother to cancel prior to their arrival, they just decide where to go and who with as they makes things up as they go, they just like to know they have a place to stay if they don't find something else. People wouldn't do this in the western parts of the worl
  2. Dancewatchers.com sounds like it would solve most of everyones quarrels. They have maid services, along with a multitude of other services, at VT6, VT2,VT5, also with penthouses available. I know that everyone I have talked to that have used them, have always been happy, so the prices must be reasonable, and having the different locations, allows you to stay in the area you want, as opposed to just one building.
  3. Pre-book it is my advice, not just because this is what I do. Every person and their mother, knows this will be one of the 4 biggest holidays for us farang, so they figure they will jack up the prices as high as they can. It would be like trying to book a pickup for new years eve or day, same scenario.
  4. Sorry I've been away from the boards for a little while, we have been extremely busy, and we've also done a bit of restructuring as well. To fill everyone in, and to keep the nay-sayers at bay, although some of the people here seem to have valid concerns or issues that arose during their pickups, I'm just talking about the regular 3 or 4 people that knock everyone over here. We have restructured the way that we are doing things completely now from the ground up. Out of the 9 drivers we had running full time along with backup drivers, we are back down to 5 of the original 9 drivers. We hav
  5. Easiest way to do it my friend. + then the 1 and the area code, then the number example +1-(567)-555-3456 Otherwise, the international dialing code is 01, then 1, then the area code, and phone number. On most Thai mobiles, I think its the 0 you hold down, and it will change over to the +. Most providers will not let you call using the numbers, you have to use that + now. I hope that helps you some.
  6. The taxi stand itself will issue price vouchers for 1,500baht I believe still. Thats also the flat rate thats listed on many of the meter taxis rate cards from BKK or the airport. Once they give you the voucher, the driver has to take you for that price. It is advantageous having a driver from Pattaya that knows their way around Pattaya, as you just jump in the car and relax until you reach your hotel. Especially with the new Pattaya Call Center, a pre-booked car with the driver knowing your hotel name, could take the most inept of drivers to the front door of your hotel. It would be
  7. Just a quick word of advice on these. I love these places to death, but if you have anything left over dump it in the pot, or you can be sure it will be getting served the following day. That was advice given to us by one of the waitstaff at one of the popular Patts joints. I was in for the pizza night last week, I enjoyed it for the money. Interested to see how the burgers taste.
  8. I think I recall Galaxy Suites having a penthouse with a nice sized jacuzzi style hot tub. Somewhere also had the in room pool, though I can't recall which hotel. Price range would also help too as to what you want to spend.
  9. Pattaya, Bkk, thats the norm. If you find someone doing it for less or willing to negotiate thats great, but expect 1+1 with most rentals.
  10. Eastiny 7, and Residence Garden are both pretty hot right now at the moment. I've stayed at the LK Renn., but for location the Eastiny and RG are probably better choices.
  11. I didn't get it until you said that. I was looking at the pic trying to think what we would have thought was weird, couldn't find it. Thought again what my wife would think was weird, and seen it within a minute lol.
  12. THE GARCo, used to have adverts on the baht buses about the buffet dinner they had on offer there. Is this the right place I'm thinking of, and if so, has anyone tried it and gotten a price? I'd be interested in anything that had the words American food, and all-u-can-eat in the same sentence lol.
  13. We do have a full-sized pickup truck with a cage on it, so a tarp can be placed over the contents of the bed. We also have a motorcycle ramp and ratchet tie-downs for moving motorbikes, which we have done in the past for people. The truck is an extended cab Vigo, so you would be welcomed to ride with the driver. We are also able to move and pack for you, if moving from one location in Thailand to another. At the current time, the driver does not speak much English, but we would be happy to handle communications between you and the driver if you wish. I've seen the transport pickups for mo
  14. Oh yeah, the trucks are much cheaper than the cars here, which is almost opposite of the states. A decent truck here will start a bit over 550k up to 900k for a pretty tricked out truck. And they have a new van that is becoming really popular because of the price, its the cheapest brand new vehicle I have seen at 385k over here. Hondas are on the more expensive side here, especially for used. A 15 year old CRV will still sell for almost half the price of a brand new one. The only thing I've noticed here, is that the dealerships, new or used, won't really work with you on the prices. There
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