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  1. I had already booked tickets for June '19... I can wait long but my cock just can't 😉. Following is my criteria... 1. Close to BR or WS 2. Big mirrors in Bedroom... beside bed 3. Budget - 1200B per night. 4. Just for safety, I had reserved (with free cancellation) Inn House, SOI 13 and Galaxy Suits. Please advice.
  2. Thank you! Yes... I just now had TF FL for ST. Gave her 1000 for ST + 100 tip + 2 beers + J&B we drank + a box of chocolate I brought from India for her. She wanted a pack of condom that I had... I gave her that too. Many of my Indian friends won't do that. Many will do also. Never mind. She was happy for me... our ST ran for more than 3 hours. More details will be in TR. Really thank you again for speaking for me.
  3. Being Indian, I only tried to answer the question. I tried to convey you the reality. What wrong did I do?
  4. I am in pattaya now. And I see many Indians this time than my previous trip a year back. Many hotels around WS cater to Indians, Nova Platinum for example. And Indians prefer to eat only Indian food (not me though... I prefer thai food in thailand; chinese in china and so on.). The reason is, mostly we people are vegetarian... Egg, meat, chicken... considered as non-veg. There are many people who don't eat in the restaurant where veg and non-veg food is cooked in the same kitchen. For them touching non-veg is sin. There are few people who don't eat ginger, garlic and onion... they are commonly Jain religion people. When I talk to different people back home, this is their opinion/perception about foreigners... 1. To left of India on map... all are British/English. They can't distinguish arabs as foreigners but label them as ruthless muslims. 2. To right of India all are Chinese ... slanted eyes, flat nose. They are called as "ching-chong" As per above definition... 1. British eat "anything" ... meaning cow and pig... Cow is Goddess in India.. eating cow-beef is SIN (if you want I can explain in details... let me know) as well as illegal. The eater and serving man will be killed directly by scores of angry people. We have always seen pigs in mud and dirty places eating shit. So, naturally, word PIG brings in a feeling of poop in our minds. Eating is prohibited. 2. Chines eat "anything"... meaning they eat snakes, lizards, worms and so on... Now, people with this perception and with veg, non-veg, no ginger,garlic, onion preferences prefer only Indian hotels. Because, it is easy for them to tell the waiter/owner, what is it they want. This is one of the many reasons why Indian hotels are on surge.
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