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  1. LAX outbound 12 May 2013 A380 to Inchon, 1 H 20 m wait, 777 to BKK. BKK inbound June 6 777 to Inchon 8 H wait ( ouch ) A380 to LAX. $1151.00 USD. My question of anyone who has flown A380 is regarding coach seating, pretty much same same or more seat width, pitch and legroom. I know it wont be big improvement but with Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar issues a little helps alot. Thanks for any and all replies. P.S. Just in case this is viewed as an ignition source, No Boeing Lobbyists need respond.
  2. First time I stepped in the shower, not in the urinal...
  3. That's the one with a urinal at opposite end of showerhead aint it ? Laughed my ass off first time i stepped in.
  4. Did a day trip to Erawan a few years back but no time in city. Thanks for the view.
  5. I dont get the reference to Villa, but that troop has a funny look in his eye. Joe.
  6. My first trip in the 1990s I had dinner in BKK at a place called 3 coins in a fountain or 7 coins in/over a fountain, cant remember exactly. It was off of sukhumvit, soi 17 area maybe, I think it was near soi cowboy area. As soon as I was seated I noticed a young thai lady standing by my table. After my meal arrived and I began eating I noticed she was there again. I did at that time attribute it to good service and have since. If the server is by your table holding an hourglass, thats one thing but if they stand BY your table for 10 minutes while you choose your meal, what difference would th
  7. EVA,723.00 all in for October. Coach is coach but have heard Singapore is better than most, if so why? Joe.
  8. Straying a bit but the first Alibaba menu shows open midnight to noon and delivery noon to midnight. Anything after 12:15 is gonna arrive cold. Joe
  9. Pete, did not stop by last trip, Oct./Nov. 08 and kick myself now. I have never seen an ugly woman in my life, if you dont believe me wait till I show my face Aug./Sept., you will. Best of luck, Joe.
  10. EVA has an early bird LAX to BKK if you purchase before 31 Jan. at 804 before, as I recall EVA is about 70 to 100 add on, so around 900 US. Joe.
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