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  1. An Scottish golfer playing in Ireland hooked his drive into the woods. Looking for his ball, he found a little Leprechaun flat on his back, a big bump on his head and the golfer's ball beside him. Horrified, the golfer got his water bottle from the cart and poured it over the little guy, reviving him. "Arrgh! What happened?" the Leprechaun asked. "Oh, I see. Well, ye got me fair and square. Ye get three wishes, so whaddya want?" "Thank God, you're all right!" the golfer answers in relief. "I don't want anything. I'm just glad you're OK, and
  2. Doggie, Rick (Thumper^) asked me to relay to you his shirt size: Large - 2XX. Everyone enjoy yourselves and of course Team USA will triumph again. . . but don't let that stop you from having a good time if you're with Team Europe. Regards, ff29 and The Cash Cow PS Hope to see you all at next years 2006 Rideher Cup as we will not be able to get to LOS until 24th of November this year.
  3. Hi Everyone, This year The Ca$h Cow and I will not be able to play in the RideHer Cup. She is needed at her job and can not get the time off that early in November. We will be in Pattaya again this year but will not make it until the end of November. However, the good news is that we will be staying until Feburary of 2006. My wife talked her boss and the company into letting her take her vacations back to back at the end of this year and the beginning of next year. At least we will be able to see a little more of LOS, Thailand on this trip. I know that Team USA will preva
  4. Sorry to hear about the tragic news as are all who knew her. I remember her while sitting at the bar having my coffee or a coke and can say she'll be missed by all who met her and knew her. My wife's and my thoughts and prayers will be there in spirit for her funeral service as we will not be there in person until late November this year. Regards, ff29 and The Cash Cow
  5. Mister C and Others Interested, I've been to Thailand on 4 occasions and my wife and I enjoy golfing greatly. Thailand has a number of great golf course and caddies that treat you well. If you are looking a stamp of approval I can speak from experience that doghaus is your man. My recommendation if you're looking for someone you can trust, is a great organizer of golfing events, and will give you, so to speak, a good bang for your buck, then doghaus and Solor Travel would be a good choice. I am confident you and your friends can trust the new travel company, Solor Golf & Travel, he
  6. Hi Everyone, Here's one to consider. . . BEER HAS BEEN HELPING REALLY UGLYPEOPLE HAVE SEX SINCE 3000 BC! So don't despair. . . SEX help is as near as your favorite local beer bar. Just 344 Days 46 Minutes and 28 Seconds Then Wheel-Up and Off To LOS, Pattaya Thailand. . . But Who's Counting? Regards, ff29
  7. mR hIllY? yoU tnink yi get problnes sneon fukeced u^ Mes k7eyd brodse an its ina Thai*7& Ned hpkep! Regards, ff29
  8. Hi Everyone, The bus ride was a real trip with Hilly trying to get the driver to slow down from lightning speed on the motorway and Ben trying to prevent him from slowing to a snails pace the golf course was a welcome site. Of courese thanks to Ian we overshot the turnoff by only 5 kilometers but considering all it was not so bad. On the golf course the Cash Cow preformed as promised and almost won closest to the pin only missing it by a half a meter. Too bad, better luck next time, and all that sort of rot. The Cash Cow's caddie was telling her, "One putter L to R," and I was telling
  9. To Whom It May Concern: The Cash Cow, thumper^, and myself (ff29) are heading for the airport to start our journey to Pattaya, Thailand - LOS. If all goes well we should arrive in Pattaya at around 02:15 hours 04/11/04. . . if anybody really cares. Looking forward to seeing everyone (oldies and newbies) at the RideHer Cup III for the year 2548 and doing a little small ball. Of course Team USA will once again prevail to retain the coveted Little Man and His Bitch for another year. Our big bird will be leaving the good old US of A in. . . Just 10 hours 52 minutes and 43 secon
  10. Mr SamBinliner, We now have credible inside information from a very FART smeller I mean SMART FELLOW that The Little Man and His Bitch are now safely in custody of friendly hands. They are waiting for Team USA once again this year to win claim to them for another year at the FLB's 2004 (2548) RideHer Cup III. We will call off Genreal Franks-n-Beans, his FART swatters, and the FART sniffing doggies pursuing you if agree to stay out of town. . . for good. Just 1 day 2 hours 33 minutes and 47 seconds then wheels-up and off to LOS, Thailand. . . but who's counting? Regards, ff29
  11. Mr SamBinliner, You make small fun of our worthy team opponent Mr Doghaus who’s haberdasher he adorns that is sot-after by jealous onlookers such as yourself. Do not make further and futile attempts to schmooze our allies like Mr Doghaus into become one of your stinking FART followers. He and his European troups are far to smart for your foolish and translucent attempts at attracting them into your camp with the hollow promise of your 69 1/2 virgins in your hearafter promised land. They have all the first timers they want right at The FLB Bar. Additionally there are many parties at the
  12. Mr SamBenliner, Our competitor in the Rideher Cup III and the grand pupa of this great international golf competition event from across the ocean, doghaus, is pictured below. I’m sure act will act on USA’s behalf as a neutral party and will allow you to return our trophy of The Little Man and His Bitch. This is your absolute (not the vodka) chance to get him back to the competition before the rules committee meeting on 07/11/04 at 20:30 hrs without harm to yourself and your FART’s. 1luv -jump -jump Otherwise, your fate will be sealed forever. Our General Fra
  13. Yes, Mr Glen can get the girls juices flowing. He is told by all of the lovely BG’s at FLB, “You very handsome man papa; We love you too much; We all want to have your baby.†But it would truly unfair for him to perform at the FLB as he is a paid professional performer and the FLB Bar cannot possibly afford his fee even for a brief “5†minute appearance on stage. They would have to layoff the Ugly Brothers for the rest of the high season. Again, just another attempt to impose terror onto the good clientele of the FLB Bar by Mr SamBinliner. Hip gyrating by Mr Glen would possible cause a
  14. Mr SamBinliner, As of this writing we have not been notified that The Little Man and His Bitch has not been returned to it’s rightful owners, Team USA. Our commander and fearless leader General Franks-n-Beans will be in town very soon to see to your termination along with your FART’s. Please accept our very last offer to turn in trophy and save yourself from a needless demise. The 70 virgins can wait. . . there are many TG’s to accommodate your needs until your time in the hereafter. . . it is for a long time no need to rush. Here is our alternative suggestion to the last offer f
  15. The Blue Cross Test Mr. Smith goes to the doctor's office to get his wife's test results. The lab technician says to him, "I'm very sorry, sir, but we've had a bit of a problem. At the same time we sent your wife's samples to the lab, the lab also received samples from another Mrs. Smith, and now we're not sure which results are your wife's. But, frankly, it's either bad news or terrible news!" "What do you mean?" said Mr. Smith. "Well, one Mrs. Smith tested positive for Alzheimer's, and the other Mrs. Smith has tested positive for AIDS. And we can't tell which is your wif
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