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  1. UPDATE: Tapatalk has now been fixed and should be working properly.
  2. First kinda major issue has arisen. Tapatalk is not working. I have identified the problem, but its not one I can fix. I have opened a support ticket from tapatalk and anticipate a speedy solution.
  3. After the background process complete I will figure out how to turn all that on. To be honest I don't want to mess with any non-critical change at all while they are ongoing.
  4. Thanks for posting. Seeing a whole lot of IP activity but nobody posting was making me nervous lol. I can't tell how many of the 20+ "online users" are google bots. Most are guests. But if you can log in and post, then I think its safe to say its working :)
  5. One more update: EMAIL will not be working today. I know that its not working, and I am purposely not fixing it yet. I will do that either later today or tomorrow.
  6. Hi Guys, The upgrade process has been successful. It was started at 3am Thai time, and it is now 6:13am as I write this. The forum is up and seems to be working fine, and as soon as I submit this post (and assuming it works - this is the last test), I will be redirecting all old traffic to this new forum post, so you will see it first if you are visiting from the old URL. So, first off. The new URL. I have changed the forums URL to https://forums.pattayatalk.com (it used to be pattayatalk.com/forums). This change comes with some drawbacks, mostly involving google and content alrea
  7. I would be all for that. Will take it up after the upgrade. Doing the initial file transfer now. Once its done, I will have to shut down this website and do it again, updating only changed files (one of the steps I am doing to speed up the transfer process, since doing a full file transfer takes almost 3 hours). I expect this site to go down in a hour or less. Hopefully we will be back up before the sun :)
  8. Good points all. I do not know what Pete's original intention was, but considering the nature of the forums I strongly suspect it was not intended to portray talking. in any case, for the immediate time being its what we have to work with, until I pay another designer to give it another go. I am terrible with graphic design. give me a good coding issue and I can fix it no problem... but I'm, afraid my stick figures are not recognizable as stick figures when it comes to drawing of any kind lol. I am prepping the servers for the upgrade now. I plan to start it in the next couple hours.
  9. i can ask... but I can't just use one from a google search. Thats illegal :) Most likely the one the guy I hired used is illegal too, but purchasing it from him gives me legal cover lol.
  10. Ok, now we're getting somewhere. Can't decide which looks better on the site tho. The colored one may be "too much"... but the white one makes the mouth look over-colored. Thoughts anyone? The white background one will look like this (had to screenshot it from the test forum, since this page has a white background and you cant see it here)
  11. Another note to self: When hiring a random barely-english-speaking guy from fiverr.com to redo your logo, make sure you are very explicit with what you want. Sent him our current logo. Told him to make it almost exactly the same, just updated to be more modern and with a color scheme to fit the new forums, and I provided him a link to the test forums to see the colors there. The test forums were at ptalk.servingtulsa.com (which is now down, obviously). Here is the logo I got back lol. Lets hope round 2 goes better. Asked him to add shading and perhaps change the colors a bit. Its too... w
  12. The time is come... Pattayatalk is getting a facelift. Or maybe beer goggles. Or both. I will be taking the current site down at some point on Saturday Dec 15 (no set time - just after I wake up), and I will be doing the upgrade to the latest forum software. I expect the downtime to be less than 6 hours, and with any luck only about 2-3. If any unexpected issues arise during the transition, I will cancel the upgrade and re-activate this website. After the upgrade, the URL for the forums will change slightly, but going to either www.pattayatalk.com or www.pattayatalk.com/forums w
  13. Yes, very easy. I suggest you complete the registration process and become a standard member of the forum. You will see much more content, including stuff you will want to know before moving here.
  14. Ok guys. Todays update went much better and faster than the others, mostly because I am pre-empting all the errors now with a script that I run before and during the transfer process that kills the errors at the root. Total time for this latest upgrade was only 3.5 hours. Not bad considering the file transfer alone takes almost 2 hours. Now the fun part. I need some of you to try to break it. I am going to make a post in the secure section (this is in the open section) with the URL for the test site. What want from you guys is to take a look, make a test post. Look shit up. Try t
  15. Hmm. Good ideas. New forum title? Lets revisit that idea once I get us moved. And on that note, I am in the middle right now of the last test-transfer. I know I have done a lot of these, but each time I have found new issues... so ill continue to do them until all of the issues are solved during the process (and not discovered for the first time). With any luck this one will do the trick, and if so I will leave the test site up tomorrow for the mods to play with for a day or 3, then do the move for real. ITs very close now... I suspect all issues will be fixed by my scripts this run. I ho
  16. Likely lack of testing. I've spent well over 100 hours on this already... And I am pretty good with this kind of stuff. I can only imagine how someone without a 30+ year history in IT would handle it. I am trying to make sure i preempt most if not all of the issues that will come up so that hopefully there won't be any lol. As far as hardware goes that won't be an issue. The server it's on is empty and has way more resources than any single website could ever use. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  17. Its never quite that simple is it? Support was stopped on this version almost 2 years ago, and there are 32 known script attacks that this version is open to. 12 of those have been noted in US-CERT notifications. Furthermore, we have had almost 1000 fake registrations per week over the last several months. My own scripts are killing most, but not all, of those. Its just a matter of time before someone successfully kills our site with one of the script attacks, and then we will all wish I had updated it. On top of all that, the server this is on right now is not set up properly. Martin
  18. once we get moved, absolutely. When we first switch over, we will be on a stock template. No customization at all, but with the same forums and sections you can see today. After the move, I am open to any changes that make sense. Will also be buying an SSL certificate which is something martin never had. that will allow people who chose to the ability to log in via facebook, google, etc. I will also be trying to find a global chat app of some sort that will let us have a live chat feature for anyone who is online. That will happen fairly quickly after the move. Also ill be
  19. Once I get the website moved to the new server (that is part of the upgrade process), there will be a new website going up that will include something for Martin. The current landing page at www.pattayatalk.com is way out of date, but a technical issue is stopping me from updating it where it is right now... another of the reasons we need this update :)
  20. That's exactly why I have taken so long to do it. Its not critical... but it is needed. While the site is working, it has a lot of security holes, and the newer versions are quite nice... and we pay for it, so we should be running it! (yes, I pay them every 6 months, like Martin did before). More on the update. I am fine-tuning the process now, but it appears that I will be hard-pressed to do the full upgrade in less than 6 hours. I started another test run today at about 1am Thai time. its 7am now, and I think its just about done with the final portion of the upgrade scripts... afte
  21. And another quick update. Spent all day on this for the first time, and with good results. Found all the issues stopping the upgrade (again)... I am happy to report that their latest version actually fixed over half of the issues I had last time! I did send them a report about that when I was going thru it, and it seems they put in some very good fixes, which is great! Unfortunately they missed one huge glaring and stupid issue right from the start. For you developers out there, get this. Their "Get ready for IPB4 test script" did not test to make sure json was enabled on your php installation
  22. As many of you may remember, a while back I took over the forum with a promise to get us upgraded (finally) to the latest IPB software, which offers a range of new options and features. I got a test copy of the board working after a successful upgrade some months ago that we tested a bit and announced ready to go... The only problem being the skin, which I worked on when I had time over the last several months. Well, low and behold in that time another version has been released, making the last obsolete.... and the new version does not like us very much. It seems it thinks we are wor
  23. Ooh, great thread. How did I ever miss this one?
  24. Hi guys, I am eventually going to sticky this thread, but need some info from the group. I want numbers, emails, etc that may be important to a visitor to Pattaya. I will start the list out, but please add to the thread and I will update this original post. Royal Thai Police: 191 Tourist Police: 1155 (cell) Immigration Police: 1178 Highway Police: 1169 General info for Pattaya City (like a city operator): 1337 (then 9 for english) Bangkok Pattaya Hospital: 1719 Fire/Rescue: 199 Pattaya Sea Rescue: 038-488-134
  25. Provided it works correctly, yes you can. But don't count on it always working. It has intermittent technical issues, and is sometimes down for no obvious reason.
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