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  1. Ahh, thanks for that tip. Damn, for 900b each I would think they can afford aircon. Still intend to try this... but maybe only on a cool day now. I hate places with no AC... Even PBG, tho admittedly its usually ok there with the sea breeze. There are days tho that its just too hot to sit outside.
  2. Probably about 50 lol. No, actually am going to hire a truck and the door guys from FLB and do it in one go. Will pack things up over the next few days, then move on either Wed or Thurs, tho I might have to leave the computer here for a few more days depending on the scheduling of my internet move. Going to have the puppy go in to the Vet on Tuesday and stay until I'm moved, and they will de-flea him 100%... and will have the new place sprayed before I move in. Little thing has fleas and the frontline doesn't work because there are other dogs here where I'm at and their owners don't do
  3. Not sure if it was official, maybe just a rumor? But someone mentioned it was either the owner of, or supplier of, the Thai Cream Pie site that (funnily enough) went offline shortly after. I think they even mentioned the hotel? If not then the general area because I have it pictured in the beach road area around Soi 2-3-4... me memory is a bit dodgy. Anyone else remember that one? It got some attention here at the time.
  4. That's exactly where I got them. Its opposite and a little down (toward 2nd road) from the post office. I actually had gone that way to check the post office, but they only had small ones. Nice big ones for 60 baht there, and she dropped that to 40 baht for 15, and threw in a couple bungie cords to tie them down to the motorbike. Now I just gotta pack. Not looking forward to that. A guy like me can buy a lot of shit in 4 years. :/
  5. That's what I was looking for. Will go take a look. Didn't know they had anything like that back there... used to be a ceramic/pottery type place I think. Bought some stuff there years ago. Will go check them out here in a bit, once I know for sure they are open lol. Exactly what I used to do, years ago when the boxes were in good shape. That last several years I was in the US the stores either stopped doing that or they dismantled them first, or they recycled them... so I started using Uhaul boxes, which while expensive were very very good quality.
  6. Well, I finally got in gear and found a niceĀ® house and am moving next week. So... I need boxes. Would like to find some strong medium size boxes similar to the ones UHaul sells in the US... Any idea where I can find a place that sells them in Pattaya? Any idea where I can get them? TIA
  7. Heres your average thousand baht burger lol. Sorry for the photo quality. Phone cameras suck.
  8. Subject change: The girls in the photo... are not from Brazil are they? Looks way too dark. As in Africa dark. or?......
  9. No shit lol. If it wasnt 11:30am, and if I had slept already, I would go get me one right now lol. Too damn tired tho. Gotta catch at least a little sleep today.
  10. Ahh, if that were only true lol. I dont use pickles, onions, tomato or any of that. The Bacon, Mushrooms and Cheese only enhance the flavor :) But ya, a nice regular cheeseburger with no extras is good too sometimes. The quality of the meat makes all the difference tho.
  11. Of course they can... and do. Many do. The problem is they taste like shite. I mean, even someone who doesn't really like burgers would be able to tell a major difference just looking at them, much less tasting them. Same with the onion rings. They even LOOK better, and taste MUCH better. The coke is just coke tho lol. Seriously... I will get photos one of these times. Of course that will mean getting a photo of the crappy burgers I dont like as well. Maybe ill have a friend order one and not tell him why LOL. As to looks, I am not talking about presentation - I could care less a
  12. Too true... But I still make the same money I did over there, or close enough to it, so... lol. :) I do miss some of the tastes of home tho. Would kill for a 6 pack of hard tacos from Taco Bell... or... maybe a pan of queso from Chilis... Or hell, even a waffle house omelet and hashbrowns lol. Sure you can get a omelet over here, but they do something weird to um... much different taste. Think I'll look that up actually... might be able to make one here the same way. I think they add a bit of their waffle mix and throw it in a blender first. Simple, but effective But ya, this is home
  13. Do you rent a motorbike? If so you will have no problem with that arrangement. Elsewise if your out past midnight it will cost you a nice chunk to get home... between 100-300 baht. ... and for that price the driver will still stop for others etc. Other then that.it is closer to a nice beach for the daytime stuff.
  14. Quite a few single (or at least alone) girls at tamnan chon tonight :)
  15. Not really an opinion type thing. Jomtien is MUCH quieter than Pattaya. Very hard to find stinkers or even 6+ (that part is my opinion - to each his own).
  16. Going on 4 years... and I wouldn't expect a Brit to understand about a burger, onion rings and a coke. Fish a chips, maybe Sometimes you need the taste of home... not just a copy like you can get just about anywhere. Yes, the burger at HR is expensive as all hell, but its damn good. The only place I know in town to get a safe medium rare burger (Sure as hell wouldn't trust a medium rare burger from ANY Thai place). Matter of fact, I might just go do that tonight. Sounds good. :)
  17. Hmm... Always gave this place a pass before. THink I will give it a go now. AMazing how cheap some people can be. Back in the USA my friggin lunch was more than $30 every day, and dinner could push $75 depending on where. No problem at all paying $30 for a good (different) meal. Hell, I go to Hard Rock at least 1-2 times a month for one of their burgers... w/ onion rings and a coke, comes to 900 baht. Nothing wrong with that.
  18. You won't find a Thailand ISP with that kind of storage I dont think... and if you did, pushing that kind of bandwidth thru it will lead to investigation. If the objects you are uploading are videos, they will eventually be seen... hope you understand what that means exactly :) I get 1mb/s on average upload with my premier package at 3bb, and I hear that True's new service gets 3mb upload. Either of those would do 5GB/day and 50 per week if you could let them go most of the day. but again, if you use that much bandwidth your account WILL get scrutinized, so if your doing something illegal
  19. Tigglebitties hands down, at least for American breakfast. Real crispy bacon (not half cooked ham just called bacon), etc. Try to Tigglebitties Scramble - friggin awesome.
  20. Need to find a good honest and reliable place to rent a mini-van type vehicle for a week in mid October. It will be traveling from Pattaya to Phuket/Krabi and a few places in between. Must have insurance and all that, of course. Anyone had dealings with any company or person with one they can recommend? Thanks, Frosty
  21. Hmm. Might make a nice extra condo for those times when I don't want to bring a gal back to my house.... lol.
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