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  1. Pool just isnt the same as the ocean lol. Good point tho... Maybe ill rent the Secrets villa for a few days. Very good idea actually. Reason for edit: Removed a tag line I type when answering tech support tickets lol. Doing that in another window and just hit it by habit =P
  2. Hmm.. Guess I could have been more specific. Got a lady that likes skinny dipping in the ocean after hours... Dont want to be interrupted lol. Thats what I mean by Private :)
  3. Ya, google is great. I know it well. I also know that most Thailand related websites have about 5% true information and 95% bullshit lol. Thats what these forums are for... people to share their knowledge of things like this. I don't want an advertisement from someone trying to sell me something - I want a review by someone thats been there.
  4. Every island has them I think... I need details :) Preferably a website... or at least a phone number.
  5. I know I saw a post about these before, but cant seem to find it. Need to find a private bungalow on one of the local beaches or islands - one that has private or semi-private beach access, and no restrictions on when it (the beach) can be used (e.g. night time =P) Price no object... Anyone have any ideas? Frosty
  6. Start --> Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools --> System Restore
  7. Not as long as you think... I type pretty fast :)
  8. Google Analytics is not something you need to worry about... it is a google service that monitors website traffic and provides statistics that help webmasters find trouble spots on websites - such as pages that get too many hits, files that take too long to download, etc. Its not used for anything "weird", and generally speaking it usually does not slow down website loading... That said, there may be some sort of slow-down between your ISP and googles servers that are causing the slow down... but aside from making some pretty wild changes to your operating systems files there is nothing yo
  9. A proxy IP is not flagged as a Static IP, unless its a privately owned and operated proxy on a private server. Public proxy companies embed special headers in Proxy packets that identify the proxy service and provide methods for tracking the originator if requested by law enforcement. Again, mandated by law in most countries. On top of that it is very rare for a Proxy IP address to be Static. Most use a a wide range of IPs, and some even change IPs on every request... The expensive ones do anyway. There is the odd rare "free" proxy service that will pop up on the net that does no
  10. You forgot to mention the TYPE of IP address it is. There are many different types of IP allocation out there.. the most common is called Dynamic. This means that while you may well have the same IP address for long stretches of time, it is not guaranteed to you - you may log in one day and it will have changed, usually after resetting your modem/router. Some ISPs even force IP changes on a regular basis - like AOL. Even their broadband users get new IP addresses daily. The least common, at least for residential internet (but most common for business) is called a Static IP. Not only
  11. LOL Busted. Too bad you can't see mom's minivan in the driveway...
  12. Yes, actually. Norton is one of the heaviest AV systems on the market. By heavy I mean it uses a much larger portion of your systems resources to do what it does, and its updates are not very timely. They have gotten better over the last few years, but still not great. On top of that, Norton does not detect or remove most Adware or tracking cookies - thats just not what it was designed to do. It hunts VIRUSES... not adware/spyware/cookies. I guess I should have been clearer earlier... You do not just want a AV system... you do want one, but you also want a spyware removal tool of
  13. Lol. NO WAY whoever was writing that was a thai girl. Its a falang trying to write like he thinks a Thai girl would write. The grammer and structure are way too fucked up lol.
  14. You know, you should talk to Bush-Pig. You 2 have a lot in common. Maybe the 2 of you can move to Kentucky and have babies or something.
  15. True joe... but thats why I said "free" sites. Its not just porn and torrents... but "free MP3s" or just about anything else "free" is suspect. Hell, even links directly from reputable websites are not even safe. There are millions of virus-infected websites around the net, and not even all of them are intentional. Some legitimate websites are infected as well. Even the FLBBar website was infected by one of its components a couple years ago - The gallery software as I recall. MM updated to the latest version of the gallery application and it was infected (not a cracked or torrented versio
  16. No idea mate. It may well do, but like you I never got out until afternoon... so I dont know for sure. Be prepared for a long trip from Naklua to center pattaya tho... better prepared then annoyed :) btw, I will be at Cherry Bar on the 19th... 18th ill be on Soi 6, and 17th am going to Ban Chang for their one day songkran. :)
  17. I hired one about 3 years ago on the beach for 2500 all day. 8000 is crazy... no way I would pay that for a speedboat.
  18. Preaching to the wrong crowd miss Jaa. Most people here wont pay 2k for a LT.. much less more for a ST. Your rates are fucking crazy.
  19. Its pretty obvious that most people posting suggestions here have not been here for Songkran. Sukhumvit, as well as ALL roads in to pattaya, will be gridlocked with traffic moving slower than those walking on the side of the road on the 18th and 19th - moreso on the 19th. Sukhumvit is gridlock from the second road in to Naklua (I forget its name) until around Soi 87 (opposite Makro shopping center - other side of Jomtien). Not sure about the 18th, but on the 19th the regular bus service did not run last year. No big busses came down sukhumvit at all - so even the Rayong-bkk line mu
  20. Avast is likely the best FREE AV/AM software out there, but if you do a lot of hard core surfing, I recommend BitDefender. Of the paid AV/IS systems out there, I have found it to be the best mix between resource usage and ability to detect/fix new issues quickly. And at $39/year for 3 computers its not too expensive.
  21. Never been much of a Porn person... much rather go get the real thing... and I live in the Porn capital of the world, and have plenty of money. No need for porn :) As to downloads... I do have my sources of programs, but none come from websites, and I know how to verify files before they ever reach my computer. I do not use Torrents (except on a very very rare occasion), and stay away from any website that offers cracked software (or anything free for that matter). I am a software developer... I know exactly how viruses and adware work, and how to avoid them. Many people do not.... at
  22. I set it to run once a week at like 4am. If you browse the internet all day, or visit suspect sites (like Porn or "free" download sites), then run it nightly.
  23. Thats one of my favorite free softwares... The guy that wrote it is a german kid (well, was when he wrote it years ago), and hates spyware. its not a "virus" remover per se... but what you had was not a virus. It was "Scareware"... linked in there with Adware. System restore always works, but is buggy as hell sometimes.. gotta be careful doing a system restore. Glad it worked tho!
  24. Try Spybot Search and Destroy... not sure which virus you have, but it finds most of them, and is free. Get it here: http://security.kolla.de
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