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  1. Tims, if you are not afraid of cockcroaches... No reason to be as they do no harm to anyone...I think
  2. ???? Maybe try replying to the point I was making?
  3. A very friendly and helpful guy! The Vault is a bit of a luxury place to stay but would be great if you wanted to organise a couple of parties with your mates and invite some bar girls.
  4. The Germans played a clean, crisp and yes, typically German ruthlessly efficient game. No overindulgence The gulf in pace between them and the older established English stars was striking.
  5. Try printing out the blurb from the opening post and showing it to some Thai who is offended because you have taken his or her photo. Remember TIT and the law of the street rules and they will do at the time what seems right to them rather than listen to some made up pseudo legal argument.
  6. The nutritionists say that you should Breakfast like a king Lunch like a prince and have dinner like a pauper. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
  7. He looks a bit like Noah Levenstein (Eugene Levy)
  8. You are being hard on him, but that referee may just have played an important role in delaying the world cup from turning into the world series by a few precious years....
  9. Upharsin


    Very good Gabs mate. Made me laugh
  10. The owner of this bar, an ex-marine, was one of the nicest guys running a Pattaya bar that I've met so far. Seemed to be liked and respected by his staff as well.
  11. The New York Post reported the result against England as "USA wins 1-1". An echo of the 'We must win at all costs' mentality from down the decades?. .
  12. Seems like the Yanks still haven't learnt the rules of 'soccer'. Rule no. 1: The referee's decision is final....and no correspondence will be entered into.
  13. The number plate actually says GO 60 BAR. I can't see Saga group coughing up for this one.
  14. Good to hear that the service is now more dream instead of pipe dream.
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