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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Villa uses a brillo pad & the bum gun to clean his mouth out, he swears by it, & he doesn't get sick either, apparently the LB's love it, it's like a refreshing aftershave to them
  2. Well, when your as young & handsome like Moi, you tend to get these perks
  3. I had a choice......Stay in England and go out maybe 2 or 3 times over the christmas period & get no HONEY (FAT CUNTS DON'T COUNT) or Pay £930 And have a complete blast for 23 Nights Don't know about you dumb fuckers, but I know which I chose, SEE YOU ALL IN THAILAND FOR XMAS
  4. This is a topic about flights in December dear boy
  5. Yeh I read it earlier. The poor Baht Bus driver was killed as well. He was off his face on Yaba, he originates from Beiruit, so lets hope they throw the camel shagging cunt into a damp, dirty little hole & forget about him
  6. Not any more, won the championship easily, Back where we belong, premiership And as you can see, doing quite nicely, thank you
  7. MM, There is no aggression going on here bud, it's a private joke between myself & villa, it's often called BANTER So wind your neck in & chill
  8. yeh i know, but some off us only just finished work, but its still worth the extra thread
  9. For some reason my good mate Villa isnt answering his phone, ignoring my txt messages, I wonder why? I s it something to do with this afternoons score by any chance?? NEWCASTLE UTD 6 ASTON VILLA 0
  10. YOU GOT HAMMERED 12" Joey Barton 31" K Nolan 34" A Carroll 67" A Carroll 87" K Nolan 90" A Carroll
  11. Cary Grant the actor used to pay morticians for a little private time with the freshly deceased......true
  12. I thought we was gonna keep that 1 to ourselves
  13. and this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnKCuJiJQ-k...feature=related
  14. And this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1SorkF-1DM...feature=related
  15. I can't believe that not one of you lot thought of ''Beautiful Girl'' by Sean Kinston. All I fuckin here is that bastard song. Hate it
  16. Over the past couple of games it is true, England have started the games slowly . But what you have to remember is this, they were friendlies, of which we won by the way, all they were was a chance for the mananger to see players have a run out, so that he can decide on his starting 11. Nobody wants to get injured so close to the World Cup. We have already lost Beckham to injury, then Ferdinand. But I reckon, after Capello ranting to the players at half time in the last game, I'm betting England will come out firing. The importance to start well will give them the fire they need. M
  17. to anyone who would like to cost-share on a taxi to Pattaya on the 14th April. 18:10pm arrival from Dubai. Get in touch, please PM, email or post here if anyone would like to share.
  18. I myself have stayed at both the Sunshine Vista and the BJ Holiday Lodge on Soi 3. Now, the BJ is a nicely run Guesthouse/hotel, reasonably priced, 1200bht High season, Low season 1000bht, they have a lift, rooms are nice, wheelchair ramp, food is nice, friendly staff, always willing to help you with any needs you require. Sunshine Vista is more expensive, I think its roughly 1700bht per night, but if you stay 7 nights they only charge you for 6. Can't remember if they had a wheelchair ramp, (but they may do). Food is quite nice, staff are nice. The one plus with this hotel is that i
  19. Maybe I could save alot more than I do, but I am paying for the security of a good hotel, jaccussi in room, decent pool etc etc. I don't travel 6000 miles to stay in a flea infested back-packers hostel. If eating chicken on a stick is your thing mate you go for it, myself, I enjoy eating a decent steak most nights with all the trimmings, X2 if I'm with a TG.
  20. Having been to Patts on numerous occasions I am yet to find a decent place where you can find a damn good Sunday dinner, I'm getting sick of chicken on a stick
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