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  1. After 7 years I'm selling my Hua Hin pool villa as a turnkey house. A nice, well-kept house in 373m2 on a pretty estate 10 mins from HH centre by motorbike. Fully-furnished, furniture brought from Chiang Mai 3 Bedrooms, master with ensuite, solid teak queen-size beds with British mattresses 2 bathrooms Pool 6mX3m (10ft X 20ft) with new Hayward filter pump Air con in each bedroom New 40" Samsung LED TV DVD player & Cable TV, Satellite dish (not connected at this time) Western kitchen: Whirlpool dishwasher, Electrolux laundry washer,granite counters, large Hitachi fridge. 5%-plu
  2. Hua Hin is a great place to live, under three hours to BKK and 4-5 from Pty. But, condo for condo, HH is more expensive.
  3. Rent first and then do the research on the ground. The more units you see the more you will learn.
  4. Apparently they sailed right into the storm and of course a sailing ship could not hope to outrun the storm. This was no ordinary storm and they would have to keep well out to sea to avoid being run ashore. Sad to see her go, she was hand-built for the Brando film in Lunenburg, NS, Canada. Some of the shipwrights are still alive and two were on our national TV news last night. The woman who died after being rescued was said to have been a direct descendant of Fletcher Christian.
  5. More expensive than in the USA and they can pay the workers $1 an hour. Nice scam.
  6. Too many pooyais making too mutt money from sex. Pattaya is cleaning itself up, sex biz moving off Beach Road up to the Buakhao area. My 2 satang is the clean-up is aimed at the Asian market. They have milked and bilked horny lonely falangs long enough to transform the place from fishing village to city. Lots of hotels and condos in place so now its time to go after the huge Asian families market.
  7. They generally love malls so go to Central Festival where there's lots of choice then let her guide you to the one she likes. After the meal she can take you shopping, too.
  8. He'll be close to his multi-million dollar pad in Samui. Right next door to Beckham (groan!)
  9. soi 6 will go down before WS for sure. 6 is ripe for re-development, there is no real big money invested there. But WS has some major financial investment and its not all just connected individuals. I'd bet there are "institutional" investors/owners on WS also, some of whom are partial to brown apparel.
  10. Well, not exactly luxury but they do the job. There are several minivan outfits doing the BKK>>>HH run. Others are located beside the shopping mall at the opposite end of VM skytrain station to the hospital exit. Exit the train, go down the steps and turn right to enter the mall 2nd floor. Go downstairs and out the doors on the corner and the minivan station is immediately to the right. 180 baht, vans every 20 mins or so. Avoid the front death trap seats and the kidney-shaking rear seats. Best are the middle seats, they offer some collision protection (others get killed before you do
  11. dentdude, take a look at WS. Some serious money invested there and I don't mean falang-owned beer bars. This is Thailand. Money talks. Big money talks loudly and buys the right kind of friendships. WS is going nowhere.
  12. I like the part where the police bring the car back. What is their fee for performing this valuable service? Georgian police are renowned for their integrity and incorruptibility. Aren't they?
  13. They are cheapest from Vancouver but have an 8 or 9 hour layover in Shanghai so that's the deal breaker for me.
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