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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Well it sucks that I couldn't go this year but I have to say I am happy with the result. Great job guys. I was a little confused with some of the pictures and the colors of shirts and teams but it all seemed to work out. Congrats Tom and all of Team USA. Oh and Tom great job with not falling for the put off crap. Ian, so how many times did Bruce end up dropping his pants... or did you too? Gren
  2. Hi Guys, Well I bought the tickets so now I am coming up with the spending $$. I will be there and looking forward to the RideHer part first and then taking back the "Cup". Steveo, I'm not worried mate, the last time I played with you you were doing pretty good and I was the one falling apart (Eastern Star I think it was). I have not played in over 6 months so the handicap is up (as always) but once I get in a round I can comment better (thinking I may get some new clubs maybe that wil help, hahaha). Shirt size, well in the US its XL so Thai I figure XXL or XXXL you tell me.
  3. Sounds like a good plan to me. I will need all the help I can get as I have not played a round of golf in 2 months. I keep saying I am going to play but work keeps dragging me in. Gren
  4. So no one knows for sure where it is huh???? I seem to remember the Euro's borowing it after the US won it a few times. No surpise the "cup" went underground. Gren PS I have it on good authority its in a Tropical Beach environment.
  5. I stayed there about 4 years back and at the time it was great, no complaints about the hotel itself. The location is not on a baht bus route though so getting in and out of town was a chore. As I seem to remember they had a hotel baht bus that would run you into town at a designated time each night (I forget what time). You could also always walk about 50 meters to the junction road and get a baht bus into town whenever you wanted, but it was a taxi and a negotiated price each time (the same as when you return). Being so long ago I can’t remember how much baht is was (50 or 100 I am guess
  6. I’ve been to Pattaya a “few” times but have gotten a bit tired of the standard crappy mattress on top of a plywood base bed. Can any of you guys can recommend a place that has a nice comfy bed? If that’s too easy a question, what about at a decent price and somewhat close to the Residence Garden (the normal Golf meeting spot on my trips). Ideas? Gren
  7. Doggie, Thanks for being so considerate, but after carefully considering your offer I'll have to pass. If there are any katoy's in my future, they should at least be katoy’s that I got fooled by, not that you picked to play with me. By the way, anyone know where the trophy is??? Hahaha. Gren
  8. Ok, here’s my dilemma, I want to go and I might want to take a special someone, but I have no idea who that might be, and probably won’t till at least 3 days before we would leave. I understand the real world logistics. The trip back to Pattaya, would that also be Utapao or via Bkk? Let me know more of the details as it firms up and the dates to have deposits in by. Gren
  9. Hi Guys, In the process of planning the once a year pilgrimage over to the LOS to play some golf and see whatever other “trouble” I can get myself into. The tentative dates for me will be getting into Pattaya on or about the 2nd - 3rd of Nov, and leaving on or about the 21st. Count me in for the RideHer Cup and the Catz Open, and I’d like to hear more about this Phuket trip please. Playing for the good ole USA, I will have to actually play a few scored rounds and get back to you on the handicap (for those who have played with me you know how erratic my game can be) and shirt si
  10. Well nothing back from Patient yet but I wanted to reply to SteveO, Doggie and Bertie. SteveO, clearly I have been away too long and you have way overestimated my abilities. Using a complex mathematical formula and some knowledge of Pattaya and the possible“lady†in question I have placed the over-under line at 15 minutes. My only big assumption is if there is a short time room over the bar still. If so I calculate 1 minute up to the room, 5 minutes take off clothes and shower, 3 minutes of incredible action, 5 minutes shower and put on clothes, 1 minute back down to bar. Ok sure
  11. Patient, Having never met you before I have to say bravo. I can feel the comradery developing by the minute on the vaunted Euro squad. In the interests of fairness and just trying to help out I suggest a 3 way drink off between yourself, Pieman and Doggie if he won’t apologize to that incredibly insensitive remark about you being “short and fatâ€. Clearly to me, and surely all of us genteel men of leisure who plan to take part in the RideHer Cup, he should have used your own language and described you as a†not very tall but with a big fat gut person / bloke / guy / whatever g
  12. Wow Duece you are a magician with that picture software. I never look that good when I am wearing my light blue tights around the house. Ok to get serious for a moment, what kind of dress are we talking about to get to a 36 handicap. I have played less than one full round in over a year so I need to consider all my options here. Fellow US players, we need to all have an open mind. Please add me to the confirmed list for the good old USA and can I leave the handicap to be determined at this point. Shirt size XXL to allow for shrinkage. Also I hope to be in town on the night of th
  13. Hilly, that is GREAT news. See you both soon. Gren
  14. I had forgot all about that Hilly, wasn’t the driver turning it off constantly and we had to yell to get it back on or something? You have to admit it had a nice paint job though, the American Flag across the front, not that it did us too much good… last year. Gren
  15. Hilly, that is great news, but what do you mean AM might not play? I think she has great form, and decent golf skills as well. ;D Gren
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