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  1. If I Rovers does show it(& I'm sure they will) it will be packed, better to try one of the more out of the way (& larger)places mentioned earlier, no disrespect intended to I. R. Just sayin'
  2. Have you tried Emirates? Don't know if they fly from Pommie land but they are always great value from Aus, new planes, best IFE ive seen. Look on "Lastminute" or "Webjet" Cheers Ray. PS. I will be there Feb, PM me if you would like to share a beer or to let me know how you got on with your flights, good luck.
  3. I f**kin' hate it MM. As said before the first time i saw it i thought i had logged on to Addicts. I know you are a very smart guy Martin so im sure there is a real good reason behind the change but please, at least retain the same colour as the old board. Cheers
  4. Sorry mate, spelt your name wrong. I meant Cerberus
  5. Great idea, congrats to you both and well done also to Greg (you would know me if you saw me) and Cerebus for their generous support. I hope its a great night & well supported by the board members. Unfortuneatly i don't arrive till 1st of June but would love to be there. Choc dee
  6. Iv'e been here 4 weeks now with one to go and i have to say its definetly better, for me anyway. The quality of the girls i have been with this time far exceeds those of my previous trips. For what reason im not quite sure but it may be because my Thai is much better now and im much more particular who i choose these days. I now have the confidence to aproach the best lookers, something i was reluctant to do before. This comes from seeing absoultly drop dead gorgeous girls with guys 20yrs my seniour. I have also (finally) reached the point where i just won't tolerate any bullshit (attitude) from the girls and remind myself regularly that its all about money (for them). Another reason im sure is that i now spend nearly twice as much as i used too although old habits die hard and i still won't bar fine from GoGo's. I have been comming to Thailand for over 30 years and i have to say the past 3 weeks have been the coolest i have ever experienced for this time of year here in Pattaya, its been great, especially on the golf course. Warming up the past few days.
  7. To "Live like a King" as i see it is just a state of mind. Hell, the minute i get out of Swampy and into that taxi to Patts i can tell ya' im feelin' remarkably royal. Forget the money, the very fact we can afford to be there on any budget is gold. I am fortunate enough these days not to have to worry too much about what i spend but that has deffinetly NOT been the case up until recently. Im in my 50's and have been comming to Thailand & most of S.E.Asia since i was 24. countless trips of up to a year at a time, and yes, most of those as a penniless backpacker. The experiences and memories are priceless, you may even say FIT FOR A KING !
  8. Hi Pat & Joe, Steve and i will be there first week in March, will call in for a beer, happy new year to you both, Cheers mate, Ray
  9. 20 days till da bots are back in town!!
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