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I have a 5 speaker system. Only time the rear ones get any work is with a DVD and these days that is old hat. More modern approach is a single sound bar under your TV. Doubt I would miss those rear speakers too much. 

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I had the 5 speaker system. It was useless except for DVD's and the wiring for the rear speakers is a hassle to hide. Don't waste your money if you can get  2 speakers for stereo sound. Add a subwoofer if you wanna piss off your neighbors. But seriously, how much extra base do you need?

The sound bar is a good idea. The price will probably be cheaper than an amp/speaker set up also, but will also be a trade off in sound quality.

Best luck with your choice.


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5.1 for me..... My sat box outputs digital audio so it's not just for watching DVD's....

In preparation for when I retire I've already got a set of Kef speakers sat awaiting installation in Thailand, along with a Marantz AV amp...

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I have one room with a high end LG OLED TV and outstanding LG sound bar.  Does Atmos and most of the high end sound enhancements.  Sound is very good.  We moved recently and found ourselves with an extra room.  Larger dimensions than the LG room.

Decided to try the Sonos system.  WiFi based music speakers, sound bars, etc..  Larger Sony TV (not the quality of the LG OLED but adequate).  Sonos sound bar below the TV.  Two small music speakers just behind sofa on the left and right, and one stupidly expensive subwoofer.  Sound is extraordinary for movies and newer shows on Netflix, etc..  No wires anywhere, all controlled over WiFi via your cell phone (pain in the derriere to set up and configure).  The rear channel can really make a difference, especially action movies but many others too.

Amazing for music, integrates with most streaming services.  Added two small music speakers in the master and my office upstairs.  Can play the same music upstairs or three independent channels.  Sonos is pricey.  I hear there are more affordable systems now.


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