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  1. loved him as an actor, Thunderbolt & Lightfoot
  2. was thinking 1991 film, ok apology sent, I'm keeping out of this one as I have seen the credits now :bhappy
  3. I have got this film and sorry to say but, Tim Robbins is NOT in it!!!!!!!
  4. That is exactly what I do, rented a scooter on Soi 3, paperwork all sorted, she hands me the keys and I tell her to wait while I photograph every little scratch on the bike. You cannot argue with photographic evidence
  5. Bought this the other month, harrowing story Casualties of War
  6. Great actress, Chicago Joe & the Showgirl
  7. Quite possibly one of the finest Horror movies of all time The Omen
  8. got about half may through and thats enough, no more
  9. So this was the time when you turned to Gaydom :bhappy
  10. Leonard Rossiter (24 Hour Rule)
  11. Thats the one American Psycho
  12. C'mon I know of one other film that she was in!!!!!!!!!
  13. Just watched this on Sky, very good film Thekla Reuten
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rnh3lZxnSYY dunno what iv'e managed to do here, but it redirects to youtube, any ideas?????
  15. sorry to late, Jacko got in first so it is with Molly Ringwald
  16. OK Pretty in Pink There are quite a few avenues I could go with this one, but I'm gonna plump for this one Andrew McCarthy
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