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  1. Sat on the back deck of my local pub, watching the hills to the East glow with fire.
  2. Thanks for the explanation Pete. Hope you are back up and running ASAP.
  3. Happy Birthday Adam. You know how much I'd love to be there. Have a great night.
  4. Just checked FR24 again and 7330 planes in the sky ATM. So dropping by around 1000 per day.
  5. When I looked this morning there were 11,500 planes in the air.
  6. At the moment here we are in an Avocado glut. They are everywhere. They grow well here in Northern NSW. Been eating free ones for weeks.
  7. When someone lays it on it's side it will be rightly stuffed.
  8. Totally agree. Can't stand the man. Just makes me cringe.
  9. Two blonds walk into a building. You'd think one of them would have seen it.
  10. ^ The PC crowd are a PITA. Should have just told them to get f&cked.
  11. Wow Ron no idea you played. Sounds like a beauty. I got a Washburn myself.
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