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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I have seen a few threads asking for good free software for various applications. here is a list of many available with comments on their performance: http://uselessjunk.net/showthread.php?t=286531 Merry Xmas ps check out the "hotties/NSFW" section there too.
  2. lots of free software for windows here: http://uselessjunk.net/showthread.php?t=286531
  3. as a dentist, I can say that implants can be placed in one day, of course, although some pretreatment planning should be done including the fabrication of a surgical stent to most accurately guide the proper placement of the implants. However implants require several months to integrate with the bone, and require a surgical uncovering, before the prosthetic portion can be put on. This means the denture or bridge portion would be made and inserted in your own country unless you returned to thailand, and are not trivial procedures, thus paying western prices for this. As for getting den
  4. I stayed in one of their beachfron rooms last august. I liked it.
  5. why bother to ask if she has a boyfriend. If you want one of the girls there just ask what time they get finshed and if they want to have a drink/food with you then, and let nature take it's course. this ain't rocket science.
  6. thai dentists are well trained, up to the standards of US dentists. I have quite a few friends who are faculty at Chula, Mahidol, and Thamassat Dental schools and visit those regularly on my trips, and the clinics are right up to speed. Many of the dental specialists, endo, perio, ortho etc... have recieved their advanced training in the US in fact. Orthodontic treatment requires monthly visits to the dentist to adjust the forces placed on the teeth to keep them moving at the correct rate, as too much force can cause root resorption, while too little means the lenght of tx is extended.
  7. I have to make a comment about the owner, Pat. I emailed asking about availibility in the first week of May. He was booked up, but offered to look at other places in Soi LK for me to find a place with an opening. That is really "stand-up guy" behavior. While we were emailing about this, I got in at a LK Metro guesthouse, so I will be spending some time and cash at the Rover while I am in town.
  8. as a dentist I can tell you that a single implant can be placed easily,but it needs 3 months to heal in the lower jaw, and up to 6 in the upper. the implant is then uncovered, as it is placed below the gums, then you need to have the crown made to be placed in the implant. So it isn't something that can be done in even a 1 month visit. a recent thread on places/prices: http://www.pattayatalk.com/forums/index.ph...&hl=implant
  9. The food there is very good and decent prices for high quality western food, especially the braised lamb shank, scallops sauted in white wine sause, and crepes suuzette. There are also plenty of street vendors set up at the entrance from Soi Diana for more local fare. I spent Nov 22-30 on Soi LK Metro, staying at the Rockhouse again. The rooms there are huge and the girls working there are good fun (although they could be a bit better looking). The 3some bar is next door with some very cute girls. Lolitas is just a few more doors down for an afternoon BJ and both Champagne and Oasi
  10. 555 Merry Christmas. first the implants have to be placed (drilled) into the jaw, then 3-6 months to heal and integrate with the bone. The upper jaw has bone that is more "porous" so the failure rate can be higher here than with the lower jaw. then the implants are uncovered and the prosthedontic (false toot/teeth) is done. for $19K/7K it sounds like full arch rehabs (all new teeth, which are attached to the jaw) are being considered.
  11. it is absolutely true that dental pathology develops over time, and is often pain free in its development. that means that regular evaluations by a dentist can intercept most pathologies in a nascent and relatively low cost manner. this of course doesn't pertain to traumatic events which can result in a lot of damage rapidly.
  12. those prices seem reasonable to me. You didn't take care of your teeth that's why instead of getting a simple filling in it years ago you now need more extesive Tx. it's like not putting oil in your car engine. Cheap n the short run, but costly long term. if you think dentists make too much money,go spend the 8+ years and at least $300,000 to become one and get in on the action.
  13. Since this place is a restaurant it should be open but not serving alcohol during the upcoming funeral closures? this would be a good place to find some company during that lean time to arrange a party back at the hotel.
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