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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Ok, Pattayatalk.com is now up and running on a temporary server that we can use until the datacenter port is done. There are some issues however... for instance if you try to click on a thread that is members only and your not logged in, it will give a error instead of taking you to the login form. I will try solving that one tomorrow. Pretty sure adding images is broken too... not tested that yet, but think I have to set special permissions for that. Again, tomorrow. Any other errors, please list them here and I will get to them tomorrow as well.
  2. Love this part of the story: lol
  3. Ok, So we went there on the barcrawl last night... and the prices were back in line with what they were before now. Was still the most expensive SML of the night at 135 baht, but at least its not way out of the ballpark at 150. The lineup was... well, lacking. One really cute showgirl, and 2 dancers that were passable cute... the rest were quite plain. The entertainment was almost as it was before... Would have been better with 2 good looking show girls instead of just the one lol. But its always been up and down in that department at Xzone. Lady drinks were 130 I think? Eithe
  4. In fairness thats the only time thats happened there.. tho I still stay away just in case LOL. I think its funny too how he has been slamming FLB lately as a one of the most violent bars in pattaya (supposedly). Not sure how he justifies that... I dont think theres been a fight there at all in years, and the last one was drunken idiot customers feeling obnoxious... started the fight, then got arrested. Theres a youtube video if it somewhere.
  5. Thats why I havnt found issue with it lol. I know they are high... not the bars fault.
  6. Try a SML with lime. Its as close as you can get. Those are always expensive in Thailand. 180 in most places. Way too high :/
  7. Agreed Still a bit on the high side for Walking Street (or rather, off walking street), but more reasonable anyway. At least not completely out of the ballpark anymore :) And well done owning up to using multiple accounts. Honesty is always appreciated.
  8. Well, when you take it out of context like that, sure. Anything can sound strange out of context. Read the post I replied to first and it makes perfect sense. The idiot tried to call me a cheap Charley all side-ways like, which was really stupid, considering who I am and how much money I spend on entertainment each month. I do not and will not pay LDOP prices on anything, including 150 baht beers and 140 baht lady drinks, but I spend a shitload of money on normal priced of both. Just a couple nights ago my checkbin in Mistys broke 6k - and they are one of the better priced places in town (
  9. Still no reply from Nev/Steve/Whoever about where else they charge 150 baht for SML on walking street. Anyone else know? Of the dozens of gogo's I frequent, Xzone is the only one that high. Would like to know where the others are (so I can stay away from them too)
  10. So... Are you going to answer why you and your "good customer" pattaya-steve are posting from the same IP address? We already know you are full of shit. You cannot get away with that crap on this forum. Go over to the other forums where they let gogo owners bullshit the board members with fake posts.
  11. Xzone Nev and this steve-pattaya are posting from the same IP address today. They are the same person. Idiots trying to lie about their bar and hype it up with fake accounts. I hate bastards like that.
  12. No, actually its Xzone Nev again pretending to be someone else. Same IP address. Why the hell do idiots like you come on a forum and try to lie about stupid shit then post under a different name all hyping it up like its a good thing? Are you really that stupid? You got called out for the same thing on other forums, and while I gave that no attention at the time as I do not read the other forums, now it makes sense. You got caught over there, why did you think you could get away with it here? Idiot. Give Xzone a pass - the owner is a full of shit idiot.
  13. And... how about us that don't drink draft beer? I like my Tiger... and most people drink San Mig Light from the bottle. Instead of trying to bring in the absolute cheapest of the lot, how about something tried and true that works: Bring your drink prices in line with every other place on walking street. Hell, if your girls actually do shows (which I did not see when I was there - just 3 extra naked dancers doing the pattaya shuffle), then you can likely safely charge 5 baht more than most places. Either way, a 150 baht san mig is out of line. Until you fix that, making the cheap c
  14. Ya that does make a huge difference. My first 14 months living here I was in a moderate sized 2 bedroom house... and it was too big reallly. Back then I had very little in the way of possessions, and spent literally every night out until 5am on walking street - I can likely count on one hand the days I stayed at the house all day/night without going out. Then I moved in to a smallish place... single bedroom... and started accumulating "stuff" lol. I quickly outgrew the place, but ended up staying there well over 2 years, just because I hate moving. The bad part about that move is that
  15. Actually I remember very well. My tiger was 125 baht and San Mig Light was the same as I remember, tho I usually do not drink those, and lady drinks were 120, with showgirl/mamasan drinks being a little more expensive. Your "show girls" were only 3 in number, each on their own little pole/bed/tub, and standing around doing nothing. This was at about 11:45 as I recall - still very early in the night. There was no "show" of any kind - the show girls were doing the pattaya shuffle the whole 30 minutes we were there. Yes, I can find that in any other gogo in town without exception. So.. .j
  16. I looked up there when I was shopping for my new place... not a bad location, that. I chose a place in Pattaya Hill 2 tho, up Soi Khow Noi. Very nice... IMHO a house is the way to go, no matter if your goal is to have a nice place or cheap place. When looking I ran in to several 2 bedroom townhomes between 7-15k, and while I did not choose them some of them were nice. I ended up in a 25k home... but... damn.. its very very nice. Most condo's start around 25k and you get a hotel sized room, or 1-2 small bedrooms if your lucky... and then you pay 7-8 baht per KWH for electric. I pay 3.
  17. You know, you should really learn a little bit about who you are talking to before posting something like this. I am very very well known to be a big spender in the bars I frequent, including Xzone - or at least before these major price hikes. It is not unusual for me to be buying my drinks plus lady drinks for several ladies at a time, and rarely complain about prices. This is not KL. This is Pattaya. There might be 2-3 discos that charge more than your bar now... but very few if any gogo bars. I can't remember the last time I saw 150 baht for a beer in a gogo... I am sure I have see
  18. Ran in to another friend on the way out of FLB tonight, and he had just come from Xzone... same story. Very high drink prices (140 for lady drink - we did not buy any the other night, and I didnt think to ask). Prices are way out of line all the way across the board. Will be out of business in record time I think.
  19. ok, So tonight between rounds of the dance contest at FLB, Lovedog100, Skate and I decided to go check out the "new and improved" Xzone. It did seem cleaner, with new paint and clean tables and seats. The girls were average looking, with one single stunner in the lot, and another that I would not have kicked off my lap. The tab on the other hand... was very high. 150 baht for San Mig Light, and 130 baht for tiger. To put it very plain and clear: There is NOTHING in this gogo worth that price for beer, period. The show girls were not interactive, and did not do anything whil
  20. Most of my customers are very security conscience where it comes to their internet identity, and that has forced me to learn quite a bit about how proxies and VPNs work, how they are run, etc. The long and the short of it is that if you commit a crime on the internet, no public VPN provider will keep you safe. Period. Even the VPN providers in 3rd world countries that do not keep logs can be gotten around. THEIR isp will have logs, and those logs can be used with timestamps to find you. That said, if you are not committing a crime but want your identity to be kept private, there ar
  21. I won't give LK as harsh a review as LoveDog did... I do enjoy the occasional afternoon in Champagne.... but even then the CC's are out in force. Not too big a deal for me as I have a reputation for paying well, but for people going on for the first time the girls usually ignore you unless you are fairly aggressive about getting their attention... tho that is understandable since a very high number of their customers are there only to drink the cheap beer and never buy lady drinks. Enough of that would make just about any gal start to doze off lol. Even there tho I usually see only 1 or 2 girl
  22. If ya gotta go... its a damn good way to do it
  23. I would also like to know this. We had a great dinner at Tigglebitties last year - but I am a very picky eater... and would be better served by a buffet. Tho... perhaps early in the day. Can do a big lunch at a buffet then still have dinner with friends at tigglebitties. That sounds like a plan
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