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  1. give it a go, begginers guide to thai food
  2. Thanks guys Idont mind spicey but had a tom yam think it was at rosies and could only eat quarter of the bowl it was bucket size though will try more thai foos next week By the way whats the thai food like at kiss 24 had lots of western mwals there but the thai menu has pics so it might be easier
  3. maybe iv got the wrong end of the stick i tiik it to mean you had to pay 10.000 bt as well as the 15.000 for the month if the 10.000 is part of the 15.000 thats not bad as i always pay totalupfront
  4. the hotel is the tycoon suites only small upsa soi near freindship market the deposit is payable on check in on november 4th
  5. Booked my hotel for a month stay now found out they want 10.000 baht refundable deposit last i stayed it was 1000 deposit do other hotels charge deposits of this kind cheers steve
  6. Hi guys When im in town next week i want to try some thai meals Such as forgive the spelling, penang gai , massaman curry, tom yam What is the thai for not too spicey i know its nid noy but not sure what else thanks steve
  7. i was thinking of inquiring on the lounge when im in dubai on the inbound trip when u think a pint of fosters is about a tenner if i book the lounge it means idont have to get any ued,s will have to think about it. iv got 3 weeks to go
  8. the 340aed is for i think malhambra lounge
  9. thanks .i didnt know bought the buffet but was told by another traveller on same flight think the buffet was next door to the irish pub but we had to wait till 7.00am till it opened you can book time in the inclusive lounge for the 8 hours im there at a cost of 340 auds
  10. hi guys going home from dubai i got an 8 hour stopover in dubai last time i had a long stop there i got a free buffet cos of the wait is this still going cheers pm
  11. hi guys visited patts many times but never had any seafood question is would it be a good idea to take a thai lady with me who knows the ropes i wouldnt know how to deal with a king prwan lobster or shrimps any advice would be good cheers steve
  12. shame but dont think i could stand hanging around maybe meet up for a beer in patts
  13. 8 weeks to go for me too i fly out on the 3rd nov
  14. well done adam iull be checking in on november the 4th see u round 22/00
  15. its always being pushed on inspire tv looks ok will try it out
  16. hi al I am arriving at kk airport on November the 4th at 7.30 am on emirates anyone in bkk airport wanna share a taxi let me know ta steve
  17. hi guys anyone know any good accom for around 15000 a month any advice welcome
  18. theres a go go/ bar called airport where the staff wear air hostess uniforms
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