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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. They have driver sections zoned off. I would imagine most pickup companies that do a lot of business in the airport stay in the same section every time. I know Mr. Dream does, can't speak for any other companies as I have only used 2 others, that were individuals provided by hotels or friends. So your second time coming into Bkk, you would know exactly where the driver is going to be from the first time. He of course has the signs with the name as all companies should. The main pickup vehicle for Mr. Dream is a comfortable Chevrolet mini-van. Its quite comfortable, especially for thos
  2. Bkk pickups are 1200baht, and return trips are 1000Baht. Its an extremely good service if you have a lot of luggage with you, and you can't beat using him more then once, as he always waits in the same spot. So after your first trip with him, you'll be outta the airport quick quick.
  3. Sorry for the delay in getting back in, and filling in some blanks. Just got back from Laos last night. Yeah I chose to leave 3Som bar, didn't get fired or anything like that, just decided to move on to bigger and better things. Starting next week, you can find me in NLD1 taking a spot on the team there for a bit. Along with my own hotel coming in the very near future, details on that as soon as I get the logistics sorted out. Again, sorry for the delay guys. Too much running around and getting stuff sorted the past week or so. Cheers, and see you soon!!
  4. Thats right guys, I'm outta here. Moving into a new place now, will fill you in later tonight!!
  5. Yeah I've been giving him English lessons. He's wanted to have a successful, more widespread business. So I've helped him with that one too.
  6. I regret to inform all of our customers, that Mr. Dream's Transport service will be shutdown to all pickups for a period of 2-3 days from today. Our email account was hacked, and we have yet been able to resolve matters to date. We are asking that all customers that have pickups arranged already, please forward your information to ackademik1@yahoo.com So that Jason might be able to relay the information to me personally. Thank you in advance for your understanding, and we apologize for all delays or problems that this brief period of interruption on our part, might cause for those who
  7. Having checked out all the stores before I actually bought the DVD's for 3Som, I know that Tesco was the cheapest, but Carrefour has the biggest selection. And yes, you can find some really decent dvd players under 1000baht.
  8. Also many thanks, to all who have been wishing me and Pang well. I know that we all figure that every marriage to a LOS girl, especially a former BG is never going to work out, but there are so many of us that attempt it anyways. I may regret it in the future, but for now, I think that I am making the right choice as I know my missus actually does love me to death. Hence why I no longer pay visits to Soi6 lol. But the party is going to be a grand one, celebrating two parties in one venue on one day. I expect everyone to be extremely intoxicated, myself included. We will be sure to have
  9. Yes sir. All the rooms do have individual room safes. Rather then hiding them at the bottom of a cabinet, where they are somewhat hidden from view, even from you while you are sleeping and the TG's are perusing your rooms many time, we decided to take a different approach with the safes. Our room safes are securely mounted to the solid concrete walls, and in plain sight in the rooms. We figure this actually serves as even more of a deterrent than hiding them for several reasons. The fact that they are out in the open, means that even if you were sleeping, a girl would still have to be in
  10. AMF, stands for Adios Mother Fucker. Our regular bar sell version of the drink, 1st one give you a serious buzz, 2nd one gets you drunk fast and hard, 3rd one, will put your lights out. This is in most peoples cases. So we have cut back the amount of alcohol we use in the drink, making them slightly under half as strong as our regular House Special AMF's, to ensure that we will be able to have at least a few rounds to the contest, as well as for the safety of those participating, at many peoples requests not to use the full 3Som recipe's quantities, as it would just be too unsafe. Th
  11. Sorry about the pics, they came up in the preview post, but just didn't land here I guess lol, putting them up now. Ok pictures are up now, and sorry soi unwise lol, I did the post after work before I went to sleep yesterday, and had the monthly rates for one of the rooms in the weekly rate section. The Deluxe rooms are 700baht per night, and 4200baht per week, monthly at 15,500baht. All corrected in the initial post along with the pictures. Sorry about that to all the rest of you guys too. I know I seen the pics in the preview, but they just didn't load I guess, and as for the mixu
  12. Mr. Dream's Transport can take care of all of your pickup/dropoff, or just plain sightseeing and tour rides. Your standard pickup from BKK to Patts would be 1200baht, and we guarantee that we will NEVER BE LATE, the drivers will often show up early in fact for return trips to the airports. Now if you wanted to spend 2,500baht on an airport pickup, why not make it fun and try our VIP Pickup Service. Mr. Dream personally comes to pick you up an a extremely comfortable mini-van that seats 8, and he will bring along one of our ladies that you choose prior to the pickups. This will cover the
  13. Ok boys and girls, and everything else in between!!! The date has been set, now who has the balls to stand up to the challenge?? The time and the date are now set. Dec.27th we'll start meeting up at 8-8:30, and the challenge will start at 9pm on the dot I figure this will be the best time to host the event, as there will be the most BM's in town, and it does not interfere with any of the holidays or other parties or events. All we need now is self-nominations from any BM willing to compete. I figure if we get too many BM's wanting to take part in the challenge, then I will put up a poll to
  14. I'll come to yours if you come to mine Alf lmao I feel bad for you a bit, thats going to be 2 weeks of your life where you are completely pissed Alf. See you there mate!!
  15. 3Som Bar & Guesthouse is located off of Soi Dianna Inn, and Soi Lk Metro, nestled right in between Bob's BBQ and the rockhouse. So its a very, very, centralized and perfect kickoff point for heading to anywhere. We not only have the 3Som Bar downstairs, which is quite comfortable, and a cross between a bar and a badass living room lol. Between the beautiful ladies and red light district feel, whether your playing bargames with the girls, or the Playstation on the big screen, or even shooting pool, the bar itself is a fantastic place to hang out. Add to that, Bob's BBQ will not only del
  16. As in usual fashion, we will be holding a Christmas Day party at 3Som Bar on Dec.25th (actual Xmas Day) Since Bob will be holding his buffet next door, which most of us will be attending, we will only have appetizer type food on offer, as well as the occasional fruitcake lol. All our ladies will be dressed the part as Santa's sexy little helpers, and we will have a few Christmas presents in store for you all, including some absolutely insane drink specials. 2 for 1 SS+cokes, 100baht AMF's, random gift give-aways by the owners, such as Bar-tabs, barfines, and maybe even some other fancy
  17. Of course I'll be there for your mia's party Bob, you didn't miss mines lol. One question though, is it gonna be Thai food, or Bob's BBQ food? And i'll open up the middle between us so the girls can molest your customers again
  18. TALK MEMBERS ALSO. As I stated in the post, which is an exact copy of the one on Addicts I posted, which will carry over to the Talk crowd as well. Because of the time of season, I cannot give major discounts like I have done for friends on forums in the past, but I will slightly decrease the charges. Especially since our prices do not get raised for high season. I have a customer with a 12 day stay so far, and I will reply back to all, even if I can't do the room for them . So is there anyone wanting to stay a little longer, like maybe the whole month o January lol.
  19. Thats right boys and girls, after rerouting some reservations, I have freed up a room from the 21st of December until well after the New Year. So whether your looking for a 2 week stay, or a 2 month stay, we can take care of you. This would be for one of our Standard rooms, which are nicely furnished and have a crapload of amenities, hopefully some people that have stayed can share their experiences on this style of room. Nightly the room starts at 500baht per night, and 2500baht per week, and finally 7500baht per month. These are pre-BM discounts. Unfortunately due to the time of year,
  20. They have a bar right on Soi Bukhaow that shows all the American sporting events, relatively good prices on drinks as well. I can point it out, but damn if I can remember the name lol. The bigger places the guys mentioned would be better if you were wanting food as well.
  21. I would make you an offer, but I have mine on the way in the mail lol.
  22. Glad to see everyone had fun Adam. Your a pretty good guy in person, same as the boards. Another one of us who are exactly the same in real life, and not just a board persona. I wish you the best of luck, as since my missus worked 2 bars down from you, I can't get down there any more while I'm with her lol. What time are you in the bar so I can stop by and say hello my friend?
  23. I ate that damn burger, so this time I will get more then one plate Bob lol.
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