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  1. Must be part of the grand plan of our Lord and Savior. God wants Teblow to be a mediocre Arena League QB. Thank you Jesus.
  2. I like the Aussie Burger Stand, corner of Soi Diana and Soi Bukao, across from Subway on Soi Diana. Good stuff and about 150 baht. The best burger used to be at Premiership Restaurant, just across and down a bit from where Aussie Burger is today. Too bad they went out of business.
  3. I couldn't log in for the past 8 months. Been having trouble with my web browser so tried a new one this past week, and "Shazam!" Back on. Nice to see someone noticed I was gone.
  4. I haven't been able to access the site the past few weeks. Congrats to the Kings and Devils for making it to the finals. I'm rooting for the Devils and Martin Broduer, but my money would be on the Kings. They are the hot team.
  5. Maybe not the best, but certainly interest in this thread has slipped during round two. The Western Final is set: Coyotes vs Kings. Both teams dominated their opponents. In the East it looks like the Devils will soon send the Flyers home since they are up 3-1. . . . then there's the Caps/Rangers. What a crazy series. Caps endured yet another heart-breaking OT loss in game 5. How do you allow the puck to slide in with 6 seconds left in regulation? Game 6 should be a doozy.
  6. Too bad jk isn't around to answer for this.
  7. So the second round is set. Some surprising teams moving on: Rangers vs Capitals Flyers vs Devils Kings vs Blues Coyotes vs Predators I'm rooting for the Devils and the Predators, but since my team is out of it I'll settle for some exciting, well played hockey.
  8. Kings and Flyers moving on to round 2. Bruins/Caps going down to the wire. Can't believe this is the same Caps team that stunk most of the season.
  9. Say goodbye to a couple of teams who have been play-off mainstays - The Red Wings and Sharks are toast. Nashville and St Loius move on. The Canucks are on the brink of elimination, having been totally outplayed by the Kings. The Blackhawks are trying to fight back vs the Desert Dogs, an amazing series where every game has gone to OT. They won't have to worry about the Coyotes Raffi Torres, who was suspended for 25 games after his hit on Hossa. Can the Caps finish the job and eliminate Boston? I have a feeling the Bruins will push it to game 7. And how about Ooooootawa, shutt
  10. That's more like it! Penguins pound the Flyers in game 4, 10-3! Of course it won't mean much unless they come out and pound them again in game 5. Go Pens!!!
  11. Freedom is about not being able to go somewhere because of the intolerable smoke??? At least Pattaya gogo owners have packaged several things I hate into one convenient location - over-priced drinks, over-priced women, loud music, bad lighting, and of course the ever-present cigarette smoke. Ok, I'm missing out on some nudity, but when I barfine a girl she always ends up naked in the privacy of my room. Win/win for me.
  12. Wow, lots of games going to OT. How about Martin Brodeur racking up his 100th play-off win. Too bad the Pens are going into Phillie down 0-2. That'll be a tough hole to climb out of.
  13. Polluting a shared air supply with a toxic substance is freedom?
  14. Ugh! Flyers beat the Pens in Pittsburgh in OT. THIS is why no teams in the East wanted a first round match-up with the Flyers.
  15. Well fellow "puckheads", it's that time of year again. Some interesting match ups in the first round. As a Pens fan I'm not too excited about playing the Flyers - they handled the Pens pretty well this season. Still I like our chances with both Malkin and Sid The Kid seemingly healthy. I'm glad the Devils are back in post season play. I like them to beat the Panthers. Rangers should take care of Ottawa, but I won't be surprised if the Caps give the Bruins some trouble . As bad as they've played all season they still have Ovechkin and nothing to lose. Even better match ups
  16. The Broncos know Tebow better than anybody, and by trading him to the Jets they have as much as announced to the league, "This guy has zero value as a quarterback." Elway and Fox couldn't wait to dump him. They didn't want to deal with the distractions Tebow causes, even as Manning's back-up. Should be interesting to see how the Tebow Tent Revival Show plays in the Big Apple. That Jets locker room is already a circus.
  17. Too bad Joe-it-all has gone into hiding, because the Broncos appear to be on the verge of signing the biggest free agent in NFL history - Peyton Manning. http://espn.go.com/n...im-tebow-traded As for Tebownhead, may the good lord have mercy upon him. Of course I'm a Chiefs fan so I don't like the idea of Manning going to the Donkeys , but I love Joe being so so wrong .
  18. The obvious differences between Tebow and Lin are that: 1. Lin has played well every game (until a recent loss), unlike Tebow, who had some horrible games during his streak of popularity. 2. Lin doesn't hammer everyone over the head about his religion, unlike Tebow, who is constantly talking about it. I'm happy for Lin. I hope Tebow fails miserably next season.
  19. Lin is a brilliant comet streaking across the NBA landscape right now. The Taiwanese-American basketball player from Harvard is also the owner of an amazing NBA stat - He has scored more points in his first five starts than any NBA player has ever scored in their first five starts. More than Wilt Chamberlain. More than Kobe Bryant. More than Michael Jordan. More than ANYBODY!!! This is the definition of a sports phenomena. http://espn.go.com/n...-success-system From the article: "Is it also possible that being Asian-American didn't just feed the post-starting hype,
  20. Joe, there's no point quoting you, though I did it in the previous post. You'd just start tap dancing and spinning trivial pablum, as you always do. "I posted THIS, but now I'm going to show you how I didn't really mean THIS. Aren't I clever?" 99% of your posts are nothing more than keyboard masturbation. I'm not the type who gets personal, so I'm not going to lower myself to your level by saying you are a lair, but the facts are obvious: -You said there was no underdog in this Super Bowl. -The Giants were an underdog. Facts Joe. They are things you should become more fam
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