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  1. Yankee Doodle Dandy Pure class
  2. One of my all time favourite films The Roaring Twenties
  3. I'll be paying it a visit in just over 3 weeks, but won't be getting pissed up there, thats for sure, but 2 or 3 drinks won'r hurt
  4. well I have got this film and read the book countless times, A wonderful film and I was hoping that someone was gonna say KES, David Bradley
  5. What an excellent film this was, groundbreaking horror Brian Glover
  6. Scaping the barrel ain't they..........meaning Pattaya Utd :bhappy
  7. Staying here for 2 nights in June, very much looking forward to my stay, thanks for posting
  8. http://fantasyfootba...s.com/new-team/ PattayaEuroLeague Pin......8007380 I have started a league here, so lets have your teams :thumbup
  9. Jacko, I smoke, and I have used these electronic Cigarettes, but only whilst on a flight. Now if they were any good, or as good as a proper cigarette I would use them all the time, but sadly they are vile and give me a sore throat. Banning smoking in the pubs in England have contributed to the demise of the Great British Pub, without a doubt, thats the reason I hardly ever bother now, but the plus side to that coin is, I save more money by not going out as regular as I used too and I buy a flight to LOS where I can smoke away to my hearts content. We all have our flaws mate, I like a ciga
  10. Last time I was in there I was lighting up without problems, but that was Christmas time, if the owners want the Baht they will let this stupid ruling slide !!!!
  11. Very nice photo's mate, the 5D Mark 2 is a very nice camera, I have the 7D, but still learning the damn thing, will be posting tons of piccies after June trip, nice job mate, any more :thumbup
  12. Michael Palin Payed a brillant part as KKKKKKKKKKK,Kenneth
  13. Already mentioned Jacko John Cleese
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