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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Is there any option to purchase this once you are at the BKK airport? I would get this, but sometimes the lines are not that long and it would be wasted. I don't need the cart or anything, just fast passing through immigration would be cool.
  2. no, my emails were getting to them just fine (talked with them on the phone and reservations and stuff were good), they just couldn't SEND anything to me for whatever reason. The only way i knew it was their provider was I was also getting the responses and replies from their ISP and them :)
  3. I've had that problem with emailing PBR with reservation requests and questions. They eventually had to go to their service provider to straighten it out, seems my email address or domain name was blocked or something.
  4. I've stayed at the PBR every visit I've made (4 times in the past 3 years). I like the hotel, and have never had any problems with the service staff. I like the ride from the airport they have as well. the only time I've had a problem with "thin walls" is when a friend was staying right on the other side of my room, but fun to knock on the wall and tell him to keep it down! :) The breakfast is good as far as I can tell, but i'm not a big breakfast eater, so i usually missed it. It is right across the street from the Avenue shopping place, and a few minutes walk to 2nd road to catch a baht bus. Coming from walking street, just zip down to 2nd road and catch a baht bus right to the Avenue, and cut through, not a big deal as far as I can tell. The first time I went, got the big suite, was just TOO big, and the space was unnecessary. Now I just get the regular single room, enough space to get from shower to bed, which is all I need :) I am travelling back there next month, and fully plan on staying there again. I would say that if you like to stay right in the middle of Pattaya action, then this is NOT the place for you. I personally like quiet areas to stay in, which is why I stay here.
  5. Here's a better question: What the hell job do you have? An even BETTER question: Can you get me a job there????
  6. Finally, someone counting down more days than me!
  7. I went there for 2 weeks my first trip, and REALLY didn't want to come back. Good luck returning after 6 weeks!
  8. Yes, the even numbered rooms all have a view of just trees. I can't guarantee that it is super quiet, but my friend stayed on that side, and didn't have any problems with noise. It wasn't really loud on my side either, but sometimes I could hear the construction. I wake up early everday anyway, so it didn't really bother me.
  9. Just for more information, here are pics from the Mini-suite as well. I was there for a two week stay in April and the hotel is great. I was on the side with the construction, and I really couldn't hear anything in the room. Try to get an even number room to put you on the quiet backside of the hotel. Breakfast was included in my stay, including another one for any "guest" you may have, but I can't remember if that just came with the mini-suite or not. I never used the pool, but it looked pretty nice. The location is fine, right across the street is the new mall, 5 minutes to walk there - excellent Starbucks in there. I probably won't stay there again, as it is kinda expensive, but for my first trip, it was great, before I knew prices and locations. Mike
  10. This looks like a great place to stay, but the web site is not too clear on the difference between the standard room and the superior room in terms of size. Is the superior room bigger, or is the extra cost just for the tea/coffee and microwave? Thanks, Mike
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