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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  1. Had a walk to Action Street just the other night around 9:30 not a solitary customer in sight, can't see that place being there much longer.
  2. Absolutely spot on, practically every bar you go in these days.
  3. Soi 2, I was just thinking when walking by the other day, Classroom and the beer bars opposite, can't remember the name of the one at the back, which was enclosed and air conditioned, we often went in there, remember they had one of those electronic dart boards, sadly gone.
  4. Would be good to see some old pics, I've got a bundle from the last fifteen years.
  5. Been told if you take vitamin B tablets for two months before you travel and there on after, mosquitos won't bother you as much????? anything's worth a try, going to get some myself as they love me too much!
  6. I just give them my credit card and pin for a day or two as well...
  7. Thanks for that, just that when I've not been able to call before he's said they have had a lot of rain. maybe he's lost the dam thing and the battery is desd.
  8. Actually He's in Chiang Kham, well his wifes village near there. not sure exactly, but even on a good day coverage can be hit and miss.
  9. Possibly has no credit, had the same problem in June when the rain was heavy but only for a few hours, he got a text of mine after 2 days, I know the weather has been bad up there would it affect it that much, he's on one 2 call network, heard it's not the best.
  10. Thanks for that Bullfrog, still the same today, just going to call back service, Had this in June but only for a few hours, been 3 days now, I hope all is well.
  11. I know they've had heavy rain and thunderstorms up there and maybe flooding, I know he's staying at his wifes village but no sure where exactly, no text messages either??????
  12. Been like it 2 days now, He's up near Ching Rai with his lady, I know they've had some bad weather up there, and of course the Queens birthday, maybe the network overloaded????
  13. Anyone had problems getting through to mobiles from UK? All I get is welcome to call back service call after call, occasionally I get through but then the call is dropped, this a mate by the way not a Thai girl....
  14. Can anyone tell me the best mosquito repellent to get and from where ?
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