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  1. www.hidemyass.com Works very well. Not free, but not expensive.
  2. IMHO you need to contact Calum of Solor Golf. HIs board name is Doghaus. He runs the annual FLB Ride Her Cup, and is a very good guy... One of the best I know in Pattaya. He would be happy to give you all the info you need. If you prefer to call him, his number is:
  3. Is she Bi, and willing to share? If not... leave her at home. It will turn out to be a huge fight and hassle, or you will be stuck with only her the entire trip, which kinda does away with the entire reason to come to Pattaya. Phuket? Maybe... but Pattaya? No.
  4. We had breakfast there after going to a Thai disco all night about 3-4 months ago... was terrible. Much rather pay a bit more and get something better. Price is NOT everything. True, its cheap... and its likely not going to make you sick, but it was just disgusting. Not a very good trade off for the saved money, IMHO.
  5. I suppose... if you think "a bit of a surcharge" is a 100% markup. Owned and operated by.... bryan blair box 215 kewaskum wi 53040 US Phone: +1.2626269079 Email Address: 4amtech@gmail.com Your better off having one of the expats here on Pattaya Talk getting a card for you. Well, thats not true I guess.. its only $6 for 100 baht, but still... Just something about giving a falang a 100% markup on anything that just doesn't sit right with me. For the record I would be happy to get a card for anyone who wants one... You can pay me actual value via PayPa
  6. Ya, its against the rules to mail stamps, money and all sorts of other things too, but that doesnt stop most people. I do not see Credit/Debit cards on the list at fedex.com tho.
  7. I have had 3 cards mailed to me over the years... and prefer FedEx for them. I have never had the Thai postal service misplace a package, but have had only packages sent - not letters. Fedex can get a card here for about $30 - not bad at all really.
  8. It means be quiet. Its in a Temple or a Wat by a meditation/praying area... Doesnt say what temple.
  9. Lol. Sorry, didnt see it :) Posted from my phone... wasnt really paying attention. Just wanted to make sure it was out here somewhere... Drove all the way to the old shop in Naklua... would have been good to know As to nude photos... Ya, we could get some... tho most of the staff there are male
  10. Same pizza...same staff... new spot. They have moved from the windmill plaza in naklua where they had been for years to 3rd road opposite soi lengkee, right next door to the boxing roo bar.
  11. Fair enough. Actually its been a while since my last full checkup... last one was just after my emergency appendectomy in Nov of 2009. Maybe its time to do that again too.
  12. Sorry Villa, not sure why I missed this... the new forum pointed it out to me lol. (nice!) Iphone does not and has no plans to support Flash, so no.. you will never be able to see that (or any other Flash content) on Iphone. One of my biggest complaints about Iphone. Its Apples opinion that Flash should not be used on websites because its too heavy. I happen to agree with that idea - I have always hated developing or hosting Flash applications, but its not really up to Apple - Flash is very prominent on thousands of websites... all of which will not work on Iphone. Silverlight has
  13. Any particular reason why? I mean... I am sure they have good doctors at the hospital, but they are likely not as good as the ones that do it all day every day... and checking a prescription for glasses is one of the easiest things to do... its not rocket science by any stretch... Not arguing with ya, just curious about the reason... it would seem to me that the guys that do it at the place(s) you purchase the glasses are likely just as good if not better then the ones you will find at the hospital, and in many cases likely the SAME doctor does both (I know several clinics open after 5pm t
  14. Well... its that time of the decade again. Time to go see if my poor(ish) eyesight has gotten any worse since I last purchased glasses (2.5 years ago, give or take)... Last time I was happy with the service I got at the optometrist in Mike Shopping Mall lower level on the beach road end (Cannot remember their name), but figured since a quick search of this section had no returns, I would ask here. Where do you all go and why? If I recall last time I paid about 7k baht for 2 pair of very good glasses... Lacoste (not knock offs), and they have done me well over the last 2+ years... Truth
  15. That should do you. I can get it on my little android, tho the screen is really too small so I dont bother most of the time.
  16. Wasn't even buzzed that night. Had maybe 3 in 2 hours. Went for the company, not the booze :) May do the same tonight... :)
  17. Ahh, also will add I was in Mistys after that... got there about 3:10... they were open, but the lights popped on after about 10 minutes.. girls fled upstairs. Music was stopped, but came back on quieter and the girls danced another 5 minutes or so until another cop came by... place closed at that point... tho a few of us (including Paul) ended up staying until a little after 4 (pissing the Thai manager off in the process lol)
  18. All the bars are closing I think. Was in Papagayo last night and they got closed at 3... and drove down 2nd road and looked like everything was closed... or at least dark and quiet.
  19. She left and came back again? I need to get out there more lol. Never knew she was gone :/
  20. Glad to see I'm not the only one that still calls her Beer when drunk lol.
  21. Just my opinion, but for 6000 baht more I think I would rather buy direct from the dealer with 0km.... If you want to sell, might have to drop it down a bit more, methinks.
  22. Um... little bit mow tonight Tony? Your a bit less understandable than usual... Iceland? And ya... I don't think I have anything to worry about
  23. Ahh well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad lol. The flags are mighty similar tho lol. Still... first post? Like I said... tis ok to advertise.
  24. New member, 3 posts... and "advertising" a website that was registered less than a month ago and has such a low keyword ranking right now that you would have to key in the exact website name to google to find it... (meaning, you didnt just stumble on it). Oh, and registered to someone from your country as well.. NZ :) Its ok to advertise your website... but don't lie about it.
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