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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Agreed. Even in aircon breathing is .... maybe not difficult, but noticeably more difficult with a mask on. Its doable, especially in public and its totally needed in these times, but lying about it helps nobody. I use washable and re-usable masks tho... so I do not bin them. Just put them in the wash with everything else. Not as good as a N95 maybe, but a lot cheaper and almost as good - at least for here in Thailand where covid is suppressed for the time being. But ya, once you sneeze in to it, there is no more wearing that one lol. Nasty. lol.
  2. Not excusing the behavior by any means as it is very rude at the least... but he might have severe allergies. I have really fucked up allergies, and on bad days wearing a mask is like torture, especially if sneezing. And sneezing in to the mask would pretty much ruin it. Again, not excusing him - he should have just sneezed in to the mask and then put on a new one - thats what I do. But you can only carry so many of the damn things.
  3. I tried editing this so that the video would show instead of the link, but apparently IPB doesn't like that link. But it is a good and safe link, so I'll just leave it. Welcome to the board Manmohan. You might want to follow the directions for verifying your account by clicking on the menu item above and following those directions so that your posts are not moderated. Frosty
  4. Ok guys, This change has been made and completed... there was a good 12 hour window where emails were not going out. I am not going to have the system re-send those emails since almost all of them were just new post notifications. Looking back thru the logs, it appears that about half of the emails our system was trying to send out were blocked because we were over the limit of that other service... so we should see a much better result now being on our own server. If anyone sees any email related issues from here out, please let me know. Frosty
  5. Ok guys, So since the board has been upgraded I have been using a 3rd party email service called SendGrid. Its free, but its limited to 100 emails per day... and while I don't fully understand their limits since it has let us go up to 120% sometimes and sometimes it doesn't... its been a bit of a pain overall because we go over 100 emails 9 days out of 10, resulting in many emails not going out - including "forgot password" and other important emails. The underlying issue is that email is very complicated to set up properly, and I am not a linux expert... e.g. I was not confident enough in my linux skills to properly set email up to make sure all the different gotchas are covered. That all changed about a year back when I took over control of a hosting company from another pattaya expat that passed away. Those server were also linux, and since taking that business over I have had to learn all the things I didn't know before... so while im still far from an expert, I have been able to get things sorted out where I feel comfortable with it. Sooooooo I just switched us over from using a non-exiting "admin@pattayatalk" email via sendgrid to a real "forums@pattayatalk" email running on a different server, but still in my rack... that way if email starts getting hammered it won't slow down the forums. So we are now up on that and all limits have been removed... so feel free to subscribe to whatever threads you want from here on 🙂 It will be 24 hours before I know for sure its working... but the tests have passed, so it looks good. Frosty
  6. Hi guys. Just a quick note to let you know that there will be some changes to the board email notifications system coming in the next 48 hours and that starting tomorrow your thread notifications may be missing or delayed for up to 24 hours. Hopefully just a matter of minutes but it may be longer. I'll post a longer explanation of what I did and why tomorrow. Frosty Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  7. Hi Guys, So earlier today I took the server down for normal maintenance (installing updates) as I do once every 3 months. Since my last update in November (ya ya ya I know, but come on... things have been fucked up. So I'm a little late!), one of this servers 2 power supplies has stopped communicating with my control suite. That probably means that the power supply has failed. I have redundant everything on my servers, so it didn't just die... but that power supply will need to be replaced, which unfortunately cannot be done while the server is turned on. I have asked my data center to secure the needed parts and schedule the downtime with me to perform the install... as soon as I know a date and time I will let you guys know. Likely to be a 1 hour downtime as I am going to have a couple other things replaced at the same time. When I have the time and date I will change the title of this post and pin it.
  8. Server is back up and running. Sorry about that guys.
  9. HI Guys, I am about to reboot the server hosting this website. Sorry I did not give more notice... I am doing my bi-yearly maintenance and didn't notice this was the server housing Ptalk. Its ready for the reboot now, so im afraid most of you won't see this message until after the server is back up from its downtime. I expect downtime to be less than 30 minutes, but more likely just 5-10.
  10. Hi Guys, A comment was made by Teelak earlier today about the state of the board and the number of COVID and Political posts going up on it right now. This is a really hard topic to police in any real way for a couple reasons - first because COVID is a very important subject and has a very huge impact on all of our lives and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Its a health matter, and a science matter... and in a perfect world it would NOT be a political matter. But it has been hijacked by politicians around the world and made in to a political matter. I will not be banning COVID related posts or removing them to purgatory because the subject is of such importance to the entire world right now - but going forward we are going to have a strict no politics rule on all posts outside of the politics section of the forums, including the COVID threads. This is going to be super-hard to moderate because there is so much misinformation out there which is politically motivated. We will err on the side of science. Meaning that if a post contains content that is being used by a politician or group of politicians to try to steer conversation in a particular direction, then its political be it true or not. For example: hydroxychloroquine. No matter which side of that fence you sit on, that entire subject is too highly politicized to have a place in COVID discussions outside of the political forums. So are any other drugs (if any) that are touted by politicians. Those subjects are now taboo outside of the politics section, even if there are studies backing their use. If politics are involved, it does not belong on the open forum, period. Threads that are political in nature (such as topics regarding hydroxychloroquine) will be moved to the politics section. If a post is made in a non-political thread about things that are political in nature the post will be hidden/removed. If the poster keeps posting stuff like that they will receive a warning, and eventually be banished to the purgatory section where they can post that crap to their heart's content. Political jabs are also hereby forbidden from outside the politics section. Even veiled ones. No comments about how this or that politician or group are better/wiser/stupider etc. If you really want to play those games, do it in the politics section. I will leave it up to the mods as to the removal/moving of threads that already exist, or the posts inside those threads. If they are overly acidic, move them. If not, then not. But new threads going forward will be handled with the above ideas in mind. This "rule" will not be posted to the board rules page, at least for now. We will relax it again after the November elections when things quiet down and there is a little less hatred being spread around (we can only hope). Until then lets consider it a temporary rule brought on by the times.
  11. On it. Give me 10 minutes. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  12. Awesome. Thought as much. Thanks. This topic can be ignored 🙂
  13. Jacko can you do me a favor? Click on the little lock up on the address bar, then click on Certificate and then tell me what it says for VALID FROM... looking for the second date. It should be May 28... but I strongly suspect my antivirus is hijacking the certificate and showing a cached copy.
  14. Just warning you guys... it appears as if the new SSL certificate I just installed may not be working. Problem is... it should be. And I do not fully understand why its showing an expiration date of tomorrow, since the files that do expire tomorrow were deleted as part of the install process, and the server has even been rebooted since then... so I am hoping that it cycles over once the expiration hits? if not, it will go down temporarily until I can fix it. If that just happens to happen ~12 hours from now, the downtime may be a few hours. I will be at a concert and inaccessible. I think we have more time than that... and I will continue looking at it for the next hour or so, but wanted to post a warning just in case.
  15. Good idea, but did not work. Killed my cookies, relogged in and its still broken for me. Waiting for word from support.
  16. I did do a forum update a little over 24 hours ago. That may have done it. Ill look at the reports on the forums support site and see what peeps are saying.
  17. Glad thats fixed... now I just have to fix the underlying problem. That upgrade group is people that are supposed to be moving from Member to Participant. But for some reason their permissions are not the same as Member. Ill see if I can fix that today at least.
  18. Well... it turns out your jest was on point. You have... erm.. had... no heart. And by heart I mean group. Fixing it now. Should be fixed by the time you read this... assuming the 3 or 4 tons of new years celebration juice still running thru my system doesn't throw an extra ass in where the heart should be.
  19. mouse over the heart right over there ----------------------------------->>>
  20. ok, funny story here. So... I got a notice about 12 hours ago that my SSL for ptalk was going to expire "in 1 day". I immediately posted that last post... thinking to myself "damn, if I had done x when I set this server up, this damn SSL would be handled automatically when needed". So I thought... fuck it, lets do this one manual-like and then fix the problem going forward. That way I don't stupidly let it expire before remembering to renew it hurriedly after a really wonderful mod sends you a SMS while your sleeping. Ill just leave it at that and file it under "DOH!"... and go back to sleep. 🙂
  21. Hi guys, So... taking control of this site and the associated server was quite the learning experience, as many of you remember. I know much more about how it all works and more importantly what it needs to do that work than I did when I first set this server up. The result of that is that the server itself - the hardware and core operating system - are not very well optimized for running this forum software. On top of that, there is a pretty large update available for the forums that I need to upload. So... I have decided to try to upgrade the hardware at the same time. The bad part of that is there may well be as much as a hour of downtime when I do the move. There will not be any DNS issues since it will still have the same IP address, but with new hardware and new OS come new potential problems to solve, so... we will see. I will update this post when I start the process, and when its done.
  22. ok, there were a shitload of updates... all done and server rebooted. Hopefully that helps.
  23. Been a long while since I did updates and a server reboot. I will do that now. Wont take long.
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