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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I’m looking for worldwide,annual .
  2. Anyone got any tips on reasonable holiday insurance ? Since I turned 66 years old the price has trebled . Im looking for annual insurance, to cover me for 60 days . I have no pre-existing medical conditions. I dont require cover for USA or Caribbean. Last year I paid £61:00 , this year Im getting quotes for around £195:00 . Sorry If Im posting in the wrong place admin , feel free to move .
  3. Looks like Etihad airways have put out lots of cheap flights to Thailand.
  4. he has stayed at Chaba hut many times , booked direct via email, never paid up-front , booked 3 months before he travelled.
  5. The very same thing happened to a friend of mine at the "Chaba hut ". He had booked in for early june this year at a agreed price of 21,000 baht for 30 days . Seven days before he travelled he got a email from chaba hut to say the price he would have to pay is now 23,000 baht.
  6. I just did a international transfer from my nationwide bank in the UK (swift transfer ) the cost £20:00 pounds the same cost for any amount you send , to my bank in Thailand ( Kasikorn ). It took less than 24 hours to appear in my Thai account . The rate was 50,50 baht to the pound , good service I think .All done online I might add . It saves having to carry a lot of cash on you . Good service I think .
  7. I witnessed the jet sky scam in full operation this may .
  8. Just witnessed the jet ski scam this afternoon in pattaya bay , 5 big lads bodybuilding types, just finished their jet ski rides , and a bunch of Thai guys demanding money for the suppose damage to the front of one of them . Two Thai police came on motorbikes to add to the Thai numbers , they were asked to pay 45,000 baht for the supposed damage ! Didn't hang around to see the outcome, be careful out there.
  9. surry


    The dates are 4th nov to 3 dec 2014
  10. I've just booked a Etihad flight for a friend £458:00 Manchester (uk) to Bangkok good stopover times in Abu Dhabi , booked on Etihad's own site , I booked 6 month's ago (same flight)cost me £50:00 more ! Looks like some cheap flights available now .
  11. Update , Re- credit card show at the airport, Severn was right , looks like if you book direct with a airline they can ask you to show the card you booked the flight with if you book though a booking agent you do not I just had it confirmed with netflights via travelsupermarket.com . will update again when everything booked. Steve
  12. Jacko is massic travel on second road just past pattaya klang on the right traveling north ? if it is that's the one she usually goes too
  13. My thai girlfriend will be visiting me in june , the first time she came to the uk was in 2012 she booked a flight from a travel agent in pattaya the cost about 50,000 baht eva air (return). Looking at the price of flights for june , eva air is coming in at about 60,000 baht ish (return) .I always book my flights online for the best price ,British Airways price 36,000 baht £675:00 ish as my girl doesn't have a credit card she cannot book online. My question is can I book the flight for her online and then email her all the paper work eticket conformation ect it will work out a lot che
  14. I use Etihad for my flights to Thailand ,and I am now a gold member on their loyalty program .It's far the best airline I have ever travelled on . On a return trip home to Manchester I fell ill on the flight home ,the airline staff looked after me like a king , I cannot fault this airline , and I have used many airlines . Steve
  15. Just round the corner from me and I never tried it !
  16. Don't forget to say hello to our group , Jerrol, Scott , Kevin , Bobby , Mick , and Steve. Many BM staying there this trip !
  17. I have a Thai bank a/c easy to do with Kasikorn bank , I transfer money over before my trip,no charge to withdraw cash at atm and a very safe way to do it. I take a couple of credit cards as back up , and some cash as well.
  18. Yea I used the ferry in april , (two trips to koh larn ) No tickets issued on boarding , just give your cash to some women at the side of the boat , what amazed me is they didn't keep to their timetable schedule , the boat left Koh Larn 20 mins early with many people running to catch it and shouting , the boat people didn't seem bothered ( the boat wasn't full ) the last boat from the island filled to the rafters an accident waiting to happen . !
  19. They have now changed the name of it , now called "Scotties "
  20. I booked a Etihad flight ( stopover in Abu Dhabi ) 17 weeks before I travel for £615:00 Manchester to Bangkok. I checked the price on the 4th of October it had come down to £534:86 , 7 weeks before I travel . I checked again on the 17th October it had come down to £519:86 I usually don't leave it to late to book as the price goes up ! . Don't seem to be able to get this right. Steve
  21. Does anyone know if the "world of sports" restaurant in Naklua has moved to soi Buakoa ? I remember the last time I was in town there was a sign in the restaurant , saying they were moving soon to soi Buakoa . Would be handy for me if it has , as I am staying in that part of town. Always good food in there plus several tv screen's showing sports.
  22. My girlfriend worked for a while at Discovery beach hotel , I've had a look round it looks a very nice hotel ,with a lovely pool I've never stayed there though , I agree about the sabai group the beds could be more comfortable.
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