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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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Its a good ,clean, hotel with decent showers.Not noisy from a bar / traffic point of view but you will get some people who want their tv on loud and come home with lady and make a bit of noise. That goes on everywhere though. Good value. Most people pronounce ' boo cow' or something similar!

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Its not bad, but nothing spectacular.


Rooms are clean but a touch Spartan. If you pay for a 'deluxe' the only difference is you get a comfy chair. Kitchen is limited if you eat in the restaurant. Pool is ok. ID for guests is compulsory. They offer a small discount for full payment up front, I'd try before you buy. Its quite popular with the Middle Eastern crowd.


Buakhow can be a pain to walk along....I'd try the places in Lengkee as an alternative.


Also when I was there, the bomb site next door got used as a market, with amplified music going all hours.



Just my 2 satangs...

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I have stayed many times and if you get a room at the back ( ie non sun view, in shade) did not hear a thing from the market. Also never experienced any middle eastern customers - pretty much all western. For 800 its a good deal, with a discount for staying 1 week.Have fun

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I stayed there in Feb/March. Here is a review I posted on another board.


Recently stayed at the Sunview Place for three weeks.


Agreed on emails 950 baht per night for superior room overlooking the pool with 50 baht discount per night for payment in advance after seeing the room – net 900. When I got there they charged me only 900 less the discount of 50 for net 850. It appears that they had brought their rates down for the 'low' season and automatically passed the lower rate on. Big tick for integrity.


My room was on the sixth floor. Good size with nice balcony. Well maintained and promptly so after leaving key at the reception. Decent bath towels but no hand towel – cost only 15 baht to buy from a stall. Very effective room controlled aircon. Two negatives. The bed was rock hard and it was somewhat noisy with the bar/ restaurant across the road playing loud music till 2 in the morning. Would not have wanted a room on a lower floor.


Small ok pool. Free internet access from PC in foyer. They said that they would be introducing wi-fi soon. Very quick and reliable lift.


Good security – one or two guards on duty all the time. No charge for one 'guest'. Took guest's ID card, logged and kept it till guest left. One day I left the room safe open – when I came back to reception they told me and asked me to check the safe contents. Everything was still there. There is also a two key safe facility at reception – useful and safer for most important valuables not required on a daily basis. One day I left my room key at reception and it disappeared. Within half an hour of discovering this they had a locksmith in to change the room lock. I was not charged – they accepted my word that I had left the key on the desk. I also saw them changing another lock and when I asked why, they said that the previous guest had forgotten to hand in his key when he checked out. I was impressed with this attention to security.


Food available from 8.30 to 5.30. Quite good and reasonably priced. American breakfast at 90 baht was acceptable although the sausages were more like small frankfurters.


Mixed clientele. Some families and some individuals. Felt comfortable taking 'guests' in. Friendly and helpful staff.


Location in Soi Buakaow. Handy for that area. Also, regular baht taxis going direct to Walking Street area. A bit more difficult at night to get back at night. Needing to take taxi up Pattaya Tai to Soi Buakaow and then a further (not very regular taxi) up Soi Buakhaow – but it can be walked.


All in all I would recommend as good value and professionally run, although that bed might be a 'no no' for some.


The cheaper rooms at the back are quieter although smaller. The music I referred to in my review goes on to 2 a.m. - and as a golfer on some days looked for an early night. But the music stops at 2 pm. and if you are a night owl, you won't be affected.

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