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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Facebook. Dave post messaged me at noon, but I was sleeping. I just woke like 15 minutes ago. I will send my number to you guys in the private area.
  2. Hi guys, Was told a few minutes ago that the site was down... when I went to check, sure enough the DNS was not resolving. The issue was twofold. First, my primary DNS server hiccuped. Second, the secondary and tertiary servers did not pick up the slack, though I still do not know why yet. I am looking in to it and will make sure it does not happen again. I suspect I will be able to find the answer fast enough as those other 2 servers are still not serving pattayatalk.com addresses for some reason. Frosty
  3. Approved your post. I suggest you check out the link for activating your account (upgrading). You will get access to more content that way 🙂
  4. ok, ill see if I can find a way to kill it on mobile. Tomorrow tho. Im dead tired lol.
  5. There is no "time limit", except for the default session timeout limit on the server, which is 20 minutes. But to get around that, all you need to do is have the signin option "remember me" checked, which should work for what your talking about. Also, click on reply again on that thread and see if your text comes back up. It does for me sometimes. Also, another trick I use is if I have to do a long post or reply ill type it in Notepad++ first then copy and paste.
  6. No, on PC. I say strange because I did set it to show on the bottom, but figured that was "broke" as I didn't see it. I actually don't want this banner in both places. I am going to try to put a search box at the bottom. That box is way too big for the top, but I think it works better as it allows the user to type in options first (dates, etc). And I don't like that the banner shows prices for multiple nights. It makes some of the places seem way too expensive. Not a very good advertisement IMHO. I am also going to play with their API to see if I create my own banner or ad instead that better fits what our users want - like cheaper places. No sense showing all those 5000 baht a night places. Agoda does have a wide range of really cheap options, including hostels for as little as 140 baht per night. I'm not a fan of hostels, but its the first time I've seen them advertised online. Kinda neat. And there are multiple hotels from around 500 baht per night on there. Again, not sure I would stay there as I'm sure the bed is like a rock, but its a good cheap option for someone on a very limited budget, so its good to show them here. In any case, this is just a test at this point. if it goes well, ill leave it or improve it... if not, will think of something else 🙂
  7. It was pointed out to me that I should add the note: You need to click the banner, not just go to agoda.com, to give pattayatalk the credit for the visit 🙂
  8. Strange, I don't see the one at the bottom. Still working the kinks out of this.
  9. Hi Guys, I just put the first new ad online, and you should have seen it by now, assuming your not ad blocking. Everyone that comes here needs a hotel to stay at. And getting a good deal is much more important than helping the board keep costs covered... now that said, in most cases you can find as good a deal or better using Agoda, so please give it a look for your dates. If the price is the same or better than where you usually book your tickets, please consider using it. We get a commission of the sale price, and while its not very much, it does add up. Over the last year with the ad being located inline in a single forum only its made about $100. Hopefully with the ad more prominent it will get some more activity and actually be worth the hassle. I will monitor it and decide if it needs to stay or go away based on its performance. And annoying PMs saying "wtf is that ugly thing doing in my way" haha.
  10. You might be better going with a Android box of some kind. Cheaper, more options and more reliable these days. Satellite is an old expensive technology. Of course I have no idea if there are hacked/cracked receiver boxes available. If so, then satellite may be ok. I just can't see paying a huge monthly fee for it these days.
  11. Anyone else noticed that? Seems fine to me... Perhaps a new skin would help. Ill start looking in to that.
  12. No, its not. Our power went out one night a while back... was about 6 months or so ago now. I had just taken nyquil, and I have a really hard time sleeping without aircon... so I left it to the GF to find us a room for the night. The place she found was cheap - 700 baht for the night... place was nice enough, just what you expect from a hotel. But the mattress. Holy shit was it hard. Like sleeping on a slab of wood. It killed my back. I woke up after about 2-3 hours in some serious pain. Got up and went back home and slept without Aircon until the power came back on later that morning. Yes, there are mattresses that are way too hard to be even remotely comfortable. I hope they fix the problem. Dynasty was my favorite hotel for my first several trip here, until I found Resident Garden. I still have fond memories of the place.
  13. The info I just got is that when you get the Freedom to Marry document, which you have to get from your countries Embassy, you have to tell them what month you will marry, and its only valid for that month. Not sure how accurate this is... but was just told by someone who claimed thats how it worked for them.
  14. He does not have notifications on, so hopefully he sees it in his feed.
  15. Lets see if he has notifications turned on... can you answer this @Bushcraft ?
  16. Trying to get you a solid answer, but the best bet right now is 30 days. Seems that is the usual expiration, but it is up to the Amphur, so it may be more (but likely not less).
  17. The members only area of the forum allows a more open discussion on Pattaya. It is not subject to the same restrictions and censorship as the Open Forum. It is a little more adult oriented. Please understand that this is NOT a porn site. If you are looking for porn you will be disappointed. Save yourself and the Webmaster some time and don't apply. Membership is restricted to people over 18 years of age, and is subject to verification as detailed below. Membership is free. Here is what you need to do to get in... Step 1: Before you apply for membership you must register for the open forum. The Registration process can be started by clicking on SIGN UP button in the upper right of this website. Or you can Click Here You will be prompted to supply an Email Address, which will require verification before the account is approved, so it must be a real and working email address. Please note: At the time of this writing, Yahoo.com email addresses are experiencing a problem receiving emails. If you use Yahoo, and do not receive a email notification, please send a email to me directly at flbbar@gmail.com and I will manually approve your registrations email verification. (Email from the same address, of course). If you do not follow the instructions in the Validation email (or the alternate step of emailing me directly), your account will not be approved. Once your account is approved, you will be able to look around and post in the Open Forums. Posts in the Open Forums by level 1 accounts are moderated, but our moderators are world class and usually pretty fast on the ball, so posts will be approved fairly quickly. Responses to posts are not moderated. After following Step 1, you will be a Level 1 member and eligible to apply for full membership by following Step 2 below. Step 2: 1. Send a email to flbbar@gmail.com 2. Place the word "JOIN" in the subject line (this is an important step that will prevent your email from being sent to SPAM and highlight it as important). 3. State clearly in the email, what your registered User Name is, from when you registered for the Open Forums in step 1. Please write it exactly as you did during that process including any Upper and Lower case characters. If you do not provide your User Name in the email, we cannot process your request. 4. Write a short explanation of why you would like to join the Member's Site. That's it. Within a short time you will get an email confirming your membership and explaining how to access the site. here is an example email to guide you through the process: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- To: flbbar@gmail.com I wish to join the Pattayatalk Members Site. I have registered for the Pattaya Talk Forums and my User Name is XXXXXXXXX The reason I wish to join the Pattaya Talk Members Only Site is .... (give reasons) Regards, <your name> ------------------------------------------------------------------------- One more important point.... The process works by sending and receiving emails. If you can't receive our emails and follow the instructions in them, you will not be able to register. A large number of the replies we send get bounced by spam filters. You must allow your system to receive emails from flbbar@gmail.com or you are wasting your time. We never send spam or pass on email addresses to third parties.
  18. Forum Rules No flames ever for any reason. No posts designed to upset other members. If you enjoy upsetting people even if you stay within the rules, you will still be warned. Absolutely no discussion on girls under 18 will be allowed. It's not my thing and I don't want to hear about it in any way shape or form. Please do not post explicit x-rated photos or videos. Nude r-rated ones are OK but any showing explicit sexual activity will be deleted and the member warned. This is not my idea but a requirement of Thai law. No racist or bigoted comments. Comments which criticize specific group of people such as all Thai's are, all bar girls are, all Germans are - will not be allowed. Posts attacking individuals are not permitted. You may disagree with anyone's opinion but not bag the individual. I disagree with what you say, is fine. You are a moron, is not. Do not post excessively or overuse features of the board. Polls, signature files and avatars all help make the forums user friendly. When these features are over used or abused they detract from everyones enjoyment. No photos or special characters in your signature line please. Avatars should be PG rated only. More racey ones can cause embarrassment to members when they have shoulder surfers. Discussion of other Pattaya forums and what they may or may not be doing is not welcome here. Some time the politics gets out of hand. This forum remains focussed on Pattaya. Posts about non-bar related issues such as hotels, transport, restaurants etc, should be placed on the open board. This does not mean such details cannot be included in trip reports, but it helps keep the open board alive if we post questions and answers about day to day living arrangements where newbies can easily find them. The parts of this site that require a password to access may not be shown to any person who is not a member. If you have a problem with the moderator or his actions, you may email your view to flbbar@gmail.com. The moderator's actions are not to be discussed on the board. No warnings will be given and no correspondence about deleted memberships will be entered into. As we pay the bills, we reserve the right to delete any post that for any reason we find objectionable. Thai authorities do not appreciate open discussion of prostitution in Thailand. For that reason I want this site to remain secure. Please do not share your password with anybody else. If I see hits on the site from many different locations with one User id then that ID will be immediately deleted. The best way to keep the site secure and therefore operational is to keep the info completely to yourself. If you have a friend who would like to become a member then refer him to the open site which has details on how to join. Negative discussion of the current political situation in Thailand jeopardizes the board and its continued accessibility in Thailand. If you want to talk about Thailand politics, do it somewhere else please. Never, never, never ... Show these pages to a bar girl. Some times some very stupid Farang thinks it's fun to show a Bar Girl a site on the internet that features her picture. Please do not do this as it can cause a lot of strife for everyone. If you show or discuss any content of the Member's area with any non member, you will be permanently banned. Copying or crossposting information from the member's section of this site to any other website, without first gaining approval from the author of the post(s) is not allowed. If you see such a crossposting of your work or another's, you are invited to bring it to the attention of the moderators via PM. Most of us like to see pictures...a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. This forum encourages picture posting, be it ladies of the night, group photos, photos of travel scenes, pictures of daily life...generally anything pertaining to Thailand that entertains or educates. Any board member who criticizes the very act of posting pictures, if they are within the bounds of legality, will be dealt with strongly. Obviously, such a person does not belong on this forum. The yellow card warning system is in operation. It's works like this: 1 warning - nothing happens. 2 warnings - your will not be able to post for 7 days 3 warnings - you will not be able to post for 14 days 4 Warnings - you will be banned from the forums permanently Please Note: These rules do not cover every possible transgression. The mods interpret the "spirit" of the rules as fairly as they can but in the end their decision is final. The mods do not generally report their actions or the reasons for the decisions they make. Warnings or bannings are kept confidential to the member concerned and the moderators.
  19. Hi guys, The background processes have finally finished, so all old posts should now appear properly (photos, links, etc). That makes the upgrade finally complete. I have also turned on enforcement of SSL, so all parts of the forum should now show as SECURE in your browser. This is something pattayatalk has never had, so please let me know if you have any problems because of it. Moving forward the costs for the site have gone up quite a bit, with the SSL and Email solutions (and I am working on doing email locally instead to save that cost), I will be looking in to putting some banners of some kind up. But I will keep them out of view if possible (down at the bottom of the page for instance). The exception to that being in the Open Forum for people not logged in. For some reason we get a LOT of google referral traffic to the open forum from people that never register for an account - somewhere in the neighborhood of 15000 page impressions per week. I am going to try to leverage that if I can. The costs for the site are still fairly low - less than $300 per year, so with any luck I can find a good solution that doesn't inconvenience any of our members. So... if you see something annoying, please tell me. Ill need feedback on this if I'm to make it work. There is also the possibility that the ads will eventually be banned because of the website content, though the provider I am looking at say that's not the case. Will also be looking at other solutions that are more in-line with what our members need - like the Agoda link that is now outdated (I will replace it), and I will start looking for local sponsors as well. This stuff will start to pop up in the next few days.... All I ask is that if you have no major objections, please turn off your ad-blocker for this site. I will not be adding any code to detect and enforce that like the asshats over at Thaivisa do, so this is the only request you will see... if you ignore it, I will never know or judge you for it. That you know of anyway. lol. Now as to email. As I was performing this upgrade I found out one really weird fact. While martin was really good about answering emails sent to his pattayatalk related Gmail account, for some reason he had the boards email blocked (admin@pattayatalk), and moreover, the old server was not even configured to receive mail from admin@pattayatalk, which means that all of the times someone hit CONTACT and sent a message, or all of the times someone responded to any of the emails sent by the forums, Martin never even saw them. Since fixing this problem yesterday I have received about 8 contact forum requests - 3 of which were for problem signing in where their email was no longer valid, so I don't even want to guess how many went unanswered over the last couple years. That will not happen again. I am still unable to receive mail to the admin@pattayatalk address (I am working on that), but in the meantime I have redirected the contact form and response emails to use the boards gmail account. So far that seems to be working. So if any of you send a request via any method and I do not respond, please let me know via PM and I will find and fix the problem. Another change coming soon will be the addition of some sort of chat system for the board. I have not found one I like yet, but if nothing else I will design on myself. Will have something in place in the coming weeks. Anyhoo... the site is now fully functional and hopefully issue-free. And a full 2 days before the barcrawl. 🙂
  20. Ya we will be experimenting with it and other logos as soon as the background processes are done. Should be late tomorrow, or early the next day.
  21. The secure thing will be fixed soon. Am waiting for the background processes to finish before I enforce the SSL change. For the other, try this: Activity --> Unread Content
  22. If I understand what you mean... Mouse over the Activity tab at the top... and choose Unread Content. that shows things you have not yet read.
  23. UPDATE: The email issue has been resolved. The contact form now works properly. Important: I know at least 2 people sent contact form requests that were not received, and 3 others used the forgot password link and did not receive their emails. Due to the nature of the system I do not know who these people were and I cannot resend that info. Hopefully whoever you are you are reading this and will try again now :)
  24. UPDATE: Email is still having some minor issues. This means the CONTACT FORM and the FORGOT PASSWORD links may not work correctly. if you are a member and having any issues that require our notice, like you cannot log in, feel free to email me directly at flbbar@gmail.com, at least until I get this sorted out.
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