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  1. I was going to send Pete an email about this, but thought maybe it might just be me or perhaps its just been bad luck.


    First off, most people on here know I can never say enough about the good food at PBG - its been the first place I recomend to new visitors for the 3 years I have lived here.


    That said, for the last year or so I have only gone at night, because I did not like the way my favorite meal was prepared by the morning/afternoon cooks. To be fair, I tend to eat the same thing 90% of the time when I go there - tho I have had just about everything on the menu at some point or other. Anyway - the afternoon cook always did things differently, like adding onions and garlic to the vegetables - I hate that! Also, when I would order Chicken Cordon Blue in the afternoon it would almost always taste oily and was almost never tender like the night cook's masterpiece.


    Anyway - about a month or so ago the night time meals started to taste the same. Happened 2 times in 2 days about a month ago, which is the first I noticed it. I figured the day cook was working because the veggies had onions in um... so I chalked it off. 2 weeks ago same/same... and last night again.


    Even worse, my meal last night was not even cooked. It took almost a hour to arrive (no problem as I am never in a hurry), and I tend to eat the veggies/fries first - which had onions lol (I can live with that, just dont prefer it). I got about 1/3 thru my chicken tho when I noticed it was awfully soft... and not hot. as you know the lighting there is a bit bad so I pulled out my phone (which has a flashlight function), and found that the chicken (which was about 1/2 or 3/4 inch thick on both halves), was completely uncooked. It was white for about 1/16th an inch or so, then pink and bloody the rest of the way thru.


    Raw chicken is VERY bad.... can make a person very very sick, so I waited 24 hours to make sure I wasnt going to get food poisoning, before posting this. All is well - Feel like I have a bit of a cold coming on, but not food poisoning (thank )


    My point however is that around a month ago all seems to have changed. I would be willing to bet that the evening cook either quit or was fired, and the new cook is either the afternoon cook or was trained by him (lol). Anyone else notice the difference? Am looking to hear mostly from expats who eat there frequently...


    Depending on how people respond, I may still shoot Pete an email - but if nobody else noticed, ill leave over lol. Maybe I'm getting old.


    Either way there is no excuse for uncooked chicken in the kitchen, but mistakes do happen - and the manager made it right. Hell, I told her not to worry about it, that I didnt want anything else (was a bit freaked at eating that much raw chicken), and told her not to bother - but she removed the meal from the bin anyway (I would have paid without complaint), and I'm sure she told the cook off for it, so thats handled. :)


    The issue of the food quality changing for the worse tho... if others have noticed it, then Pete needs to know so he can fix it, which I am sure he would be quick to do - he has always been quick to ensure customer satisfaction.



    Food poisoning or Salmonella comes to mind!!!!


    I stopped using PBG half way through my Septermber trip as the dishes I ordered were not to my liking, food seemed to be, lets say, sub-standard. I see from your post things havnt improved, I hope they sort it and soon. I think you are right in wanting to tell PattayaPete, I would have done but don't know the chap.

  2. Now, in the past few weeks, they've become bolder, and are starting to congregate at the railing outside Hot Tuna 4 bar on WS, listening to the live band, but not buying drinks at the bar.


    A few days after this was taken, the sidewalk side of the railing was packed with Russians, and in the street was a group of about 8 Indian guys dancing with each other to the music.


    If they want these people to go away, the bar should pass around a tip bowl for the band. They'll run like the wind.





    And I told you they were all a pain in the arse, but would you listen? :whistling:


    On a serious note, I agree with you MM, it is getting out of hand and should be stamped out sooner rather than later, I'll pack my 16 holer Doc Martins for my next trip!!! They are arrogant, abnoxious and so far up their own arses, their men folk arn't much better either :rolleyes:


    :whistling: :grin-jump :grin-jump

  3. A German Tourist was robbed at gunpoint by two men men who were wearing Police Volunteer uniforms on Friday evening. The incident occurred in Soi 7 off the Tepprasit Road in Jomtien. Mr. Michael Maslankowski aged 43 alerted Police who soon arrived and were told that he was driving his motorbike along the road when he was stopped by the two men who were both carrying guns. They were wearing uniforms consistent with those worn by Pattaya Police Volunteers. He was ordered to hand over cash and valuables and gave over 8,500 Euro’s which he was reportedly carrying in the seat compartment and he was about to take the cash to a money exchange booth. The money belonged to his Danish Friend who soon arrived to confirm the story. Back at Pattaya Police Station Mr. Maslankowski attempted to identify the two gunmen through Police Volunteer records held by them. No positive ID was made and the men were told the likelihood of the money being recovered was extremely slim.


    Sorry but what the fuck was he thinking, carrying that amount of cash, somehow I think it is bullshit and a nice big Insurance claim will be going through the insurers :whistling:

  4. This game in honour of the King (undoubtably fixed up by Bryan Robson), was announced subject to confirmation a while back. Prior to the Thai FIFA rep voting against us! It was pencilled in for early June, but i can't find any mention of it now on the more up to date sites. Anyone heard anything?



    I had seen that it was being played on Wednesday 8th June, but also, like yourself can find no mention of it now :thumbup


    It's a case of wait and see, I suppose :unsure:

  5. I stayed at The Drunken Duck back in September, and had a great stay. I am returning later this week and can't wait to hook up with the Guys there (TTT & Bobby). :banghead Always on hand to show you something new :party


    Rooms at the DD are spacious, clean and very well aired. I have stayed at other hotels/guesthouses but they were stuffy, something the DD is not. The bar is nice, 2 pool tables with plenty of seating. Prices for rooms are very good :chogdee The staff are friendly and a great laugh (thoughts of Ann judging FLB Bar dance contest :grin-jump :a2m ).


    On the whole, if you are looking for a great trip, then in my opinion, a stay at the DD is a must. :nod

  6. OK, I can think of a few great places to have a crawl,


    Soi 6

    Soi's 7 & 8

    LK Metro

    Soi's 3 & 4

    Ban Chang :D


    Walking Street


    If anyone else can think of anymore ( too tired from work to think at moment), or wants to propose which crawl we do, then cast your vote


    Also which date should we do it on?



  7. So far list is as follows.


    Glynbuk 17th Dec -2nd Jan

    Tombon 25th Dec - 8th Jan

    Wanghin 25th Dec - 11th Jan

    Glynrhedyn 25th Dec - 7th Jan

    Spiderdaz 15th Nov - mid February ( lucky cunt)

    Tarl Mid Dec - Early Jan

    Sanuk Scouser 24th Dec - 7th Jan

    JohnnyK Dec - Feb 4th

    Snowbird 31st Dec - April (Yet another lucky cunt)

    nariad 25th Dec - 8th Jan

    jamie392305 16th Dec - 8th Jan

    ajweiss1 21st Nov - 8th Jan

    Frogster 11th Dec - 1st Jan

    Onelilley 27th Dec - 28th Jan

    Whackydre 26th Dec - 6th Jan

    mykl 22nd Dec - 5th Jan

    Comaghee 21st Dec - 4th Jan now confirmed

    Sexpat 12th Dec - 5th Jan

    fenom 30th Dec - 12th Jan

    OJ 9th Dec - 9th Jan

    Danboy 15th Dec - 5th Jan

    Mick1982 21st Dec - 6th Jan

    mrcina 30th Dec - 15th Jan

    louie 8th Dec - 26th Jan



    :gulp :beer :grin :poke


    Any more, just add to list, Hopefully we can all meet up for a drink or 10 :chogdee



    DJMiami, you can pop along if you find the time to join us you miserable coooooont. :poke2 :nod :bhappy :devil



    OK, we have quite a few here, was wondering if you were all up for an xmas bar crawl. Soi 6 & 7 would be good, but will leave it to a vote, it's your trip.

  8. After 150 votes, it looks like Americans have lost the battle :rolleyes:

    * UK+ : 42%

    * Americas : 30%

    * Australs : 15%

    This forum is a British forum ...



    Well thats not a first, only battle they took on their own was Vietnam, and we all know what happened there, don't we :whistling:

  9. I would just like to give a great big pat on the back to the British Broadcast Corperation, you've done us all proud.


    How fuckin brainless could you possibly get. :whistling: :hairout .


    Just days before the decision to host the 2018 World Cup and they pull this lot out of the hat :llaugh


    Who needs enemies when your own press does this to us, fuckin morons,


    Once again, all together now,






    :fingers :nod :poke :finger :bj2 :bj1 :llaugh :banana :wanker :bj4 :a2m :wanker: :wanker:

  10. lol we'll see. Not the best aussie team we've had over the years but still way too good for the English :)



    It'll be a good series, im dreaming a bit as to say we will batter you, but honesty think we will do a good enough job, c'mon england :chogdee :chogdee

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