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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hi Guys, Due to multiple requests I am adding a way for members to donate to the board's server fund. Donations are NOT necessary, and will not grant any additional access whatsoever - this is a free site, and always will be. That said, nothing in life is truly free and the board itself (and its dedicated server) do cost money. I have been paying that fee myself for the last year and more, and Martin paid it for years before that. I will be working on getting some advertising sponsors to defray the costs, but in any case the board is not in any danger of being closed down - I will not
  2. One thing I will be clear on: While we may well add a section only visible to premium members - people who are known personally by multiple other members and bought in that way - I would not be for making that membership dependent on a fee. Whatever solution I come up with, it will not be mandatory and people that do not contribute will always be able to see all the content, provided they qualify for access to that section. I do not want this to become a pay to use site at any level. That was one of Martin's key visions for this site, and I will not change that. At the current time I
  3. Short, Pattayapete started Pattayatalk. He owned FLB Bar before Martin bought it (from him). I would say his motivation is fairly clear.
  4. Hi Guys, As many of you know by now, I have taken over the running of PattayaTalk after Martin's passing last week. What many of you do not know is the story leading up to that, which I will share part of with you now before talking about the future. After FLB closed several years ago, the companies that advertised with PattayaTalk started to dry up, and no attempt by anyone was made to find new sponsors, which essentially meant that Martin began paying the ~$150 per month cost of the server himself. About 2 years ago he approached me asking for options, and I offered to host pattayata
  5. I keep food for a few days, and 5 of the big 5 gallon jugs of water. If you have a house and storage room is not an issue, I strongly advise you to get several of the jugs of water. They replace them as i use them, and that way if the flooding gets as bad as it did a few years back, at least ill have water. There was a good 7-10 days when you couldnt buy just about any canned or bottled drink at all in pattaya. Supply lines from bkk were completely cut off. That was a nasty week.
  6. Ok well, since its also happening to me, and I have now confirmed its only happening to SSL traffic heading outside Thailand, I can tell you it is not a 3BB issue, but a issue with 3BBs supplier, or more likely, with the fiber connection coming in to Thailand. A router could possibly be blocking SSL traffic by accident because of a failure. More likely its a overloaded traffic monitor, but it is possible that its accidental. Connecting to a private SOCK5 SSL Proxy bypasses the issue tho... which further supports my theory that its a traffic sniffer gone rogue. Either way, hope they f
  7. It may not be 3bb. I use AIS Fiber, and gmail is super slow today. So is Cloudfront. It may be any SSL service, or possibly just those outside Thailand. And if its happening to me too, its likely the governments packet sniffing servers that are causing the lag.
  8. No, its not just you. There was a hardware failure on one of the servers hosting the DNS, so there was a brief outage while the hardware was replaced.
  9. My guess is crawlers as well. Looks innocent enough for now... but if traffic gets too heavy I can research it further. Checking the first couple IPs show them as unknowns. Could still be a SEO crawler of some type.
  10. Hi Andy. Long time no see! Answer 1: You are on the right track there. Connect to the UK node you normally use. The BKK node is worthless for your purposes. Answer 2: This one I can't help with. It should work if it uses only the IP to determine location. You may try turning off location services on the tablet and see if that works. Or better yet, download a "fake GPS position" app and set the location to the UK as well and see if that helps. That will send a geodata ping to any requesting service saying you are physically in the UK. That second option is how I get around the pla
  11. A member for 10 years with only 3 posts... You've all but de-registered already.
  12. Mine runs inline with my village water supply (which is supplemented by the city water) but the pump does run moat of the time when water is being used. The tank does work as a backup when the city water is out tho... but it's all automatic here
  13. dont know about TV, but the fucking fan in my room turns on randomly sometimes... or changes from low to high. The remote i have only works if its in the same room or very close to the door... so its something more powerful than the next door neighbors remote doing it.
  14. That cop box is notorious for stopping every falang that stops there, or a goodly number of them anyway. When you dont go over the white line they will just take you anyway. Do exactly what you did... take a photo. Most of the time they will tell you to have a nice day. The vast majority of the falangs just pay up, so its a good business for them.
  15. Go to http://kickass.to Use their search engine instead of google, since google tends to block the vast majority of all torrent links. For me tho, kickass tends to return the best results. They also have a good comment system, so you can read the user comments before downloading. Tends to help weed out the garbage.
  16. Damn Gabor, the girls must really dislike you. I still get quoted 1.5k ST at babydolls and have for some time. And ive never heard larry say anything about ST fees, even if asked. 3-4k? Whoever told you that did not want to go with you, plain and simple. Giving it a good think... I really can't fault the girl.
  17. I had one for over a year... used the heck out of it, and never had a battery issue. I think there is no issue... other than batteries in Thailand do seem to need replacing every year or 2. But thats on almost all bikes, not just the PCX
  18. Works for me: http://www.pattayatalk.com/forums/topic/63710-gogo-bars-on-your-blacklist/page-2
  19. Glasdude007's profile photo is screwed up... making your display screwy. Nothing can be done except by Glassdude himeself.
  20. Was in a few minutes ago... Couldn't get a seat... But not many girls so the booze must be cheap lol.
  21. If Manfred can't hook ya up for whatever reason shoot me a pm. I have a few extra lying around.
  22. Run a malware check. www.malwarebytes.com You have a cookie or toolbar infection thats injecting advertisements in to sites you visit. They are fairly common.
  23. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wordinthehand.thaidict Best thai Dictionary ive ever had... its not a translator exactly, but it is the most handy tool I have when talking to Thai's. Translators are only about 20% accurate when translating from english to Thai... but if you look the words up one at a time, that accuracy approaches 100%, and this app, while not free, is very cheap and very accurate. Gives different examples of each word with intended meaning along with thai translations, and has a real voice (not computerized) to teach you how to speak the Thai equivalent.
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