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  1. I'm curious, is there an advantage to that route, or are u adding the train to the journey for personal reasons?
  2. My goodness, you really don't value your life? Right now most of us wouldn't get on that plane if they gave free tickets, installed a bar and had unlimited free massages.
  3. I'll be waiting for your input. A major problem with forums, are people claiming to be experts posting incorrect and misleading information. In these times, knowing how to handle delays and cancellations effectively is very useful information to the uninformed.
  4. I lived with a girl who worked on a farm. She always smelt of shit. If she returned home while I was eating, the smell was revolting. Terrible, terrible memories............
  5. I had the 5 speaker system. It was useless except for DVD's and the wiring for the rear speakers is a hassle to hide. Don't waste your money if you can get 2 speakers for stereo sound. Add a subwoofer if you wanna piss off your neighbors. But seriously, how much extra base do you need? The sound bar is a good idea. The price will probably be cheaper than an amp/speaker set up also, but will also be a trade off in sound quality. Best luck with your choice.
  6. Why so grim everyone...any ban will be lifted soon
  7. I usually don't have much confidence in businesses, but this is one that will continue to thrive after Covid. I usually walk by it, but I'll make a point of popping in there for supper when it reopens. p.s. an earlier post was the funniest shit I'd read in ages.555555
  8. I just looked at airBnB. The prices are crazy low.
  9. I'll be back as soon as this pandemic is over. You only live once! Or maybe slightly shorter, if the vaccine doesn't work.
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