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  1. youve got a real hard on for me you prick , havent you . why cant you see i dont give a fuck about you , your book shop , your cafe or you basic accomodation . i dont buy books , i eat better than you can provide and i wouldnt stay in your place if it was the only place safe from a nuclear holocost . so whats your fucking problem london boy ? fancy yourself as a cockney wideboy do you ? the day i need be jealous of you is the day i pack my bags and fuck off out of pattaya . so get off my back arsehole .
  2. just goes to show how shallow your thinking really is . you should know by now i say what i think and need no one to say anything for me . im not a fan of dave from canterbury tales that much is true and ive said as much , but not on this threasd until now and not for some time . why you and your arselickers go out of your way to link me to someone exposing canterbury tales yet again bigging their own place up on yet another forum , is beyond me . i couldnt give a monkeys about the place nor the guy , he gets no business or income from me and he is not a competitor to me for cu
  3. the stadium in chonburi is approximately 1 hour from pattaya . its not really suitable for a baht bus journey though it could be done but im sure it would be relatively expensive . admission to the games is a paltry 60 b and you simply pay at the stadium . you will have no problem getting in .
  4. makes no difference , if its the establishment or myself . still not behaviour that should be rewarded by a discount or special offer .
  5. not a chance . the rockhouse is not well received on here and no way would i offer a discount to members of talk . members of live , secrets , siam life , thai chatter , even addicts will all be given seasonal discounts and promotional discounts , but not pattaya talk . pattaya talk unfortunately , dont deserve a discount or special offer package because its not a pleasant enviornment to post in , and the few fuck things up for the many on here .
  6. mate , your barking up the wrong tree . sounds to me like you got fucked over by an insider in your hotel while you were out . these safes are not easy to open and i cant see any gogo girl being able to do so quickly and quietly enough while you were in the room . also why didnt you find the 100,000 b and saved work on her . why do your hotel say there are no tapes . what however has her actions , should she turn out to be guilty , have to do with her bar , the bar owner and her mamasan . all they can do is give you positive identification but you already have that .
  7. steven i see no need to repeat myself 3 times . ive given you my answer , and thats that .
  8. steven , its not that i cant , i just dont see the point . i ll say it again , im not interested in fighting and argueing with you . so im hardly going to go searching for posts , am i . you want to post to me in a civil manner you ll get a civil answer , same as applies to everyone else . post to me uncivil and you ll get it back in spades , just like everyone else . thats simple too , isnt it ?
  9. bullshit ? i ll stand by every single word of it steven . you dont seem to like it when i give it back to you . so if you dont want it back , dont dish it out . simple .
  10. if i am paranoid then you are delusional in equal measures if you think im wanting to beat you up . but no , you know i dont want to beat you up , but it fits your agenda to try and effect my business which is why you say it on a pattaya forum . dont worry steven , i seldom post on this forum , i dont look for customers on this forum and i see all that is written about me on this forum , at least 95 % of it bullshit , so i have plenty of reason to be paranoid . whats your reason for being delusional steven ?
  11. just leave it there then steven , its best for everyone concerned . im not interested in fighting with you or argueing with you , so if you stop acting like a snidey prick on forums i ll have no need to reply to you .
  12. see there you go again , saying things that arent true . you have been acting like a snidey prick , so its clearly you im referring to . quote anything ive ever said about you or posted about you that was a lie or bullshit . the facility is here and you can show me up if im supposed to be lying . problem with guys like you is you poke to get a reaction and then dont like the reaction you get . yes steven youve been a customer in my bar many times over the years , yes steven youve even stayed in our rooms , yes steven you gave me access to forums that i was banned from .
  13. im the owner steven and i dont want to beat you up , so why try to portray it ? you go around the forums just like nus01 does attacking me and my business or my opinions . what i said to you was if you dislike me so much , dont be a snidey prick on forums , just ask me for a square go and i ll oblige . were do you see that as a threat or even any indication that i would beat you up ? i then went on to post that i dont take liberties anyway , so forget it . but you act like a prick , try to fuck over my business , try to make a cunt of me and think i shouldnt respond ? t
  14. sob sob sob . the guy removed me from pattaya-live because i post like a knob . so i ll do whatever i can to get under his skin on other forums . well , just do it knob because i couldnt give a shit . never met you , never had any interaction with you other than reply to your abusive posts , and dont want to meet you or have any interaction with you , so why dont you stop stalking me on here and on secrets . no matter who asks you to try my bar , please dont come . my bar is frequented by decent people and i dont want you or anybody of your ilk contaminating it . you le
  15. over rated compared to what mate ? bigger , nicer and better rooms than any of the others youve mentioned . over rated compared to l.k. metropole or siam baybreeze or the marriot perhaps , but then we do only charge about 25 % of their prices .
  16. i think your making a classic mistake of thinking anyone cares who brings who to the rooms of any given place . ive been here long enough to know , nobody cares who takes who or to were . ive seen it all and dont give even a second look these days . after all most people in pattaya are doing exactly the same as you are .
  17. anybody ever banned from pattaya-live have fully deserved to be banned . you get banned on pattaya-live for exactly the same reasons as youd get banned on pattaya talk , secrets , addicts or any other forum . i seem to have missed the part were people stopped visiting the rockhouse as its never been busier , but if you imagine it isnt , then in your world it isnt , i ll accept that . you also seem to think for some reason im supposed to accept abuse and or physical force and just stand there and take it , never going to happen . im usually a very easy going person , but i dont
  18. let me get this straight . you occassionally posted and occassionally read the forum . were exactly does this make you a customer of mine ? members of my forum are not seen as customers , they are seen as forum members . its participation and getting yourself involved in pattaya-live that gets you access to trusted areas , not because your a long term user of another forum . i do not recall ever receiving any message from you in any form of media , because if i had youd have got a reply . however it doesnt get away from the fact that as an occassional poster and reader and
  19. live will be around for as long as the mods moderate and the posters post . its lack of moderation and lack of new posts recently that has turned me away from it . lets be honest here , if the mods were online and posting and all of you that have posted on here and on other forums about this subject , posted on live , then we wouldnt be having this discussion . im very busy , im most days 16 or 17 hours out of my house , im not around often enough to run the forum on my own , so it will be returning to off in the future when i cant be online and there is no mods around . i apol
  20. dont be silly , nobody that comes to pattaya reads this forum .
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