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  1. Strange was showing Wesley Snipes, ok still with Austin Powers. Michael York
  2. I was there during one of these election shut downs a few years ago, and found plenty of places who were very willing to sell you a beer, although no music playing and lights very low, they can be found mate.
  3. I have always flown with Emirates but their asking price of £790 about 3 months ago for my June trip was just way to high for me, I am now flying with Air France £477, I could have got it for £421 but my repeated efforts to contact the office went unanswered as there was no one in the office to take my requested holiday change. Booked it the next day for £477, but still a good enough price. Just checked the Emirates Site and they are asking for £616.75 for the same dates. They really need to drop their prices as I have, as well as many, Voted with their feet and went elsewhere.
  4. Must be a few Russians on the forum, Oh well, it was bound to happen sometime or other. :bhappy
  5. My apologies, it is Gary I was thinking about, just come off a 12 hour nightshift and a wee bit tired, sorry, my bad :bhappy
  6. The very sexy and horny looking Annabella Sciorra Damn, even thinking about her gives me a twitch :bhappy
  7. Baht, I have always believed that if you are to manage the national side, you should be from that particular country. Whether you have Trophies in the bag at club level or International level is irrelevent. What is foremost of importance is getting the balance of the dressing room correct, creating harmony within those ranks is paramount, this is something that neither Erikkson or Capello managed to achieve. Erikkson was more interested in getting into the knickers of one particular weathergirl from TV AM, Capello on the other hand couldn't even be bothered to learn the language. The oth
  8. I don't use the internet either, only wankers do that :bhappy
  9. OK Smartarse, tell me of any manager of late (ENGLISH) that has won anything in the top flight, your talking Shite Baht, and you know it.
  10. I'm having the same issue with hotmail at the moment Jacko, ran scans, the lot cannot find any problems, though friends have informed me that they are recieving emails with a link. I have advised them not to open and delete. I will keep you informed mate on any progress on this matter, Oh, happy Birthday :thumbup
  11. England are going into the Tournement with low expectations, this could be an advantage to us as no-one expects them to get through The group stage. Germany, in my opinion, the greatest footballing machine the competition has, you can NEVER write them off, will be there at the death. Spain, IMO have gone off the boil abit, last 2 competitions have came through, Euro 2008 winners and the World Cup in 2010, but I dont think they can make it 3 in a row. Netherlands, a good side at the World Cup, and now two years on look a more solid team altogether, they are my tip for winning the
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