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I have the Plant or Tree shown below I don’t know it’s name I suppose it’s a kind of Palm and I see them around I think somehow they are Chinese origin and some story about good luck you see them outside a lot of companies. Anyway my quandary is how to look after it we had it 3 or 4 years. Periodically new Palms shoot and a couple of times almost immediately insects attack them often killing the Palm. 

Does anyone know if you can cut the old Palms off or just let them die and drop off ?

What kind of spray would be best to treat it with to stop the insects without hurting the tree ?

Thanks in advance I’m sure in Pattaya we must have some international horticultural experts we have almost everything else ?


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Beautiful tree. The Condo complex where i live has several Rai attended to by Noongnuch Gardens and another company. They remove the dead limbs with long shears. Im sure they can advise the spray though i have not seen them using it.  Its Saturday so they are not on site but will have my GF ask them.  Broughton , any pictures of the rest of your land?

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Land it’s my balcony here in Pattaya. The problem is I like the odd plant but the wife has turned it into a mini garden.

The last 6 pictures are our land in Udon which I have built a house on now for my wife and kid basically for if or when I move on to the other side ? 









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