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The NFL Play-offs

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There is no right fit, so why should Tebow try to hang on in the league and further sully his image?


That's what this is about, really. Tebow still has a pristine image in and out of sports. He was possibly the greatest college football player of all time and lives a very public and spiritual life that has inspired millions upon millions of people. He has a future in politics if he wants it, and clearly he has already become a coveted public speaker.


The NFL may actually be holding Tebow back from his true calling.

Well I haven't analyzed each team thoroughly enough to say there is absolutely no team and coach he would fit with, but it would seem at least one out of the other 30 teams just might be able to properly groom him until he's ready for the political arena. Personally I wouldn't argue with Mr. Norris.


Anyway, will be mute if he doesn't get signed, which would be a shame, but shit happens. At the moment I'd say the media killed his NFL career by creating the circus teams don't seem to be willing to endure.

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