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  1. Well I arrived at this hotel in August for 1 month. I had a corner with balcony room for 16k PM. A std room with Balcony is 15K PM. To be fair I could not fault the hotel! Everything worked fine even internet was reliable. I email the hotel the night before, and when I arrived and they had someone there to show me the room and take 7k deposit. room cleaned 3 times every week. When i checked out deposit was return without problem less 1350b for water electric. I am not a heavy user of electric as I keep AC on about 28-30 deg so that I acclimatise .
  2. Good news about the "no smoking" but 120b for a beer will not catch on. Is the music still loud? Agree previous poster, that is a deal breaker! I don't understand it, they want you to buy lady drinks, but you talk to the girl because you can hear her.
  3. Well you could survive on that as long as you dont get a plush hotel, but you will not be rocking,even if this does not include hotel costs.
  4. Yes the paying up front was a concern of mine too, hence the request for feedback. Since posting I have emailed them and they require a 7,000b deposit to secure booking.
  5. I posted for two reasons, one to inform anyone who wants a clean tidy hotel in a good central location, and where a pool was not a priority about this hotel. I also wanted to prompted any feed back from anyone who has stayed at this hotel. When the hotel first open about 18 months ago, I did hear that there was issues about the hotel returning deposits, when customer stained the sheets/towels.
  6. Yes very good hotel and very recently refurbished. I have tried to get in before, but they did not respond to my email. Another hotel did so I booked them and then forgot about VM Terrace. Will try again when I know my dates, But i will ring them this time!
  7. It may be average but its clean and tidy and a bargain at 15,000b for the month. If you stay longer they charge 600b every day. As for pool and garden, WTF never been in one yet in Pattaya, but everyone to there own.
  8. This hotel looks to good to be true! http://www.pattayaone.com/npresidence.html On my previous trip I looked at the rooms and they were great as per pics on web site. I could not book as I did not and still do not know my return dates. To secure a room you have to pay at reception or bank transfer. I think you have to pay in full, unlike other hotel where they hold the charge on your credit card. I think i will just turn up on the day, I can ring them before i leave.
  9. I think is more wide spread than we think. I am fairly sure i got taken in Gambia for £40 taken from an envelope of about £250. I now only leave money in the safe in sealed envelopes signed on the flap soded to say how much inside. I do have a Thai bank account, so i should change up the money straight away, deposit it, and just draw down on it!
  10. iF SOMEONE HIRE A BIKE FROM YOU AND IT DOES GET STOLEN, Do you ask new price, or cost to buy bike of same age and mileage? Your pick-up truck does it have a boot cover? I am thinking of travelling around Issan but would need to lock cases securely , as there may be two Farang and two chimps! Pls explain first class insurance if vehicle stolen or involved in accident?
  11. Personally i would always buy, but in Thailand I would question if this is the correct policy. If you rent and have a problem you can always walk and worse scenario is you lose one month rent. If you buy a condo and, fall out with the neighbours or the maintenance charges rocket you have a problem and can not just walk away.
  12. I did the over night train from BKK, All first class sleepers (1000b) had gone. so we had a bunk with a curtain (800b). It was ok with plenty of room, you could easily have a TG with you. Arrived a 7am, refreshed and ready to go! Best way in my view.
  13. As a matter of fact has onyone barfined a girl from HA? How much is the bar fine and the lady LT & ST? What annoys me is when you do get the chance to spend some time & money with a girl. and then when you ask about BF, she says the BF is 1000b and she wants 5000b. This is mostly the case when the girl is happy with salary only, and only goes with young customer.
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