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  1. There wasn't much to the fight. Wlad jabbed for most of it and was the aggressor. Haye spent most of thetime bobbing, weaving, lunging, and intentionally falling. His flopping resulted in a point dedeuctionfor Wlad. The ref made up for it by giving Wlad credit for a knockdown when Haye intentionally fell late in the fight. Overall, it was a pathetic effort by Haye and he blamed it on a broken toe.



    I'm gonna be totally honest with you here......I'm glad Haye got beat, all he has done for the past 3 weeks is open his mouth and a pile of disgusting shite has came out of it. To say the things he said WAS & IS utter disrespect, and then to go on and blame his pathetic performance on a broken Toe is Bollocks, IF he has broken it then he should have called it off until a later date so it would allow it to heal, not carry on and rip of thousands if not millions of fight fans out of their well earned money.


    The reality of the fight was this, he just mouthed off to much before a single punch was thrown and when the punches were, he froze, retreated back into his shell and decided to blame it on his broken digit, WANKER :wanker :wanker


    Well done to Wladimir Klitschko for being an absolute Gentleman and not allowing himself to be bought down to this pretenders level :thumbup :thumbup

  2. Actually. This Is the limit, I was on the right track, just a wee bit out with millilitres crap


    The UK legal limit for drivers is 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood, often referred to as a BAC or blood-alcohol concentration. In US terms this would be expressed as 0.08%. This is alternatively expressed in terms of breath alcohol - 35 µg (microgrammes) per 100 ml (which is now the usual official measure in the UK), or alcohol in the urine - 107 mg per 100 ml.


    This is often reckoned to be equivalent to two pints of ordinary strength beer which, for a man of average weight, is broadly true, but should not be used as a general rule - see Drink-Driving Guidelines. It is impossible to draw an accurate correlation between the amount of alcohol consumed and the resulting peak BAC, and anyone trying to "drink up to the limit" runs a serious risk of exceeding it.

  3. Got a call a couple of weeks ago from a mate who is there saying the police seem to be targetting drink/riders/ drivers there ?


    In the UK the limit is 2 pints of standard beer, not sure of what the mg is as it were.


    My questions are two fold has anyone else seen increased actvity re the above ? also is the drink drive limit the same in Thailand or UK





    It was 35mm Alcohol to 100mm blood, (ENGLAND) but not sure now, there has been an increase in police clamping down, sitting down the road from my local waiting for unsuspecting drivers to leave the pub, but alot have got wise to this, but I'm not sure on Thailand, I see more and more drivers/riders getting behind the wheel or on their bike after a fair few, :banghead. Not something I would do.

  4. Just to keep things balanced, here are are some jokes about Muslims. I copied them from an Internet site and the OP there says he has nothing against Muslims, so they must be OK.





    Q: What is the difference between Islam and polio?

    A: Science has not yet found a cure for Islam.



    There are three rules for being a good Muslim. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.



    Police in London have found a bomb outside a mosque. They've told the public not to panic as they have managed to push it inside.



    A white man walks into an immigrant pub in London, totally shattered, screaming “All Muslims are shitheads."

    A man sitting in the corner shouts, “I take serious offense to that! It's a bloody lie!”

    The white guy asks, “Why? Are you a Muslim?”

    He replies proudly, “No. I'm a shithead.”



    One day, a Muslim goatherder woke up to find that all 100 of his goats had died. Without his goats, he is ruined. So he goes to the nearby lake, and drowns himself. His son wakes up, reads the note left by his father, and decides that life isn't worth living. So he goes to the lake to drown himself as well.

    There is a mermaid there. She tells the boy that if he can screw her 5 times, she will resurrect his father, and all the goats. He looks at her bemused and says "What about 100 times?

    The mermaid goes "Err, you think that you can handle it?"

    The young Muslim lad replies, "Sure! How do you think all the goats died?"



    :thumbup :thumbup :whistling: :whistling: :hairout

  5. The Holocaust began in a German beer hall by individuals who told Jewish jokes like the one in this thread...The history is real, the Murder of millions was real...the atrocious medical experiments were real, the herding of human beings into trains like cattle was real......the screams of millions Murdered by the Nazi's in the gas chambers was real....All Human beings have a duty to gaurantee that the Holocaust never happens again......by immediately shutting down Jewish jokes, and stopping the jokes, is just one way we make sure the Holocaust is never repeated.....IMHO the OP should just delete the joke.



    But it's still a funny joke :whistling:

  6. Drenching passers by is nothing to do with Songkran. The Thai custom is to splash a little water over folk and then an application of talcum powder and then only if they consent, it is intended as an act friendliness and affection. Moronic Falangs have hijacked the festival and introduced the water cannons and the slinging of buckets of water over people with or without their permission.


    I've nothing against the newly introduced habit of drenching folk from head to toe but only if both parties are in agreement. If you see some victims react with violence and anger does not that tell you something? It indicates that they do not wish to be soaked and their wishes should be respected. The Thai police have tolerated this disrespect of their custom up to now but this year they have started confiscating water cannons as they consider things have began to get out of hand.



    As I said, they should avoid the water throwing hotspots then :whistling:

  7. Visitors to Pattaya of all nationalities strongly resent being soaked by mindless idiots. Drenching folk going about their business is not what Songkran is all about let alone being part of Thai culture. If a person, regardless of nationality indicates that he does not wish to have water thrown over him that wish should be respected and most Thai people will afford you that respect. I hope the bottle throwing Ivan's aim was good.



    Sorry mate but I'm with LD on this one, if these people don't want to get soaked on what is Songkran, then they should avoid coming at this time of year. I got to the entrance of WS on the 18th, seen all the water throwing activities, shrugged my shoulders and proceded up WS stopping at various bars along the route. Did I get wet? Yes I did. Did I spit my dummy out and react with anger? No. Why? Because I told myself one thing......When in Rome, do as the Romans do! All night long I seen Russians, other Eastern Europeans and Arabs reacting violently to being soaked. In my opinion they should not venture out to these hotspots where water throwing is at it's most, they should sit in the hotel bar and be miserable there.





    Champion Hurdle (1998, 1999, 2000)

    Irish Champion Hurdle (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001)

    Future Champions Novice Hurdle (1996)

    Royal Bond Novice Hurdle (1996)

    Deloitte Novice Hurdle (1997)

    Royal & SunAlliance Novices' Hurdle (1997)

    Punchestown Champion Novice Hurdle (1997)

    Hatton's Grace Hurdle (1997, 1998)

    December Festival Hurdle (1997, 1998, 1999, 2001)

    Aintree Hurdle (1999)

    Punchestown Champion Hurdle (1999)

    John James McManus Memorial Hurdle (1997, 1998, 1999)



    :thumbup :chogdee :whistling: :chogdee :thumbup


    Just watched your horse Black Caviar, good horse I agree, and fast, but totally a different type of racehorse, but by a short nose, Istabraq took on the best, over hurdles may I add and won repeatedly, so he just pips it. True, he lost the odd race now and then, but not many, your horse will slip up from time to time as well. We are blessed with seeing many good horses come and go as times go by, the great American horse, Cigar, Seabiscuit, of which a film was made, our very own Desert Orchid, Red Rum, Kauto Star, Denhman, Best ,Mate, and even one of your own that was poisoned by the Mafia during the 1930's, the great, Phar Lap. We will never truely know who was the greatest, and never will, it's just great to see these marvelous animals race. :thumbup

  9. They leave BKK at 8:30 am which means my girlfriend getting up at 5:30 am! 2guns 2guns 2guns :ang2 :ang2 :ang2 I think she`s gonna kill me!



    Just been on the phone to my Teelak, I have to leave Pattaya on the 5th May at 04:00am for 08:20am flight, :banghead :banghead


    ''Oh my Buddha'' was her reply, ''do you want to stay in bed'' I asked, S. U. FUCKIN R. E.


    Was the reply :rolleyes:

  10. 24 hr rule


    Millie Perkins


    You fucker Stuy, beat me to it, there are a few I could name here, Wall Street for one, but will go with another that I just dished out of my DVD collection, had lots of dust on it,



    Necronomicon :rolleyes:

  11. Jaime, this is from Bell Bus Service. If I am reading it correctly you can use them to get to Pattaya, but will have to get another mode of transport to get to the DD.


    "Please be informed that on April 19, 2011,


    Bell Travel Service in Pattaya will not provide


    a pick-up or drop-off service

    between Bell Office and hotels in Pattaya


    due to Songkran Festival in Pattaya city.


    A service between Pattaya and the airport and Bangkok city will remain the same.


    Passengers will have to manage your own transportation from Pattaya Bell office to your hotel and from your hotel to Pattaya Bell office.


    Sorry for this inconvenience and thank you for your kind corporation"

    Good Luck Mate!



    EDIT: duh this is for the 19th, I just realized you are getting there on the 18th, so hopefully if you do use Bell, they will take you to DD, no matter how long it takes. Sorry Mate





    Thanks Reggie, will sort it out when I get to swampy, thanks to all for all your posts, J. :rolleyes:

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