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  1. Hi Guys, Looking back over the data from years past (as I had to do for the site upgrade test I just completed), I noticed something that I remember from back in '07 but somehow forgot about between then and now. The Pattayatalk calendar can be edited by anyone. In the past it was standard practice for BMs to create an "event" for the time they will be in LOS, so that the calendar view would show to everyone who was in town at a certain period of time. Usually people plan their holidays months in advance, which allowed Martin to see where there were time periods of greater activity. I
  2. OK, another update. The "background processes" finished about 2 hours ago, making it a total of right around 20 hours to run. Again, we will not need to do that when we port the live site over, but I wanted it to be finished before I did my initial testing. When I first visited the forum after the completion of the processes, it looked... ok. The skin was obviously gone, and I noticed another heretofore invisible (to me) link to agoda that I will need to find and kill (since nobody can ever collect that money lol), but when I tried to log in or visit a forum (browse), I got hit with a
  3. With any luck then, this will complete and it will work properly. I suspect the reputation and calendar systems will be intact now too, which leaves the only open issue being the Skin. We have a fairly simple skin I think... but I say that with absolutely no experience in working with skins to back it up lol. My current plan rather than learn the ins and outs of skin design, I am likely going to go to freelancer.com and get someone to create a new skin for me, using the live site as a template. That way it gets done right.
  4. Btw, I do not have the Conversions sub-section that you show there. Perhaps because I have already upgraded... the bottom most section on mine is "Support"
  5. I have been in constant communication with them. They did offer to do it for me, but I felt (and still do) that my learning all of this is essential to the future well-being of the site as a whole, and so I opted to do it all myself. I may bring them in to do the live site upgrade when the time comes, or may not... will see how it goes. This is step one - thats like step 5. :)
  6. My first degree in 1991 (at age 18 - almost 19) was in Electronic Engineering Tech, and my 2nd a year later was in Automation Technology (Robotics its called now I think). I still love hardware, and miss the old school Radio Shack. That place was like walking in to a candy store for me. I still have and use breadboards from time to time to test circuits out, but have not yet found a place in Thailand to buy stuff to make my own boards. Technology has changed a whole lot too, so I likely wouldn't know how anymore lol. Still I used to love doing that stuff.
  7. Ok, So… In other threads I mentioned upgrading PattayaTalk.com to the latest version of Invision Power Board (That’s our forum software). The first step in upgrading such a large site is to set up a test server and clone the site over there, then upgrade the test server completely and fix any issues that arise (recording everything so you can reproduce it easily), and then once its all done and your happy with it, upgrade the live site and fix the same issues hopefully quickly since you have the notes and files from your last attempt. Some of the issues so far I have found interes
  8. Ya.... I don't want to do that. I know there are some of the guys that live here on a very strict budget. While 100b is not a lot of money for most people, It may be to others - and I do not want our events to be about money. Again, I would rather just continue fronting the costs myself if it came to that. We have had a great response to this thread so far tho, with enough to cover several months of costs, so its not critical by any means looking forward. Currently to register and actually see the members section users have to send a email to me, and in the email explain why they wan
  9. Ya... I'm actually pretty good at this stuff... seein' as I've been in I.T. for 25 years :)
  10. Yes and Yes. In short, the reputation system is totally fucked, and so is the skin. Everything else seems ok so far, but I admit I have not dug too deep yet. I work a shitton, so getting time on this is kinda tough - so it will take some time. But I will work thru the issues and fix them one at a time. Current plan then once all the fixes are in place is to try to do a differential database port from the current server to the test server, and if that works, ill clone that server on to new hardware, turn this forum's "maintenance mode" on, port it over, then move DNS and turn maintenan
  11. Ok, will tackle both of these one at a time. First, the upgrade. Unfortunately unless we want the board to die a very slow death, upgrading is necessary. This version has not been supported for some time, which means that security patches are no longer being generated for it - but at the same time, just like with any software, more security holes are being found every month. This makes it easier and easier for hackers and spammers to access the board. As it is, we are currently unable to stop them from registering - we get up to 50 new spam accounts registered per day (average about 20 or
  12. That is one of the things I am going to find out. It will take some time to get everything sorted. My first priority is to get the board upgraded to the latest version, which looks like its going to be one hell of a big job. I remember talking to Martin about it back in the day when he tried and failed - and I remember thinking... well, shit... if I had the time I could do that pretty fast. lol. Oops. So, I have a test server set up and I did a test port of the database and then did the upgrade, but so many things are broken that its hard to know even where to start fixing them. Then of c
  13. Not sure whats up with the bad redirect page. Ill check that out. I suspect it has to do with it being a donation and not a payment - I doubt i programmed my receipt page to deal with that lol. Oops. Butch, I am sure it went thru. At least I did get one yesterday. Later tonight ill go thru and add them to the original post so you can be sure. Frosty
  14. No. Its a gaming thing. Frostfire was my very first gaming character name from when I was about 13. I don't even remember what game to be honest - I know it was AD&D but no idea what module/adventure. Back then my nickname began as "Frosty", and even my family used it. To this day I have RL friends that use only that name - and likely several that do not even know my real name lol. That was all... crap, 30 years ago now.
  15. So just for those interested, I spent most of the day yesterday between learning linux and setting up a test server where I can install the latest IPB and try to upgrade pattayatalk and fix any issues (likely have to re-do the skin). In the process of that, I found the commands I needed to see request metadata and found that there were a number of files being streamed constantly from outside our forum. One was a very large video. After a bit of trial and error, I enacted protections on them (and now all files on the server) that will prevent them from being abused by other websites. This
  16. Original post updated with donations to date. Much better than I had hoped, tho I would have much rather seen more people put in less each. I will do my best to enhance the board and make it worthy :)
  17. I've tried unsuccessfully to sign up for 2 of them over the last couple days - both were "down". After doing research I decided against agoda, since many people seem to be complaining that they skim commissions and obfuscate click to conversion statistics. Over the coming weeks I will be looking for things like that tho.
  18. You are right in what it *should* be using. But its not. One of my jobs will be to find out why, eventually. Martin thinks that some of the photos' links got their way in to some other websites over the years. I suspect he is correct. In other words, other forums/sites use images with a URL on this website to save themselves bandwidth. We had a discussion about it some time back, but he could not find a way to isolate that. If this was a windows server I could do it in a minute. I will fix that eventually. But this whole part of the discussion is pretty much moot - I've already purcha
  19. So ya... where to start on this one lol. Those are not dedicated server hosting plans. Those are website hosting plans. 2 problems with that. First off, between the database and the photos (many of which may be able to be deleted martin said, but I have no idea which ones or how to tell), we are using about 1.25TB right now. But the most important aspect of hosting is control. If we host this on a "website hosting" service, they control everything. We have no access to do anything special or set special permissions, etc. Further, the moment some asshat complains that we have pornogra
  20. I don't expect all that. Like I said, a little bit here and there will help, but its not required by any means. I knew when I offered to take over costs from Martin that I would take a small hit on it, at least initially. In the past he was leasing a dedicated server. That was most of the cost - bandwidth was only about ~$50 or so per month. I flat out bought a new server for this ($2400 as memory serves) - which is a very modest server as far as servers go (my largest server cost ~$25000), and so my only expense is the bandwidth and maintenance. And like I said before, I really have no idea h
  21. It is a payment to a merchant (PayPal), so it is likely considered a material purchase by the credit card company, and will likely work for miles depending on your terms of service. It is not a cash advance, so that fee would not apply. PayPal does charge a percentage, but it is fairly small and comes out of my end, not yours.
  22. As an aside, its the first time I've seen one of those new bills. When I saw it under light I was like... is this real? lol. Looks kinda like monopoly cash I really need to make a trip back to the US soon. I've left Thailand many times over the decade I've been here, but always to nearby countries either with friends or to sort out the odd visa. Never been back stateside. Really hate those long ass flights in coach, and business is just too darn expensive to be worth it. But enough with getting sidetracked - the donation is sincerely appreciated. Now just gotta remember how those exchange
  23. And I don't see a PM from you. You may not have sent it yet. Im quick on the ball today
  24. I have hundreds of domains myself. Tho I use them in conjunction with other tangible asset businesses and clients - not monetizing them like I am trying to do here.
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