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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. What a fantastic Idea. Sadly I miss it by a couple of weeks and will be back in England working my socks off to pay for another trip.


    Other Soi's should do the same but on different dates of course.


    I can see it now,


    the LK Metro Anual Party,

    the Soi 7 yearly bash, etc etc.


    It could be the start of a new trend for Pattaya and it's revenue. :thumbup :thumbup

  2. The card in question costs 500bht, not sure on the savings it gets you though, I believe discounts on certain drinks, not all drinks by the way. The reason I bought one is because I hate crowds and hate trying to get served even worse, so I bought it for the sole purpose of a relaxing evening up the stairs and away from the main crowded area, a good investment I think. :thumbup :thumbup

  3. I liked Tiswas, classic kids Saturday morning show, mainly just to catch a glimpse of Sally James' soaking wet T-shirts and pertrudimg nipples, i was only 7 at the time haha


    also Flash Gordon with Buster Crabbe.


    Champion the Wonder Horse another favourite of mine.


    Anything with Laurel & Hardy as well, greatest double act ever!!!

  4. I think Man utd will win the title this year, Man City either 2nd or 3rd, Chelsea will be a good outside bet to lift the title, Liverpool 5th or 6th at best, Arsenal, can they recover from losing RVP?


    Newcastle? Havn't lost any players, only strengthened, maybe another top 5 finish, you never know!!!

  5. A lot of complaints in the bar last night how they sat back after scoring their 1st goal.


    They did, and it was nearly their undoing, need to improve against the home nation Ukraine, I would drop Young for Rooney and Milner for Walcott. Leave Carroll and Welbeck as front two strikers with Rooney tight in behind them, Rooney seems to do well in this role, running at defenders, only need the draw, but with first place up for grabs which would suit us better than second, will Hodgson want an all out win or settle for the draw, I would go for an all out win personally!!! And score as many goals as we can, so we don't have to meet the Spanish in the quarter finals!!

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