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  1. And Please use the agoda link above when you have found a nice place to stay ??
  2. WOW! you guys have alot of great tracks and videos posted since the thread started.I must post a few swedish favourites starting with Mustasch and a great video!
  3. anyone knows any place with three bedroom apartments in bangkok? thought it would be fun if me and two friends got abig place together and having some crazy nights!! close to the nana area if possible, anyone got some info too share? girlfriendly, pool, is a must
  4. friend of mine came back last week stayed there and he payed 1500 a night, dont know what kind of room but it looked nice from his pictures!!
  5. i just booked a couple of rooms for next month and tried to get a better rate, but thats was impossible. but areca is still worth the extra money!!
  6. thats wierd, 1320 on that website and 900 on res 24 site?? what a hell is the diffrent? TIT
  7. hi guys, was thinking to stay at sunshine vista soi 3 in april, but is slightly worried about construction going on there? anyone got any info on that?? read somewhere that there is a new building going up infront of the hotel? is this true?
  8. hey, dont know much about the inn house but i can recommend the areca lodge, its outstanding
  9. no photos from the place?? sounds like a nice deal!!
  10. only have good things to say about areca lodge, great hotel!!!!
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