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  1. After watching the film 'Everest' I decided to read the book written by John Krakauer who was on the expedition, it's a very good read, so far 8/10
  2. The Deaths Head Chess Club by John Donoghue quite a good read
  3. I stopped at the Rockhouse back in April and the noise level was deafening, so bad in fact that I had to force myself to get up and go out and join in havi ng said that, I did enjoy my stay so when I returned in July I again stopped at the Rockhouse, but this time noise levels were considerably lower, apparently Go-go's were ordered to tone down the noise levels, I did get some good nights kip on my rare early turn in's
  4. cheers lads, I'll take a look later today, im off to bed, just finished bastard nightshift
  5. Hello Boys and Girls, I have today booked my trip for April, getting in on the 16th April and staying until the 14th May, so will be in town for 28 nights, now I usually stay in hotels as I usually only stay for 2 weeks, sometimes a wee bit longer, but with a 28 nighter coming up I want to try a condo, try and keep the cost down. I am looking at somewhere in the region of 35,000bht, maybe a touch higher but not too much more, I like a lot of room so anything over say 70sqm, hope some of you can help out, have emailed to a couple of places but as yet still waiting on a reply. Cheers,
  6. It will be 6 hours time difference between UK and Thailand. Daylight saving time only came into effect because of some silly little Ruckas that was going off in Europe. Though it did originate from Benjamin Franklin, see I was lidstening in History class....Sometimes!!! Clocks go forward 1 hour on Sunday march the 30th giving us a 6 hour time difference to Thailand and they then return to 7 hours difference on Sunday October 26th, It is a great time around the bars during World Cup fever, the girls really get into it, face painting etc etc. My only tip would be not to sit an
  7. I suppose you get good and bad in every race, I have had a few altercations with Russians, 1 being trying to cut in front of me at an exchange kiosk but can't really recall anything major. The most problems I encounter are from people from my own country.
  8. Fuck me!! I should have stuck to my wobble board and Didgeridoo: Rolf Harris
  9. has anyone got a link for Phoenix? I fancy a round of golf while im out on my hols
  10. Liev Schreiber was never in Schindlers List, just saying, so your answer is null and Void
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