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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Friend took me here on my last trip, best farang food I have eaten in Patts and now on my list to do every trip. Love the place! Thanks for the review and pics.
  2. Billabong in LK Metro usually has it on as well and might be pretty close to you.
  3. He is a national treasure Besides didn't we send you Rolf Harris to go with Home and Away :)
  4. I had no issue with this. It was in the rules and led to a rule change. Very different to doing things outside the rules. Agree 100% on playing too many ashes tests. Seems like they are almost desperate to keep test cricket alive in comparison to other forms of the game.
  5. Do Thai people celebrate Valentines day themselves ?
  6. Doubt many people would hang their hat on 20/20 or one day cricket. On the other side of the coin how much bagging will the boys get if they lose these.
  7. Weird summer of cricket. We get absolutely flogged by the Poms then we break their winning streak in 20/20 and then we dominate the one dayers. I agree the ashes are the most important thing for us to win or lose but just how inconsistent is aussie cricket at the moment.
  8. Sounds great wish I was there. Have a great day
  9. I never sleep on planes no matter what I do. Very glad they have movies and things to watch and block out the babies and other noise.
  10. Now that is a bad start to a test match :) Not over yet though.
  11. Cool, will drop in for a few drinks and wish everyone a merry xmas (oh and to check out the girls )
  12. Deadset we must be on top in the series, the discussion is turning more and more to crowd numbers. Couldn't care less if not one aussie went through the gate as long as we win the ashes :)
  13. Forgot you were in the metro or I would have dropped in and joined you. Will try and get my drunken sod of a body there for a few hours for the boxing day test.
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