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  1. Sinkorswim & Whitespider, Good advice. I'll suggest to him that he get boots on the ground and see what shakes out. I just wanted to see if I could find any private party deals for him - dealing with agencies can be a a pain in the ass - especially in an unfamiliar environment.
  2. I think he is pretty set on living right in town.
  3. I have a buddy that is interested in buying a condo in Pattaya (not Jomtien.) If you have one or know of anyone selling get in touch and I will have him contact them. Thanks, Rad
  4. I would suspect it has to do more with the high humidity than the high temperatures. Here in Las Vegas we can get bumper crops of tomatoes during the summer and the typical daily temp is 105-110 - but our humidity is very low. We typically plant them on a north or northeast side of a structure so they get a break from the sun in the afternoon.
  5. I thought this was interesting. It makes sense that light rhythms affect jet lag: http://www.gadling.com/2006/04/15/a-cure-for-jet-lag
  6. http://videos.timekiller.com/index~show~me...hai_Massage.htm
  7. LA Kings - Back in '74 my uncle took me to my first game and I was hooked :-) As a teenager I used to lay in bed at night and listen to the games on radio - I guess that means I'm a fan :-) But, as a Kings fan I've only had one year of glory - and that was only a second place finish. I keep hoping tho... Rad P.S. We DID have the Great One for quite a few years tho - that was worth all the years of pain.
  8. I always stay at the Sunshine myself - I like the location and the rooms are fairly large. Make sure they put you in the new wing tho if you stay there. Also, if you can get a good deal on the "deluxe" rooms opt for that. Ask for a high floor with a seaview - it's nice to hang out on the balcony and survey the scenery. Rad
  9. Economy Seat Pitch: United - 31" BA - 31" Singapore - 32" Thai - 34" For my money, the extra 3" on Thai makes a huge difference. Rad
  10. Their economy "seat pitch", which is the distance measured from one point on the seat in front of you to the same point on your seat, is 31". That is the airline industry minimum and is VERY uncomfortable. EVA features 33" I believe. Also, all their stewardesses are ugly old hags. Rad P.S. Spoken from experience.
  11. I don't like China Air (no leg room in economy). Japan Air is good - 34" seat pitch (3 mor inches leg room than China) and seatback entertainment systems. Rad
  12. Just purchased a round trip ticket from Los Angeles to BKK on Thai for $705.00 (total) from ThaiFly.com. Seems like a pretty good price to me. Last time I flew China Air and never will again - VERY cramped seating (chinese torture device) Rad
  13. I've stayed at Windsor two times in the last 5 months. Thay are not guest-friendly but will tolerate it. The first trip was with two friends and we also got adjoining connected suites. The rooms are very nice. My second stay was with my thai fiancee and even though I booked the room under both our names we were hasseled coming in from an evening out by a real prick of a floor manager. Even tho i tried to explain to him the situation he forced us to exit an elevator and escorted us to the front desk. After the desk personnel looked up our reservation they apologized profusely - howev
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