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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. It looks like things are not getting better to say the least, Yingluck dissolves parliament but supporters of the protest are saying that it is not enough. I hope this ends soon and with no more blood. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-12-09/yingluck-calls-for-fresh-elections-to-end-deadly-thai-protests.html
  2. I usually buy packages ( airplane and hotel) at home, so the big expenses are out of the way, usually using Expedia.com, because I always got the best package there after I compared and they are easy to deal with when I cancel. When I have enough travel points, I get the ticket free from the airline and book the hotel from Agoda, in the last three years, every year, I bought 2 tickets and got one free with a combination of points I got from the airlines and by opening their miles credit cards ( I rotate airlines, I did it with American. Delta and United so far). In the U.S., Capitalone credit
  3. For this exact same reason, every time I go to Thailand, I get a flight and hotel package, it is most of the time cheaper, I shop around early and get a good deal. Then fully insure the package ( the 90 bucks or so are really worth it). It is not that I need insurance, it is mostly for unforeseen events like these or unfortunate events like accidents. I always have the option of cancelling without losing any money and doing it another time. I actually used the insurance once, I had to cancel because of some commitments at home, I received every penny back ( except the insurance of course), no
  4. Rest assured of one thing thought, I will not discriminate, I will pick upThai girls whether they are "Red Shirt" or "Yellow Shirt", I can guarantee you that!
  5. Thanks guys for the the comments, I am coming end of Jan. mostly Feb., I won't cancel. It looks like things were fine even during the worst of the red shirts uprising.
  6. To be honest, political unrest does not scare me that much, it is usually confined to certain areas. As long as the airport is open and I can come back on time that's all that matters.
  7. With all the news about demonstrations in Thailand, is it affecting tourism. I was planning a visits in January, I will probably cancel it if there is a risk of Airport shutdown like 2007 or the red shirts saga in 2010 if I remember. Any comments? I am not asking a political question, I just want to know your opinion whether you think the situation will escalate and spoil vacations
  8. Looks like you found a solution to your problem...I had no doubt cause Pattaya is the land of Dongs... it i not just Vietnamese Dong that can be changed in Pattaya, in fact every Dong changes in Pattaya. My Dong does always have a life changing experience in Pattaya
  9. Come to think of it, there is no way for me to differentiate between Russkies and other Slavic girls from the Eastern block. I can't understand a word of Russian. The girl I hooked up with could very much be from Romania or Ukraine, she was an extremely white spinner with very dark hair.
  10. There is some truth to this, part of this is cultural, Russians girls do not have the open attitude about sex that Thai girls have and a lot of these girls come from rural areas in Russia that are more conservative, so that's why they come off as cold and uninterested. But girls are girls if you have a way with them...u might get lucky
  11. I agree with you, I won't look for a Russian and I am not interested in them, if I want the expensive white meat, I have plenty here where I live. However, they are lots of single Russians now who come on vacation and want a little on the side. The numbers are growing, and I don't mind doing one of them if sh comes my way...I am young enough to attract a 20s-30s who is looking to get laid on vacation....and trust me they are many....
  12. It is not a matter of attraction, there are plenty of white girls in Farangland (US, Aussie, Europe). I wouldn't have brought the subject if Russian girls are not everywhere and now competing with the Thai in some venues and the phenomenon is just growing. Pattaya is still my favorite playground, and the Russian girls are a new flavour that invaded the place. Whether we like it or not, whether we chose to ignore it or not, it does not change the fact that they are everywhere and that they are affecting the scene.
  13. LOL...same same but different, I would wear a fur-lined condom, if they had a furry bush...the ones that I had has baby shaved pink pussy....real pink
  14. True, I need some glasses, but some of them blonde Russian Girls are hot... My point is, it are can be spoilers
  15. If you watched the American comedy series Seinfeld, you probably remember the episode when George was not happy when Elaine wanted to buddy up and do stuff with Georgeâs fiancée. His argument was that there are two Georges, independent George, who is Seinfelds friend, a loose cannon George who lies and cheats and is part of a wolf pack of men, and then there is relationship George who has a fiancée and acts like a family man, these were two separate worlds that he lived in, he wanted them to stay separated, because if the two worlds collide, bad things happen. Let me come back to the title, I
  16. USD today is 32.26 Baht, hope this keeps going in this direction for my visit in week. I also hope that Thai people won't be affected by this currency exchange rates mumbo. I just want my buck to go a little farther....
  17. I can see some definite benefits for people coming from US or Europe. My last visit was is in March, I remember I got less that 29 Baht for the dollar, if my spending money is 3K USD for the visit. I will gain at least 9K baht, that's one full day of serious fun in Pattaya ( an LDOP type of day) . As long as prices do not increase because of the Baht losing value, people for US and Europe will have more spending cash.
  18. This is an ongoing subject and will not go away as long as there are currencies, countries and banks. I am not really trying to understand what is the current shift in emerging currencies, I am trying to understand if all this will have effect on P4P. Does this current situation mean we will have more Thai honeys available...LOL
  19. It is still in trading range but the slide has been non-stop lately, this will become a big problem if it continues, the Baht purchasing power is diminishing, that has to hurt the general public....Philippines and Indonesia have it worse
  20. Thai Baht has been losing values due to outflow of capital. As of Aug. 30, 2013, one USD was 32.14 Thai Baht one Euro was 42,47 Thai Baht one Pound was 49.83 Thai Baht South Asian currencies are suffering, do you guys think this will cause a recession? Is the job market in in Thailand being affected, are there layoff caused by this?
  21. Sorry I keep harping on this subject because this officer really got on my nerves. Good advice on the female officer Jacko, I will keep this in mind next time. Come to think of it, I use that advice on other things, I was always luck when I get interviewed by females for jobs. Next time, it will be the female officer line even if it is longer, I am in in a depressing mood when I came back from LOS, a bad officer would be adding salt to injury.
  22. I have no issues with the questions, I don't even have issues with a search. What I don't like is the attitude, and questions and remarks from some of these officers that are clearly out of line. Last year, an officer who sounded like an East European immigrant ( not relevant for the story), started asking me a string of questions abou who do I know, what kinda business am in, I politely answered with a smile, until he asked me : " do you have a wife or GF?", WTF I politely replied : "This is a personal matter, I don't see the relevance of this question" He then went on lecturing me with a
  23. I have never been stopped in 3 years of going there. As Sam mentioned, I am more annoyed by the customs back home in the States. I travel light, just one carry-on luggage, so there is really no much to search, Most of the times the passport control personnel are very pleasant and professional ( with their welcome back) but from time to time, I get those annoying questions from clearly pissed off officers with attitude: "why did you travel that many times to Thailand?" " do you have business there?" "any drugs?" I don't mind the questions, I mind the attitudes, those "Muffafakers" ge
  24. I have no choice where I live, it has to be Delta, American or Continental. The flight attendants are old men or fuglie older women. The only time I get a treat is when they contract one or more of the middle legs to companies like JAL ( Japan Airline), Asiana or ANA. One time on American, I swear the flight attendant was a smelly older guy, it was unbearable every time he passed by for service, I was on an isle seat.
  25. Three girls took me to your place on different days when I offered them the opportunity to chose their favorite dinner spot. Looks like BG love your place
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