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  1. Seen and used it before started at the time that volcano erupted in Iceland ? when a lot of flights heading to the east were disrupted.
  2. Come across a similar incident in a bank in Bangkok where they refused my GBP notes because some had writing as in someone had been counting notes and make a total figure on it. Anyway 4 of the notes were not accepted and they gave me exchange notes for the others and handed me some tatty thai bhat notes so after I received them I went through them at a slow rate and handed back several and I told them it works both ways! Satisfied me but probably annoyed a few thais waiting in a queue!
  3. It was coming in around £530 but I just decided to snap at the Etihad with the air miles as quite often another thing they do is in my opinion restrict the air mile seat tickets in economy and try get you to hand over more air miles for the same seat you need to look at and examine the Etihad site to get the real gist of what I am saying if you can be bothered. I look into it too much but hell I paid to get the air miles and wanted the best usage which is getting harder to do with those people. I really don't care now about gathering air miles to be able to site in a lounge the Al reem which s
  4. Well lads done it this morning ended up flying with Etihad again but there's a reason, that's flight duration times stop overs etc and of course price and finally to use up air miles. I ended up paying 399 euros plus almost 33000 miles. So going to enjoy Feb!
  5. Ok I think the best place for you to start is Soi Bukahow or soi Leng kee and stay at probably J P Court for your first trip ist handy to food laundry and entertainment. Agoda and look for deals if you want less hassle of walking around in the heat. Ok lets move back to your trip start at the airport if you want to keep the costs down get the Ruan bus from the floor below arrivals it will cost you single journey from the airport to Pattaya Klang 130 bht appx 2nd stop where you then get a bhat bus or motorbike taxi to your hotel cost you between 80-100 bht. So you have spent 230 bht appx as op
  6. I am a light traveller so never was over or near my limit in fact I could probably get away with my bag as cabin but its the hassle of dragging it around the airport that puts me off. I usually have at the most 15 kgs! The way I look at it I have the clothes down to what I need and I get my laundry done at least every other day as its so cheap. Also if I need something I can always buy it there. I also toyed with the idea of doing a week in Angeles as its been a couple of years since I have been there but with with flights so expensive there now and also the taxi fare £40 each way from Manila
  7. Thanks to you all lads I had been a fan of Etihad and managed to achieve gold status but now due to their restructuring and cheap skating its not possible to do it or be satisfied with what you get for the extra cost hence the change to go with others. I still have a few thousand air miles with them expiring towards the end of the year but may take vouchers to spend elsewhere. Etihad service has gone down hill badly even staff will admit it! I have flown with KLM and was impressed especially with the service and food but not with schipol who delayed us 2 hrs on homeward journey but not to worr
  8. 2 things influenced me was the price and the timings including stopovers. The main middle east airlines seem to be pushing the 30 hr flights etc at what they call cheap rates but who wants to wait between 5 an 10 hrs in an airport. I am aware of the mh470 blah blah but well if that's the way you are destined to go so beit! The kl bkk leg does not bother me as its short and it will be an all in one booking so hopefully I will be sure of a seat. I stopped over once in kl when heading to Angeles and what a boring place.
  9. Looking at flights to Bkk as reasonable as possible as soon as possible Feb? saw the Dublin lhr kul to bkk anyone ever use it what's it like? Its seems they use the A380 from Lhr to Kul.
  10. Simple take the advice re the small currency its because quite often you will get you change in riel and you need a Filipino trike to carry it after a night on the town! Last time I was the the going rate for a stunner from Martinis was 30/40 $ Also do visit the killing fields etc very worth while although very sad.
  11. I had a couple of Thai girls do that one I asked what she was doing and she told me she was praying to the Buddha! So I assumed they were not muslim but I know one was always recognising the statues when we passed.
  12. Travelled back from Bkk to Dub via Schipol and it was the first time I had been there in years. Its still a boring place I suppose most airports are but its a long walk I remember also my flight was 1 hour late boarding. This is the bit I picked up on there was numerous announcements about flight delays that was in may past this year!
  13. Had several from Tuk the only one I still have is a 7" copy which I don't use so much as its slow and just shit really. As for the 10" copy Samsung well the screens on those are so easily broken and the software is not so good. I now have a proper genuine Samsung 4 10" and there is no comparison my advice would be is to buy a second hand genuine Samsung 23 or the gen and it will that fair bit cheaper and you will have something you can depend on.
  14. After many years flying with Etihad and getting up to gold membership and now silver I have called it a day with them due to several reasons like their restructure of the air miles awarding it now follows right through into what ticket you buy i.e. economy premium economy business class etc etc in most cases the economy is effected in that you only gain 25% air miles and they have also reduced the amount of air miles awarded overall. They are cutting back something shocking and the service is falling as well. When travelling with them I would have booked with them in preference over Emirates Q
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