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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I agree. In a car, assuming he drove a car, it would take more than a hour of driving to get to your place and back if traffic was moderate. If heavy, it could take longer. Can't fault him for that, especially if he was having a busy day.
  2. Agreed. I dont know of a single instance where he has changed what someone said, with the exception of fixing links, etc. I guess I could imagine a couple cases where he *would* and rightfully, but I dont think they have happened here.
  3. I use one thats on Naklua road just past the Windmill plaza.. forget the name, but its a big place and sign says they have XRAY (one of the only clinics I know of that has their own Xray machine). The Doc is very good... good english, and very knowledgeable. Have gone there a dozen times in the last 5 years... usually between 200-500 baht (including medicine), and even when I needed 3 shots it was only 600 baht. Very reasonable, and always professional.
  4. Its secure... but not foolproof. For instance, if the computer you are using has a keylogger installed on it, your password can be seen easily by whomever gets the keylogger reports. What a secure connection means is that the information transferred over the internet (once it leaves your computer) is secure. The average encryption strength right now is 128 bit, and at 128 bit it would take a CRAY supercomputer over 100 trillion years to brute force the key used to encrypt the data. Even using a distributed brute force system with thousands of computer (like SETI@HOME uses), would take
  5. Never been stopped... and I had expected to when I moved to Thailand. I had 4 suitcases and 2 computer monitors in their cardboard boxes, and even with a trolly had a hell of a time packing it all myself. Still tho, not a blink as I went thru the "nothing to declare" line. In all the times I have come thru I dont think I have seen anyone stopped at the declare line for anything...
  6. You can stream a good video/audio stream with a 1mb/s connection if that connection has a good path (low latency) to wherever the server is that is hosting the streamed content.
  7. My first house here in Thailand I had the Electric and water in my name... only the internet was in the owners name (that was a nightmare). My current place has the utilities in the owners name.. in both cases I paid first + last + deposit. In the first home, which was Thai owned, I had to raise hell to get my deposit back. Threatened to go to the police before they agreed to hand it over. The place was pristine - even had a cleaning crew go in and do a deep clean before moving out. They just simply didnt want to give it back. You just cannot trust Thai landlords... keep that in mind when
  8. That happened to me once, also in Tesco, south pattaya. I put my basket on the counter and walked out. She tried saying something (in thai), but I ignored her. That might have changed her opinions a bit, but somehow I doubt it. They want to be like that, they wont get money from me... period.
  9. True is much better so far. I have had to call twice, and both times the issue was fixed quickly - tho that was Internet, not TV... but same company, and same call center number, so it should be the same for both. I never had a communication problem with Sophon... they always understood what the problem was... they just didnt fix it for a falang. every time I tried I got nothing. Then a Thai person calls and its fixed within hours. Seems a pretty cut and dried case to me, but... well who knows.
  10. Doolish I think you misunderstood the OP... Or I did perhaps. I read it as he is unhappy with the SERVICE for english speaking customers, and to that I can fully attest. I had them when I first moved to Thailand, and we had issues 2 times... both times I was given promises that were not fulfilled or just pushed off and told to expect a call back that never came. When I had a Thai friend call, the problem was fixed in hours. They are quite racist in their call center I think. No such problems with True so far.
  11. I have TRUE, and while its not cheap, I have no complaints about the quality or the service so far. If your stuck on paying 3k a year tho, forget about it lol. The silver package is 500 baht per month, and gold (which I have) is 1500 baht per month. There is a higher package with more sports, but I dont remember the price. Maybe 2k a month? Anyway - for $45 a month (1500 baht) I cant complain. Frosty
  12. Well, it seems obvious that this was either a huge coincidence... or Roland is back in town
  13. Ok this is weird. I always throw my change on my desk, then after it piles up to the point where its annoying, I collect it and put it in a drawer that I keep full of change and 20 baht notes until its full. Well, today I decided to do one of these migrations... its about 2 weeks worth of change or so, maybe 3... and theres not a single 10 baht coin in the lot. About 200 5 baht coins, but no 10 baht at all. I thought... strange. So I just went to the store, and my change was 31 baht... a 20, 2 5's and a 1. I asked if she have 10 baht and she said, no hab. So... anyone else noticing
  14. How about we tweak this discussion to a "why do the other pattaya boards suck so much" type topic? Much more interesting
  15. So many jokes come to mind... Lets see who can come up with the best one to fit this story: http://usnews.msnbc....with-fix-a-flat
  16. Ya, the lenses are spendy buggers. Not the best price to be found likely, but not a rip off, and looks to have been kept in great shape.
  17. I'm sorry, but thats one of the stupidest things I have ever read. Sure, there are some fairly gifted hackers out there... But to suggest that the FBI does not have techies that are just as smart and just as talented is just stupid. On top of that... I challenge you to name one - ONLY one - VPN or proxy provider or lets make this easy - a VPN/Proxy provider OR any other method you can think of, that would keep your connection private from law enforcement. Only one. I have been in the IT industry for many years, and count myself as a expert in TCP/IP communications... and I cannot
  18. I fixed your URL for ya... you mis-spelled xzone (you had pattayaxzome.com, which was a dead link).
  19. Not a issue for me... and Paps is known to be bi-sexual here...
  20. That would be me, by the way. :) I didn't see this post, or rather did not recognize it was from you, or I would have answered here. The "lady" in question was Cake, by the way - for any interested parties :) hehe
  21. Actually. no. The reason we had such downtime is that we changed the actual DNS server listing for the domain, which takes quite a bit of time. On the port back I will do it a bit different. First off, I already changed the TTL of all our DNS entries to 900 seconds (15 minutes). This means that if I change the IP address of the A records for Pattayatalk.com to point back at the old server, everybody will be moved (with only very very few exceptions) within 15 minutes. I will do that first... there is no need to immediately move your DNS back to your server... we can do that after a few hou
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