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  1. Hello Ja


    did you mean "Sabai Di mai"? How are you


    Sabai sabai? Not sure what this is supposed to mean in this context? Taking it easy?


    Thank you very much


    Koh Jai? Koh means "island" did you mean Kow chai? Understand


    Chai...yes. again not sure what this is supposed to mean in the context of the paragraph?



    Writing Thai language with the English alphabet is pretty tough to do. It's even tougher for someone to read it, and try to determine what you are trying to say. Maybe she wont respond because she doesn't understand? :clueless




    I still think we need to give her a break. Afterall, she is just trying to make a satang just like the rest of us. She might come across as arrogant, but most successful people do, don't they?



    Sounds like your one of the muppets that has booked her/him :clueless

  2. Its pretty obvious that most people posting suggestions here have not been here for Songkran.


    Sukhumvit, as well as ALL roads in to pattaya, will be gridlocked with traffic moving slower than those walking on the side of the road on the 18th and 19th - moreso on the 19th.


    Sukhumvit is gridlock from the second road in to Naklua (I forget its name) until around Soi 87 (opposite Makro shopping center - other side of Jomtien).


    Not sure about the 18th, but on the 19th the regular bus service did not run last year. No big busses came down sukhumvit at all - so even the Rayong-bkk line must have taken an alternate route around pattaya. I was on sukhumvit for 2.5 hours last year on the 19th and saw no busses at all, and even on the motorbike I could not move much faster than those walking.


    Of course those few hours may have been the worst of the worst... but there you are.


    If I were you Jamie I would hire a taxi if nothing else to get you to Naklua.. there is a hotel there on Sukhiumvit just on the outskirts of it that you can stay for 2 nights, then you can motocy taxi it to pattaya... but not with your bags. You CAN get a taxi to go to DD... but from Naklua to DD will take 2+ hours most likely, and the best route would be Suk to Pattaya Klang, then 3rd road to Soi XZyte, then down to DD from there.


    I get into Swampy at 08:20am, i'm hoping to be out the airport and in 'A' taxi by 9am, so should hit outer Pattaya by 10:15am, will this make a difference? And before anybody jumps on me, Yes I have been to Patts at Songkran before, twice in fact, but never saw daylight until mid afternoon so unsure as to when it starts to get busy!!!!

    Cheers for all your replys by the way, J.

  3. I don't think it is right for BGs or LB's for that matter to be advertising themselves on here to be quite honest!!!!!!!!


    In fact I would like to see her or him as in this case to b banned, and permanently :rolleyes: :wanker

  4. I predict you will be able to get to Pattaya fine. Even the most extended Songkran holiday ends on April 17, and the country will be entirely back to work. There will be some traffic in a couple of places around Pattaya only, for the "post-Songkran Songkran". It won't be gridlocked anywhere but a couple of Pattaya streets/roads at the most.


    Get a taxi, a limo, a bus, whatever. Tell your usual taxi/limo service you'll never be using them again, and name and shame them here.




    If the taxi/Limo service had emailed me explaining that they were giving all their staff the remaining days of Songkran off. I would have accepted this, but to blame the festivities as an excuse to close for business is a bit much IMHO. So, named and shamed it is, the firm is called




    You will not be seeing anymore business come from me!!!!

  5. Looks like I'm gonna need it :wacko: :wacko:


    If anyone is travelling southbound towards Pattaya and happen to notice a crazy falang running down the centre of the motorway wearing a Newcastle United top, cargo shorts, stupid lookin hat with back pack & dragging a case, well don't be alarmed, I've popped a Few tabs and taking matters into my own hand



    :D :D :kissing :D :unsure:

  6. I get into swampy on the morning of the 18th April, having contacted my usual taxi/Limo service I received an email stating that due to the festivities of Songkran they are not operating as roads in and around Pattaya will be gridlocked and at a stand still, surely there is some form of transport still operating during these last 2 days of madness?

    Any ideas?????????

  7. Were you in Phuket when the tsunami struck,or witness the Berlin wall coming down,I was in New york 9/11 and remember the commotion was also on the


    underground 7/7 bombing,



    Your an unlucky fucker, I know that much, tell us when your in Patts next and I'll steer clear!!!!

    :cry1 :D :grin-jump :grin-jump

  8. Can anyone tell me if you can hire proper scooters in Patts?

    I'm not talking about the crap Honda automatic shite that we see every day but real scooters,

    I'm talking about Lambrettas, preferably a TV175 or TV200 or the SX175 or SX200, LI175. Any help would be appreciated, cheers, J.

  9. It is a completely different film.... rule states

    Then the next post is a different actor/actress that was in that movie

    It's late in the Uk, time for bed.


    Ok, I stand corrected, by the way, I'm working nights

  10. Scottie,


    It wouldn't hurt mate, if you feel comfortable with the girl and would like to treat her to a free holiday or vacation as you yanks and canadians put it, then you go for it. B) . I don't think a week would be long enough though, so ask her to come for a month, tell her you have to work for 3 of the weeks of her stay, of course you will have to find alternative activities for her, to stop her getting bored while your at work, surely you have some female friends back in Canada? I wouldn't trust her with any male friends ;)

    Also, if you do take her back HOME, then remember, she is still on the clock and should be paid accordingly. Good luck to you :D

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