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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I've also flown Merpati from Lombok to Denpasar. 20 minute flight, seemed quite professionally run. And Siem Reap Airways is run operationally as a transparent part of Bangkok Airways , which I've always regarded as an excellent (if often over-priced carrier). Those are 2 carriers I am surely surprised to see on the list. One-to-Go belongs on the list. They crashed a flight between BKK and Phuket a couple of years ago, due to pilot error, and they run really old planes that other airlines have retired from service.
  2. Siem Reap Airways is a subsidiary of Bangkok Airways, and in fact, most of the Bangkok to Siem Reap flights are actually technically this carrier's flights.
  3. IMHO, the Sabai Inn is the best value in Pattaya. Much nicer rooms than the cheap rooms at Sabai Lodge. Location right near the Big C mall is very practical.
  4. I also like the CitiChic, but for purely mongering purposes, the Majestic Suites is a better value because it's around 900 baht/nt cheaper, and located at ground zero. But the rooms are MUCH bigger and also nicer at the CitiChic. I might also add, in addition to the "Big 3" of the JW Marriott, Westin, and Sheraton Grande, The Plaza Athenee is also a great choice, and it's located around 100 meters from the Ploenchit BTS station on Wireless Road. It's actually my preferred choice among upscale full service hotels, if I want to be slightly removed from the action around NEP and Soi Cowboy
  5. Personally, I felt that SalaThai was the best Thai restaurant in the area. Fatties is also good, on 2nd road just off of Soi 2.
  6. Majestic Suites is definitely the best in that price range, but you'd better book early, as the place is getting too popular. I was unable to get it for this 2nd week in December because my time in Bangkok did not firm up until a few weeks ago, and it was already fully booked. In general, hotel rates have been rising fast in Bangkok, and the places one-two notches up from the Majestic Suites, that I used to get for $60-70 US (30-35 pounds) are now all between $85 & $100. If you can't get the Majestic Suites, and your 25-pound price point is firm, the best alternative choices IMHO
  7. Sabai Inn is also my first choice for good value in Patts. Nice large rooms with everything you need, for a great price, and no problem using the pools at Sabai Lodge across the street. IMHO, the rooms at Sabai Inn are much better than the similar cost rooms at Sabai Lodge. I'll be back there for the week of Dec. 12-18.
  8. I'm not nearly as enthusiastic about the Dynasty Grande now that they have upped their rates to 2680/nt for the smaller rooms in the back building, and 2880/nt for the front building. That's a pretty steep increase over 2280/nt for either, considering that it still does not include breakfast. But it looks like everyone in Bangkok has been raising their rates this December. Anyone know anything about the new CitiChic Hotel on Soi 13? It looks great on their website, and it's owned and run by the same folks who own the Majestic Suites and Majestic Grande. http://www.citichichotel.co
  9. Except that it's really a 3.5* at 2* prices. Not that there's anything wrong with that at all - in fact, I quite like the place and consider it to be a better value than the Majestic Grande. If you really want to know what a 5* hotel is like, and still want to be close to the action, I suggest the JW Marriott, Plaza Athenee, Conrad, or Sheraton Grande.
  10. Well, some of us don't want to stay in a hoel when travelling. Especially in Cambodia, where lots of hoels have unexploded ordinance or landmines in them.
  11. Cathay Pacific was running a fare sale all during the month of May, for $734 + tax round trip from SFO or LAX to Bangkok, good from September through Mid December. With taxes and fees, it came to $818. I booked my September trip on that special last month. But the deal is over. In any case, check the airlines' own websites, not the sites like Expedia. You should be able to get < $1100 fares, maybe under $1000, on EVA and China Airlines
  12. Well thank goodness that the price of the songtows has not risen 5 baht. I would have cancelled my trip in September.
  13. I've found that Anand at the Majestic Suites ALWAYS replies to my e-mails, but those are e-mails about reserving a room, NOT generic e-mails asking about policies. FYI, both the Majestic Suites and Dynasty Grande are certainly guest friendly. At Majestic Suites they will take your lady friend's ID, all of the time, whereas the Dynasty Grande is hit or miss about doing so. Both places also have in-room safes so your valuables will be safe if you fall asleep in the presence of a dishonest lady. IMHO these are two of the better values among places in Bangkok for the hobby. If you are look
  14. The Cathay $734 deal comes out to $818 complete with taxes from L.A. I booked my trip for September.
  15. I personally like to spend a bit more for the Dynasty Grande, because the rooms are much nicer and there is a good swimming pool. But on a tight budget, the Majestic Suites is hard to top.
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