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  1. Thanks for the quick reply I'll check it out 2nd road around the corner from soi 1 very close to my hotel.
  2. Ajarn Thoy Bangkok "On Nut - Soi 25". If you are really serious about Sak Yant.
  3. Hello all, it's been 5 years since last time in Patters and I see Thai House is gone. Ant thing similar to this kinda restaurant with good Thai food ( wont break the bank) and Thai dance show? For tonite have wifeys cousins to impress.
  4. I'm a "Handsome Devil" - I must admit! But, that's not what lures the ladies to me, No No!!! I also must admit, I've been blessed with an "Enormous Fuck Sausage", that can make most of the experienced ladies have difficulty walking for a week after they experience my technique! But, that also is not what draws the ladies to me, No No!!! It's the all "Dead Presidents" that my Johnny Rocket is lined with that makes the ladies swoon towards me!!! O'Yeah, I'm a ladies man for sure!!!
  5. Not sure of the name but its the place next to "Made in Thailand" Baazar on second road. Its worth a trip IMHO. The Dude
  6. Wow! Truly sorry to hear this news. I hope everything will turn out well for you. Do not give in to this and fight it with a positive attitude! We meet at the FLB meeting in Redwood City (Harrys Hofbrau) awhile back along with CJ, Soi7 (Larry), Raylene, SF Dude and others that slip my mind. I'm sure if they knew also they would tell you the same. P.S.- If you haven't posted this news in Secrets Forum perhaps you should and let some more friends hear about your advice. The Dude
  7. simple- Condoms,Booze, Pills to keep it up,smokes.
  8. When I took my son for a trip to Mexico. I was required to show proof; from the X that it was ok. This proof should be notarized. I found about this 2 hours prior to wheels up. Please, for your own sake do everything well in advance. There is a special form that should be filled out. If you are a widower you need proof of death cert. good luck. The Dude.
  9. Yes, it is. If you are interested, PM me. And I can send you in the right direction with no hassels. The Dude.
  10. I am going on the business shuttle from Sacto to SFO which lands in the middle of the airport then they drive me to the Main terminal via shuttle bus. This is nothing new, I've done this every time I go. The flight is approx 25 min.
  11. EVA $600 from Sacto,Calif. RT in November. Not a bad deal, I looked into the Eva site for low cost flights and found the lowest at $450. But from SF + Taxes, ground transportation,etc that will go over my new found deal. RT to Sacto that and was not during the time I was seeking. I don't want to mill around in hopes for a spot later - I may miss my time frame and get screwed. The Dude.
  12. Hey, Matador USA. Hi, buddy. No problem with all the above. My visit to LOS was just swell ! Becouse of the fact my Mother took care of all the barginning. I just stood behind her and she told those baht bus drivers a thing or two. And, when we went to the Sabai massage parlor and she picked my date for me. I new, I was in good hands.Thanx mom! P.S. Don't worry.Goto go mom saysTV Dinner's are ready and my favorite show "Friends" is about ton start! Tootles! The Dude.
  13. You have got to be joking ! Thai food, in LOS is cheap and plentyful. Go where the Thais eat, and you will enjoy yourself .Have a lady take you on a real tour away from falang town.You'll, have good food and fresh and HOT! The Dude.
  14. Try to travel light. If you can, just bring a carry on. So, you won't have to wait for your baggage down stairs at the baggage claim. And, remember play it by ear. Clothes are cheap in LOS you may consider buying as you need it and laundry services outside of the hotels is fairly reasonable. If, you remember to bring your clothes to them dry. Becouse, they charge by the kilo. A rainy day is good for the cleaner! The Dude.
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